Event: Smart Ecology by Ninetology & Malaysia Nature Society

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Need a new phone but don't have the money for one?
Check out this new program by Ninetology & Malaysia Nature Society

Did you know that in there is an average of 820 thousand unit of handphones sold per month? With new models of phones coming out every year/season, lots of people change their phones because of wanting to follow the latest phone trend. What happens then to all of the old phones after they change it? I got a friend who literally have 3 different phone brands with her all the time, Samsung, Iphone and Blackberry. Sometimes I wonder why do we need to have so many phones at a time? Or why do we have to keep changing our phones and leave the old ones in our drawers collecting dust?

Ninetology saw this problem in society. Together with Malaysia Nature Society (MNS), they launched the Smart Ecology 2 program.

What is Smart Ecology 2?
Smart Ecology 2 is a program to bring awareness to the public on urgency of protecting our nature and to provide an environement for Malaysians to recycle their old phones. RM200 is offered for those who trade in their old phones; while students age between 12-21 are entitled to a RM150 rebate without any trade-in.

I manage to go for the Ninetology Ecology Event Launch which was held at 
22nd of November 2013 at Empire Hotel

All of the phone models available in Ninetology

Giveaway: Britney Spears' Cosmic Radiance Perfume (Worth RM200) [CLOSED]

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Hi all! It's FRIDAY! You know what that means :) Another giveaway! Just wanna say thank you again to all of my faithful readers. I really do appreciate everyone of you. So this time I am giving away something luxurious. hehe. Well I think it is luxurious la :P

It's the Britney Spears Cosmic Radiance Perfume (100ml) :D

Sale: Diva & Chic Chic (Paradigm)

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Was out with friends today to celebrate Kishya's 21st and gosh, WHEN did all of the sales began?! Haha. Should be studying now instead of posting this but what the heck la. Just wanted to show my accessories haul of the day/week/month. It's been 2-3months since I actually bought some accessories that weren't for my store. Yes I got a jewelry store (It's call Charming Sanguine). It's a little dead now, would revive it after exams la. Hehe.

Sale: Nile.com.my

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Not sure if you all do online shopping, but here is an online shopping portal that I found out not to long ago. It is something like ZALORA shopping website, BUT the one thing different that sets NILE.com.my apart from the rest is that, THEY do COD (Cash On Delivery) and it's FREE POSTAGE <3

They ALSO have a COD motto. 
They promise to delivery all of your orders in 24 hours time. 
I receive mine in less than 24 hours. haha. 
They kinda sound like domino right? 15 Minutes or free. hehe

What is COD?
Cash On Delivery is a system where you would only PAY for your Products when it ARRIVED to you.

Nile.com.my got stuff as low as RM5 with a wide variety of products like fashion, baby items, sports equipment, beauty/facial care, books, electronics, phone accesorries and etc. 

Want to go shopping but don't have the time to go out and shop?
With the help of NILE.com.my, you can now shop and get your items
directly AT YOUR PLACE :)

Cancel all of your plans, and I'll take you out tonight

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It's been a LONG time since I just dedicated a blog post to just an update. It was just yesterday that my blog views were 13k and today it's 14k? Am really really thankful to all those who ever share my blog to their friends and on their facebook wall :) <3 Thank you... you are awesomeeee :D

Btw this blog title is from one line from my favourite Malaysian band song. Click here to listen to the song :D
Haven't been going for any music festival lately, I miss music festivals. Missed out on Zedd and Urbanscapes. WAI JESS WAI?! D:

The 'band' and I @ G-Shock Anniversary

Sale: Aquatic, Fitness & Sports Warehouse Sale Review

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Looking for some new sports equipment and swimwears?
It's that time of the year again, Trend Master is back with their annual warehouse sale!
I went for their sale last year and bought some swimwear attire and a pair of PINK dumbbells :D

NOTE! Never go to a warehouse sale during lunch time.

This warehouse sale is near SUNWAY UNIVERSITY.
2 minutes walk from ROCK CAFE :)

After I got my parking (WHICH is hard to find one because of the sale and sunway students)
I decided to just go for a quick walk and run through in the warehouse sale.

I suggest that you guys go around 3-4pm,
less people around that time :D

Event: XIXILI Autumn Winter' 13 & Spring Summer' 14 & SUEN Collaboration Private Fashion Show

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So two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be invited for XIXILI's Private fashion show that showcase their Autum&Winter 2013 and Sneak Preview of their Spring&Summer 2014 collection. Besides that, this event was also a collaboration between SUEN  and XIXILI. The models were all glam up with priceless jewels and sultry attire. Those who were invited for this event were VIP members of XIXILI and SUEN.

If in case you all haven't heard, SUEN is a jewelry brand from Malaysia. 
Their store is located at No.119 Jalan Maarof, Taman Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur.

Giveaway: Winners of JuiceWorks, Jaspal & LYN Vouchers

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It's the 3rd giveaway and thank you all so much for participating in it! :)

JuiceWorks Winners
Congratulations to Emily and Azhen!

I want Juicework so BADLY because it's meant for lazy people like me not to shop for fruits and to wash it, chop it (reduce carbon foot print in away :P) so as to keep constipation away from me T.T 

I want Juicework because (J)Juicework (U)Unlocks (I)Inpisring & (C)Creative (E)Energy

Food: Pasta Buffet @ Capricciosa (Sunway Pyramid)

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So last week a group of us went to CAPRICIOSA for PASTA BUFFET
after class last week and OMG it was just AMAZING.

Hey everyone! Just wanna say how sorry I am for being MIA-ing. Been kinda pack with conferences, assignments and a presentation preparation. 
So yeah. 
Exams is in 2 weeks, so do bear with me D:

Wait for more updates after my exams kay? 

Love buffet? Craving for Pasta?
Never thought there was a restaurant that actually got Pasta Buffet?

Well, now you know where to go to!
I am a regular customer at Capricciosa, been coming here since they open at Pyramid
This was my first time coming back after their temporary renovation :)
And boy, do I just love their BUFFET selection <3

You can pretty much order anything you want from their MENU
(except the last page of the menu and deserts)

For only
RM19.90 per person! (Weekdays)
RM25.90 per person! (Weekends & Public Holiday)
Do note that drinks are RM6.90 (Refillable)
And note that there is service charge and government tax


Giveaway Friday: Juiceworks Voucher, Jaspal Voucher (RM50) & LYN voucher (RM50) [CLOSED]

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Hey there guys! It's second last Friday of the month! Oh how fast time flew by. haha. How was November for you all? Started on your Christmas shopping yet? Well if you haven't, here is some giveaways that can help with your shopping :P

Would love to just say thanks again for reading my blog :)
It reached 12,656 views! :)

Here are some of the brands that would be on this week's giveaway :D

This time I would be giving away 2 giveaways! :D
This time, it's super easy to win them.

Event: KL Fashion Weekend - Dorothy Perkins & Miss Selfridge (KLCC)

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So last Wednesday, 8.30pm at KLCC was 
Dorothy Perkins & Miss Selfridge Fashion Show
They displayed their Autumn & Winter Collection of 2013 (AW13)
Heard of the event first from Kerryn (thanks babe) and then got my invite as
I am a Fashion Fast Forward member :D

                                     Manage to score a media pass when I got there. Yayers! :D

Here is the tent of the entire hall of the fashion show
It was located near the fountain area of KLCC

My teman of the night :)

Guess what?! 
They gave Dorothy Perkins Clutch out as Doorgifts!

Event: 365 Got Talent :)

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Been very busy this week with the planning for 365 Got Talent, classes, 2 fashion show, wedding dinner and internship finalization. Woke up this morning at the wrong side of bed, was just so exhausted from everything. Feel like I would be sick any moment D:

Been updating my Dayre account super often. Fyi its a blogging app. Super easy to use and just fast to just blog about anything.

Honestly the best thing that happen this week ought to be the 365 Got Talent event. Even though I got free Dorothy Perkins Clutches from their fashion show and free underwear from Xixili Fashion show (Weird right?), 365 still triumph over the rest :)

Woke up super early for morning prayer and gosh was it so refreshing going. So yesterday I stayed up from 5.45am- 1am. After the morning prayer it was straight to decorating the hall. Decoration from the table covers to the setting of the stage and the newspaper on the window. Gosh just every detail needed so much work and am really grateful for all those who help made it possible :')

photobooth all ready!

Food: Coffea Coffee (SS15)

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This is a super overdue post. haha
About a month old if I am not wrong,
There is just so much things going on lately
It's crazyyyy.

Anyways back to Coffea Coffee
If you haven't heard of this cafe,
where have YOU BEEN?

 My instagram feed is always flooded with
pictures of their 'Peanut Butter Latte'
Yes Peanut Butter :D

Wanna try something different?
Tried of missing out on all of the coffee trends?

Photo credits: Coffea Coffee Facebook Page
Love their unique entrance deco

Confession of a fat chick: That Teacher

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Notice that lately R.A.G.E, The Star, has been pushing forward with their anti bully campaign. I think what they are doing is good but somehow people seem to think that it's something not relating to them.

Bullying comes in all forms, big or small, it does make an impact to the victim. They might even be scar from it forever. Some of us may be bullies to others. Heck I would be a liar if I said I never made any hurtful statements to anyone before.

Here is my story, I just want to put it out there. This is actually the start of my many other 'fat' moments in my life. Somehow people thinks that it is okay to tease or make fun of kids that are big. Until now I still get fat comments from random strangers about my size and honestly I just can't believe how shameless they are. Do you not know that it's actually hurtful? Guess it's just a culture or perspective to say what ever they want to random people without thinking how it might affect the other person.

This story is just to show that bullies come in all forms.
When I was a kid, my teacher was my biggest bully.

Food: Antipodean Cafe (Bangsar)

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It was a public holiday @ the 5/11/2013 (Tuesday)
Decided to celebrate Joyce's birthday
And guess where she wanted to go?

Craving for breakfast but its after 12pm? Fred not.
At Antipodean its breakfast all day long!

We got there at 10ish am.
Can you see the waiting crowd?!
It was crazy wei.
There were about 9 groups of people before us that were already waiting in line )':

We parked at Bangsar Village because it's just impossible to find any parking.
Oh wells

Food: Restaurant Tak Fok, Hong Kong Seafood (Puchong)

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Food: Restaurant Tak Fok, Hong Kong Seafood (Puchong)

Best place to find cheap crabs!

Not sure about you guys but my family ABSOLUTELY adores CRABS. It's been a while since we had crabs. Usually whenever we were to feast on crabs it would be because its a special day or it's been a really LONG time since we had crabs. So guess what? It was mama wong that was actually craving for crabs. Typically we would head down to Kepong for our usual crabs because it was then the cheapest one in town. Back then when I was 16, it was ONLY RM18 for two crabs! But as time past and now being 2013, it's now RM32 for two crabs, which is still affordable lah.

[Click HERE for updated blogpost]

Craving for Seafood? On a budget? LAZY to travel an hour to get cheap seafood? Note: I been going to Kepong's outlet since I was 16, but since this year due to location, Puchong is nearer. Hence this review of their Puchong outlet :)

We arrived at 6ish pm. There were a few tables empty, while others were half way through their dinner. The best time to be there is before 7pm on a weekend! If you arrive later than that, you might end up waiting in a 30min line to be seated. So YOU have been warned! haha.

Their interior design is super simple. Like seriously, it's like they didnt even put any effort for deco. Maybe just their sign and an alter for their god. Their Kepong outlet has better designs and been renovated beautifully. So if you don't mind the travel and wait (it's super crowded there), then go for it :)

Their lobster promo. RM58 for one lobsters

They even have the fish tanks in the restaurant. Here is one of the waiters catching someone's meal :P So as you can see it quiet fresh la

While waiting for the food to arrive. Notice that my hair isn't as bright as before? D: First that came out was the crab!

Cheesy Crab (RM32 for 2)

Lots of people complain about their crab being very small but seriously, if you are paying RM16 for each, what gives you the right to complain? You get what you paid for la.. If you are expecting a crab that would cover your entire plate then I think you should pay RM100 for it.This crab was about a fist big. In my opinion it's alright for the price and today's catch was pretty fresh to me :)

Picture Credits: ReanaClaire

Of course you can't forget about ordering the Mantau (RM4.20 for 6). Mantau means Bread yeah ;) haha. look at me teaching chinese and all. pfft :P

Their famous homemade Taufu (RM10)

Was kinda disappointed when this arrive, it was the size of my rice portion. Mama wong was like, what do you expect to get when this is only RM10? hahaha. Not bad comeback ma. Not bad at all ;)

Taufu Soup (RM18)

Seriously, I think I am turning into a soup aunty. At every dinner now, I need my taufu soup. Though this was more expensive than my usual, they included more crab meat and the taste is better. How should I describe it? Well, it's thick and it doesn't taste all MSG but more natural?

In the end we left no one behind. My family don't believe in wasting food so, just like chicken and fish, we mean serious business when we eat our crab. It's usually survival of the fitness at the table. haha. I am always the last to finish my crab = less opportunity to have more crab because they are all gone! D':

Picture Credits: Tak Fok Facebook Page

Coconut Prawn. This dish is one of their MOST popular dish there. When we were there every table was having this. We didn't order this because mom and sis can't take spicy food. Sad right?

Verdict: 8/10. Hope this was helpful for you all. Let me know if you know somewhere else that got GOOD CHEAP CRABS! I am always craving for crabs... hehe. Check out their FACEBOOK Page for crazy cheap deals at their restaurant.

Restaurant Tak Fok

Puchong Branch:

No.23, Jalan Puteri 2/5, Bandar Puteri, Puchong, 47100 Selangor.

Tel: 03-80606994

Other Branches

HQ- Desa Aman Puri, Kepong:

No.2-2A, Jalan Desa 1/3, Desa Aman Puri, Kepong, 52100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-62723346

Taman Desa Branch:

No.26a, Jalan Desa Jaya, Taman Desa, Faber Plaza, 58100 KL.

Tel: 03-79811446

Operating Hours: 12PM -3PM & 6PM-11PM

Happy Food Hunting all!


Food: Big Mouth Burger (Sunway)

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A new burger joint, Big Mouth Burger, open at Sunway a few months ago! It's about time... Like seriously, we Sunway Students need more food joints around uni... Hopefully this is the start of many other stores ;) So a few of my friends been raving about this place and well I thought I might as well give it a try.

In sunway and don't know what to eat?
Tired of the same old food at the usual food court?

Their entrance
FYI They are behind Subway 

Food: The Grind Burger (Section 17)

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So recently I was around Section 17, PJ and thought of trying out The Grind Burger
since a few other bloggers been raving about it too :)

Looking for a burger joint in pj besides burgerlab?

Their store really stand out among the empty row of shop lots

Sale: Guardian Warehouse Sale

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Guess what? Guardian is having a MASSIVE sale at USJ Giant!

If you been dying to update your skin care products/make up,

Was doing some grocery shopping just now at GIANT and was shock when
I saw that they had an 'warehouse' sale at the middle of level 1.

Products like Revlon, My Beauty Diary, Avene, Silkygirl, IN2IT and etc
were found at the sale.

The cheapest product that I got there was RM6 of eyebrow liner!!

Tech: Sony Xperia Z-Ultra & Ninetology Z1 Review

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So two weeks ago I received two phones to review and they are all thanks to Ninetology.
Ninetology is the new mobile Malaysian brand
They been around for a year now
and have been hosting a lot of entertainment events lately :)

So anyways, I got the Ninetology Z1 and SONY Xperia Z-Ultra

I had the phones for a week only,
so if this review is incomplete, I AM SORRY :3

I did review videos for this post,
so please watch it and tell me what you think about it! :D

Need a new phone?
Not sure which to get?
Heard of Ninetology phones but no idea how are their phones like?

Check out my new LINE bear :D
Got it at one of the events I attended last month :)

Event: MREPC Fashion Show 2013

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So last Saturday was Malaysia Rubber Export Promotion Council (MREPC) Fashion Show 2013 at Malaysia International Commodity Conference and Showcase (MICCOS) 2013 . Jacq and her entire class from Saito College was involve with this event. The fashion show theme was Rubber Wonderland and they had to make clothes out of rubber materials. The materials that were used were rubber bands, trash bags, condoms (YES CONDOMS!) and rubber pipe thingy.

We left the house at 8ish in the morning.
Was like zombie when we reached at the location.
It was somewhere near Mines.
Took us about 30minutes to reach there.

FYI there is about 300+ pictures here.
So it's gonna be a long post of the event :)

Jacq and daddy at 9am!

Different Choices.

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I notice that there has been a wide range of people reading this blog.
So for the following post, read it with an open mind.
It's not directed at anyone at all, it's just something that has been bugging me recently.
So yeah, skip it if you feel uncomfortable.
Have a good day :)

Food: Xiao Bar Wang (1 Utama)

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So Jared and I was at 1 Utama a few days ago and guess what?\ We only had RM15 with us.I totally forgotten to grab more cash out. If you remember the last post about the free movie screening, we were in 1 Utama for that. So instantly, we thought of MCD la since we needed cheap food. But of course, it ain't good for the tummy. So we decided to go food hunting in 1 Utama and Xiao Bar Wang restaurant caught our attention. It was AFFORTABLE and it serves Crispy CHICKEN! :D

Always not sure what to eat in 1 Utama?
Your food budget always giving you a problem?
Sick of MCD and want some healthy food that is along the same price?
Jess is an adventurous Malaysian girl with a soft spot for food, shoes and all things romantic. She loves fashion and traveling too. Diversity excites her, therefore she would tend to try out everything she gets a chance to ✌ [It's Jessy] (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-03f5fetL2yM/VcjMybyGvRI/AAAAAAAAk_Q/HSNlhlRdbRI/s1600/11428132_938657246181010_1642264289_n.jpg)