Event: Jaspal Fall/Winter Collection & CPS CHAPS Collection Fashion Show

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Photo Credits: Jaspal Facebook

Photo Credits: Jaspal Facebook

So, just last week Jaspal launched their fall/winter 2013 collection at Aquasonic Club Pyramid. I was lucky enough to be invited by Kay (another fellow blogger). Thank you so much Kay and Jaspal! It was my first fashion show and well it was really a blast. Had lots of interesting finger food. From chocolate fondue to salmon on a stick. haha. 

Was contemplating on which outfit to wear but went with the leopard print one instead

Us at the entrance
Was like a little happy girl when I received my goodie bag :)

The Stage and the media

Our host for the event
Her outfit was also one of the collection from the fashion show
Apparently leopard print was trending at the fashion show.
Great minds think a like. If you know what I mean ;)

Photo Credits: Jaspal Facebook
Jaspal Fall/Winter 2013 Collection
Denim, bold prints and on-trend accessories 

Photo Credits: Jaspal Facebook
CPS CHAPS Collection
This is a new brand that has just launch itself in Malaysia
Wild, funky, rock n roll, rugged finishes & edgy accessories

Can't believe that I took about 800 photos during the fashion show. Took me about a week to filter and edit the pictures. After that event, I realise it's time I invest in a good camera. So bare with my S3 pictures alright :) Would be posting my picture first and then the official pictures of the event. Just in case you are wondering, credits are on the photo and those without credits are taken by me. On with the outfits! :D

Jaspal Fall/Winter Collection
Outfit 1
Love this dress pattern and material
Reminds me of something Blair from Gossip Girl would wear
Was kinda glad my first shot turned out good.

Outfit 2
Love the gold detail of this dress and oh the sleeves! <3
Would love it more if it's a body hugging dress :)

 Outfit 3
Love the gold satin material. Looks super comfy in this outfit.

 Outfit 4

Would totally buy this if I got more cash with me
It's so adorable yet able to party in this dress

 Outfit 5
Love how this outfit is modest on the top with the sheer details yet wild 
with the cut out in the middle

Outfit 6
Again with the sheer, gosh can totally picture myself wearing this when I work  :3
Like a power woman :D

Outfit 7
Another outfit that reminds me of Blair.

 Outfit 8
Sweet innocence look

 Outfit 9
Too much pattern for my taste.
Would love them both if they were pair with a solid other half instead.

Outfit 10

Too much floral there going on the top of the dress
but I am totally loving the side cut out :D

Outfit 11
Looks so gansta yet chic with the help of the heels

 Outfit 12
love the skirt pattern

 Outfit 13
The top cut outs <3

 Outfit 14
Guess leather is back?
Love the pants. Instant badass look.

Outfit 15
Casual outfit to hit the mall

 Outfit 16
An outfit ready for uni.
Would try wearing this pairing one day.
Love how it is a different material at the back.
Sexy back~!

 Outfit 17
More leather! Such a rocker chic.

 Outfit 18
I ABSOLUTELY love the skirt. 
Just look at the sheer mash covering :D

Outfit 19
CEO material outfit
Who run the world? Girls.

Outfit 20
Something I would wear and plus a singlet inside.

 Outfit 21
Feminine Biker Chic Look

 Outfit 22
Most memorable outfit.
Anyone want french fries? ;)

Outfit 23
Would love the dress if the strings aren't sticking out.

 Outfit 24
Can imagine socialites wearing this dress for a cruise 


Outfit 1
Loving the zipper long vest.

 Outfit 2
Still looking badass despite the pokka dots pants 

 Outfit 3
Ready to hit the streets

Outfit 4
The crosses reminds me of Cotton On.
I think I got the same top but they didn't have a face on it.

 Outfit 5
Another power woman look.
Love how she is wearing the blouse as a jacket instead

 Outfit 6
Skater skirt with an attitude

 Outfit 7
Love the triangle cut out on the top

 Outfit 8
Ripped jeans and major back cut out :)

 Outfit 9
More sheer! :)

 Outfit 10
Floral with fall colours

Outfit 11
Oh them floral pants <3

Outfit 12
Effortless chic outfit

 Outfit 13
Time to hit London streets :D
Hats should be brought back.
Such a hipster look

 Outfit 14
My best shots of the event :)
Love the top details
Plus looks like it can withstand any aircons in uni :D

 Outfit 15
Gold Gold Gold.
Look like you own the world

 So yeah, that was about it with the fashion show.
What brought a BANG at the end of the show was a special guest model by
none other than Amber Chia.
She strut down the runaway like a boss and capture everyone's attention
 in a red piece.

Photo Credits: Jaspal Official Photos
Sadly I don't have a picture of her alone.
Oh wells. Here is all the models together.

Jacq actually knows a few of them as she worked with them at fashion shows before. Guess it pays to be a fashion student. You get to know everyone in the industry. Really enjoyed myself and I bet Kish did too :) Hope I would be able to attend another one of these fashion show again :D

Photo Credits: Kish's Instagram

Me at the entrance of the club

Me with one of the stunning model

The goodie bag!
Received notebooks, vouchers, member card and a look book of their collection

Here is the before look

And here is the after.
Was so exhausted after that event.
We were almost late for the event and from the car park I ran all the way to the club.
My feet had never hated me so much.
Couldn't move when I got home.
At the fashion show, we were standing the whole time.
Learned my lesson from this event, wear flats!

Oh here is a video I took at the last part of the fashion show
*lower down your volume*

Enjoy! xx
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