Never Ending Free Food, Sale and Promotion!

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Finally got home, seriously imma about to drop dead anytime soon. So after going out to the warehouse sale, had to pick up mummy dearest from Kelana. Picked her up around 5ish, and I could see all the cars stuck at the LDP already. Was just so tired to face the jam that we decided to head to paradigm, to wait until the traffic subside. Anyways, I won Fish & Co vouchers from paradigm a while back and never got a chance to pick them up. So yeah, guess what we had for dinner? ;) Teeehee. 

Check out Paradigm's FB page for more info

Can you spot Amelia and I? ;)

Here is the instruction! It's easy to win! :)

When I went to the information counter to collect my vouchers, a lady next to me was just lying out all of her receipts that she spent for the day. The receipts showed that she spent more than RM300. I didn't mean to be kepo but she was just next to me and I was waiting for the counter to locate my voucher. So while still waiting, the lady suddenly receive two FREE SCREENING PASSES TO THOR 2! At that moment, I was like WHAT JUST HAPPEN? The people at the counter saw that I was confuse and they explain that its a promotion RHB Bank is having currently. Spend RM300 in a day and you will automatically get 2 free movie passes for THOR 2. 

The person at the counter told me that it's better to spend it in paradigm because of Tesco, as you can use the RHB card to pay for any bills in the Mall itself. So yeah. See the poster bellow for more information. It's too bad that none of my family members are RHB card users D': There goes my free movie ticket.

So yeah, this is the FREE THOR 2 MOVIE TICKETS promo :)

I was actually quite disappointed that I couldn't participant in the promo, so I asked the counter if there is any other promo going on in paradigm. AND GUESS WHAT? Paradigm and Air Asia is currently having a promo together. If you spend RM50 and above in any restaurant of Paradigm Mall, you can get points with AirAsia BIG card. Apparently AirAsia started a new point system card (BIG), to help collect points when purchasing flight tickets. Once you collected to a certain amount, you would be able to redeem the points to a free flight ticket! But in conjunction with Paradigm promo, you can collect points after spending RM50 and above from your meals. Sounds like a deal to me. Would try to eat in Paradigm more often now if there is any gatherings ;)

For more info, CLICK ME

Apparently, if you are the lucky one chosen, 
you get a free flight according to flight of the week.
I am aiming for Busan ;)

In order to participate, make sure you own a BIG card.
It's free. You can get yours at LG,
near the information counter.

So alrights, collected my voucher already was looking for my mom when I notice, HEY! IT'S ANOTHER SALE! :D To all those who are working and those soon to be interning, this is a sale for you! First time seeing so many formal collar shirts sold at such a cheap price. Plus it's Padini! :D Lots of blazers, slacks, skirts, etc. Anyways all of the details are on the poster below.

PADINI SALE (1st Oct - 15th Oct 2013)

Date: 1st - 15th of October 2013
Time: 10am - 10pm
Location: Concourse Square, Level CC, Paradigm Mall

Some lady trying to find buried treasures

Just LOOK at how cheap the guys' formal wear are!

Female Blazers 

More clothes. FYI there are casual wear too :)

More formal attire for the ladies. 
Super cheap right?

Mom took this shot for me to view myself in the blazer because
the fitting room was just pack with people.
It's only RM89!
In the end, we didn't get it  D:
Oh wells, pretty right my hair? ;)

Both of us fooling around.

After an hour, everything folded was flip.
It's as though a hurricane passed by. 
Pity the poor dude.

At 7ish, we finally got enough of walking around and just wanna relax. So off to dinner at Fish & Co. We didn't have much appetite, so we just ordered to finish the vouchers :)

The letter from Paradigm

Somehow, it feels like Christmas again!
YAY to free stuff :)

RM25 of free voucher! :D

Fish & Co Menu looks like a fishing magazine :D
It's been a while since I went there.

It's generally a big restaurant.
Notice a lot of the customers looking at their blue glowing 
ceiling lights before they sat.
So 7/10 for their interior :D

Their fishy plate mat are so cute!
Manhattan Fish Market ought to learn from Fish & Co interior design team.

So we ordered soup of the day. It was fish chowder btw :D
So, What cha think? 
Do you think the menu picture and the real life picture look the same?

Here's the appetizer platter.

Never expected the tax and service charge to be so high )':
Thought that we could have really dine for free.
Oh wells, it was only RM10 for two :D

Alrights, blogging actually takes up a lot of time. Time to hit the sack soon. Got another full day ahead with two event of cert collection. At times like this, I wish I could clone myself and be at two places at once.

Nights y'all! xx

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