Passing on the Baton

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Gosh, so many events this week, thank goodness it's the weekend and a time to relax. Hopefully there would be time to relax. Sometimes I just feel like I want to run away to some island and sip my coconut by the beach. But I guess there would be a time for that in the far future or in my dreams. Anyways, at my last post I talked about receiving certificates right?

Well, didn't actually expected Sunway University to bless me with a scrumptious filling western lunch at the SSD. I even more didn't expect them to prepare certificates for us helping to participate as buddies at the Lancaster Student Exchange Program. Basically, that program is where the students from Lancaster UK come over to Malaysia (September 2013) to experience and learn about our culture for 3 weeks. During the 3 weeks, 3 in a group would be assigned to a buddy. I was lucky to get Cherie, Gosia and Rosen as my buddies :) They were all the best, funniest and caring buddies I could ever ask for. Learn a fair bit of how their culture is. Found out that people from Poland love to drink a lot. haha. Anyways, it was a good experience to take upon. Felt like a tour guide, guiding them to some restaurants and pasar malam. One of my group member called me a FAKE CHINESE, once she found out that I couldn't hold the chopsticks the right way and noticing that I speak Mandarin with a slang. Was kinda sad when they left, felt like a part of me left with them when I gave them their last ride back to their residence.

The entire group during the farewell dinner
(From right: Gosia, Rosen, Me & Cherie)

Cherie and I

Christina and I

Amy and I

Rosen and I

Another group shot with Amy in it :)

Parting gifts: Perfume from Cherie and Polland Sweet from Gosia
The sweets were amaze-balls!
Felt like I was having milk.

Anyways I learned three things from my UK exchange group mates:

1. The English word could have more than one meaning.
This example would be when I heard them used the word 'cheeky'. I don't know about the rest but when I hear that word I think of like a person trying to be sneaky and cute. Somehow hearing cheeky always associate cute with what ever the conversation is. But the time that I heard them use it was when they were crossed at someone, apparently, to them there is both ways that could mean cheeky. Whether it's the sneaky type or the down right horrible going behind your back type. So yeah. Since then, I no longer associate cheeky with being cute, but rather I would listen to the their tone when they speak.

2. They don't really like The Wanted or One Direction. ):
I was really shocked about this. Thought that it would be a big thing to them since The Wanted and One Direction are from UK. But apparently not, they like lots of hipsters band. Bands like Two Door Cinema and some money named band that I forgotten. They were suppose to send me links about their favourite bands but I guess they forgotten. haha.

Took this shot of Nathan with my camera at Arthur's day <3

Two Door Cinema
One of their favorite band

3. British people are really polite.
I somehow expected them to be neural or maybe a little mean. Not sure why was I condition that way but it could be from Wild Child the movie when Emma Roberts got bullied by a bunch of UK girls at her boarding school. Yes I know I shouldn't judge a book by its cover but since that movie, I guess it just made me assume that most brits would be a little rude. But when I got my buddies! Boy did that change my perspective! They were so sweet and nice. After every car ride, they would tell me to message them when I get home. They even asked about my day and asked about my classes. The moment that it really struck me how polite they were when I brought them to Cheras Pasar Malam. Everytime they bump into someone they say sorry (CAN YOU JUST IMAGINE HOW MANY SORRY THEY SAID THAT NIGHT? It was a crowded night btw). They also say thank you after every purchase they made. Aiyo so cute la.

The movie that formed my perspective of brits.

The night of the Cheras Pasar Malam
(From Right: Darryl, Me, Cherie & Christina)

Anyways so today we (buddies) got our certificate today. Didn't really expected it and am really grateful to have the opportunity to be a buddy to the exchange students. Here were some of the pictures taken today :)

Cert + Free Food = Happy faces of Kish and I

Jean. Me. Kishya

Alrights, after the cert collecting ceremony at SSD (Student Service Department), Kish and I rushed to our Psychology Club Social Gathering. 2 of the main reasons for attending were to see who would be taking up my baton (my treasurer role) and collecting my certificate for organising Annual Dinner 2013 (Prom).  So yeah anyways, more pictures bellow. 

So glad to say that Kathleen is the NEW president! :D

Psychology Council of 2012-2013
(From Right: Dr Alvin, Joanne, Yi hui, Sze Geet, Jia Wen, Me and Zie)
At the Bottom: Kathleen :)

New Psychology Council of 2013-2014

A few of us together
Kish and I were the only attendees of Batch 15 )':

All of us listening patiently to Ex President, Sze Geet

Sze Geet and I.
Just notice our pretty dress patterns.
Too bad the picture was blur.
and yes I know my arm is big, it will be smaller soon ;)

So yeah, handed over my baton today. Feeling bittersweet at this moment. Can't wait for the future events by the juniors and them giving us the best prom ever :P Hope that they would have a united year ahead as a group. Phew, can't believe I would be having my internship next year. Gosh, time flies so fast!

Before I forget, finally got my baby after being stuck for 2 Months.

Got another full day tomorrow at church,
Night Y'all xx

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