Event: 365 Got Talent :)

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Been very busy this week with the planning for 365 Got Talent, classes, 2 fashion show, wedding dinner and internship finalization. Woke up this morning at the wrong side of bed, was just so exhausted from everything. Feel like I would be sick any moment D:

Been updating my Dayre account super often. Fyi its a blogging app. Super easy to use and just fast to just blog about anything.

Honestly the best thing that happen this week ought to be the 365 Got Talent event. Even though I got free Dorothy Perkins Clutches from their fashion show and free underwear from Xixili Fashion show (Weird right?), 365 still triumph over the rest :)

Woke up super early for morning prayer and gosh was it so refreshing going. So yesterday I stayed up from 5.45am- 1am. After the morning prayer it was straight to decorating the hall. Decoration from the table covers to the setting of the stage and the newspaper on the window. Gosh just every detail needed so much work and am really grateful for all those who help made it possible :')

photobooth all ready!

Was running in and out of the place. Drove to taipan with the girls to grab the balloons and honestly balloons does make a lot of difference to any event :D It just makes it more lively and prettier. Plus everyone grab the balloons at the photobooth :D

They were all tangled up btw
regretting not taking a proper picture with them
Oh balloons.

Would definitely get them for my wedding one day
If I ever do get marry

Arrived to the hall seeing this all ready

Was so glad that as a committee we agree to get doorgifts for everyone :D
And it was all worth it seeing everyone munching it away during the event
Everyone looked so happy.

Plus the popcorn was actually my lunch.
Had only half of it before running off to the wedding dinner.

Plus, we can't forget about the popcorn lads.
Aren't they just adorable? :)

With Nick

Sunway Girls

Carmen! <3
Ving and mae

Joyce and joy <3

All The Angels :)

oh the photobooth :D <3
Note the paper I am holding!
That was my agenda list.
Was quite proud when the agenda list was out.
Did 2 pages of it while jane and laura did the rest.

Had to be backstage during the entire event
Was kinda bump when I heard that was my role during our meetings
but was actually glad that I was there

You notice the curtain being pushed for the contestants to go in and out?
That was me. haha.
I had to make sure everyone knew when to come out and 
when to leave the backstage.

So got to chill and just enjoy the entire show behind the curtain
at some moments of the event, I was just so tempted to peek a boo

glad that everything worked out fine :D
was so happy for all of the performers
they practice and rehearsed really hard for the event you know?! :D

Emcees of the event

They were totally awesome
was blown away with all of their witty games and jokes
clap clap for you both!
they are single btw. haha

First performance: Tito

Second Performance: Rebecca

Third Performance: The Last Minutes

Fourth Performance: Just Raspberry Jam

Last performance: M & J

So like literally I watched none of the performance
Was just backstage waiting for them to be finish so I can leave the dark room

It was really dark there btw
Can't wait for their performance videos
to be up.
Then I can finally enjoy all of them :D

So right after the performances.
I quickly sneak out from the backstage and to the judges
to get their judging scores.

Had to go to another room and count them
Thank goodness for the group of boys who help count all of the
crowds' voting ballets.
fyi they were all supervised :P

so after checking the score again and again,
we had our winners :)

Missed All The Angels performance
as they were performing while we count the votes

This reminded me of the other time where I also had to miss performances
at the CIMP Prom as I was in charge of counting the votes alone D:

It's never ending of admin work.
Oh wells

It was all worth it in the end when you can say,
I did that to help make the event happen :)

Our Runner up, M&J

And the winner, Just Raspberry Jam! :D

Was so happy for them both.
Really enjoyed their songs even though it was only heard :)

After 3-4 months of planning,
all of the ideas turned into a reality :)

Here is the people who made it all happen.
It was definitely one of the best event that I got to help organised by far :D
Thankful for everyone of them <3


Next: Rushed out to my friend's wedding dinner at Bukit Jalil :)

Totally LOVED their Love story video of how they met
during the wedding dinner. hehe
Super corny and creative :)

Jaclyn, Grace and the couple of the night :)
Congrats Jen-li <3

Jaclyn and I

The food was amazing and so was the live band at the wedding dinner :D
Was so glad that I didnt missed her wedding dinner.
Got to watch her wedding video during the dinner :')

oh weddings <3

Here is the band that perform during the dinner :)
Guess who is their new fan? haha.

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