Event: Nuffang Food Festival 2013 Review

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Event: Nuffang Food Festival 2013 Review

If you haven't heard about Nuffnang's Food Festival, then you my friend have missed out on the best FREE FOOD festival ever. This is the first ever food festival that I only used RM 4 for my dinner (RM 3 - Parking and RM1 for a photo). Before I get ahead of myself, this is by far the best planned event for a festival. First, they market their even quite well. Heard about this event through the posters around Pyramid, Canopy walk, Seventeen magazine website, Female magazine website, Facebook, Nuffnang FB page, and other various event websites. Since it was a first ever foodfest by Nuffnang, I never expected them to create so much hype and goodies for the crowd. The vendors they got for their event were amazing. When I heard of the event giving out FREE food, I was skeptical thinking that its like the samples we get at some supermarket promoter. BUT NO, majority of the food given out were like kid-sizes, where restaurant usually offer the exact size in their kids menu. So yeah, my friends and I ended up having our dinner at the event itself. I even brought pasta to the event thinking that I would be hungry after having all the free samples. haha. How silly of me. 

So basically, to get the free food from the food fest:
1. You first must bring your smartphone or tablet.
2. Download the Nuffnang FoodFest App at App store or login into your FB/Twitter
3. Scan the Code at the vendor or Tweet/like and share the vendor on FB
4. Enjoy your free food (:

It was as easy as that! At first I only thought that twitter users were able to participate in the event, good thing they also open up to all the FB users. Due to church activities falling on the same day, my friends and I only arrived at the event at 7pm. By then most of the vendors ran out of food and it wasn't as crowded as the afternoon.

Photo Credits: Nuffnang FB Page
So here is the instruction on how to obtain FREE food :)

Photo Credits: Nuffnang FB Page
Only Iphone users could download the app.
They even included a map of all the vendors in it! 
How cool was that?

Photo Credits: Nuffnang FB Page
They gave out badges to people who instagram and hashtag their event poster
Talk about smart marketing gimmick
Photo Credits: Nuffnang FB Page
The afternoon crowd

Photo Credits: Nuffnang FB Page

Photo Credits: Nuffnang FB Page
Their main sponsor of the event, Maggie!

Photo Credits: Nuffnang FB Page
They also gave out Beer Vouchers for RM10
FYI, I didn't get any

Pictures below are all taken by my S3, so bare with the low quality pictures.
The crowd at 7pm

This was our first vendor of the night.
They served us fresh fruit juice

By 7.20pm the dinner crowd came over

Jacq and I enjoying our fresh juice :)

Crayon burger was also among the vendors of the event

My milk bun burger
Not too bad for a sample size burger right?

Jacq and I

Kish and I

Avocado Juice served at the Ayam Penyet vendor
If you haven't tried Avocado juice yet, you should!
It's absolutely heavenly!
Taste almost like banana juice but better!
Especially with the chocolate syrup on top (:

Kish enjoying her Avocado juice and Ayam Penyet

(From Right: Minal, Kish and Jacq)
FYI Jacq couldn't be bother how she looked.
She was enjoying her chicken too much to pose for the camera

Andy's burger
It's a shame they ran out of burger buns when we got to their vendor
Wanted to try their burger so badly

Crazy Potato was also one of the vendor!
They gave out their free food in their original size!
The waiting line for their vendor was the longest next to BurgerLab.
Jacq waited for about 15-20 minutes to get her fries

There was a cupcake/macaroon vendor too

Those who choose cupcake as their free food could decorate their icing
and stand a chance to join Master's Chef competition 

Here's my macaroon.
Choose the one with dark chocolate filling

Their cupcake stand

Here's the free sample from 1901 Hotdog Vendor

Nando's gave out one piece of their Chicken to everyone

Kish and I.
The red box is the one from Nando's.
Thank goodness they let me choose my chicken part.
God forbid if I got the chicken breast

Ninja Joe was also another one of the vendor

Nasi Lemak Spring Roll
If I am not wrong this was from Absolute Thai
Kinda interesting if you looked at it.
Couldn't believe that they actually manage to fit Nasi Lemak in it!

Paradise Inn 

Got to pose with SekMeChoy photo prop.
The glowing thingy behind me was actually 3 big pots of Bak Ku Teh.
Too bad you can't really see it from the picture.
Oh Wells

SekMeChoy's free sample of Bak Ku Teh in a cup!

Mantau from SekMeChoy

Got to have coffee as a refresher.
This vendor only gave out tiny cups for their freebies.
It was actually the same size as how some supermarket promoters would give you.
Was hoping that they would have gave me the size of the cup 
as shown in the picture.
Still craving for a latte now <3

Gave up on Chatime's vendor. 
There weren't as many people Burgerlab but the wait was just not worth it.

The crowd at 8.30pm

Remember this Ice Cream vendor name as they got the most unique kind of flavour ever!

Fancy a taste of a Tofu fa or Nasi Lemak ice cream?

To be honest, the Nasi Lemak ice cream tasted not bad.
Could taste the sambal, the santan, rice and ikan bilis when taking a bite of the ice cream
But I wouldn't want to try it again. Some things are better left tried once.

More Macaroons by Royal Post Cafe

This was the store I was looking forward too, Humble Beginnings
Absolutely love love love their Mille Crepes :D

Lastly BurgerLab! Waited 15 minutes to get my burger.

It was worth it in the end.
Yes I know it looks disgusting but that's how a burger would look like
if it is cover with Peanut Butter and Jam!
In the end, Burgerlab was still the best out of what ever I had at the food fest.

Kish and I

The moment we finally got our burgers <3

They had a photobooth too at the Food Fest. It was only RM1 to print out the picture. Cheap right? All events should have a photobooth in the future. This would let the crowd remember their time and moment spend at the event itself and bringing back a token for keepsake. We ended up taking 2 pictures because the first one didn't turn out too nicely.

The first shoot

Second shoot

Jacq and I

At the end of the day, we all were exhausted from the entire event. Well I was, since I had to drive and embrace the Saturday traffic. Hoped that we could have bumped into Audrey or Timonthy but guess we arrived too late for the event. Oh wells, but overall of this event, was 9/10. Seriously, I hope Nuffnang would consider to make this an annual event. Bet Ma & Pa would love to join us on the next round :)

Time to run to class xx

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