Event: MREPC Fashion Show 2013

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So last Saturday was Malaysia Rubber Export Promotion Council (MREPC) Fashion Show 2013 at Malaysia International Commodity Conference and Showcase (MICCOS) 2013 . Jacq and her entire class from Saito College was involve with this event. The fashion show theme was Rubber Wonderland and they had to make clothes out of rubber materials. The materials that were used were rubber bands, trash bags, condoms (YES CONDOMS!) and rubber pipe thingy.

We left the house at 8ish in the morning.
Was like zombie when we reached at the location.
It was somewhere near Mines.
Took us about 30minutes to reach there.

FYI there is about 300+ pictures here.
So it's gonna be a long post of the event :)

Jacq and daddy at 9am!

The view from the outside of the conference hall

Heading to the hall

In the hall, everything was set up so nicely.

The stage of the stage

The agenda of the fashion show

Jacq and daddy

Jacq at backstage

So apparently they had made the KLCC statue out of CHOCOLATE.
and yes, I know I look like a zombie.
Had less than 4 hours of sleep all thanks to the benefit party + supper

So we arrived at the scene by 9am and the fashion show only starts at 2pm
Daddy and I decided to check out the entire hall.
Guess what we saw at the end of the hall?!
They had those electric scooter thingy.
one of those range from RM20K-40K

They allowed us to ride on it to have a feel of it.
The fastest speed i went was at 20km/h.

It was fun la, but kinda scary because the scooter would move forward if
you push your body forward.
If you want it to stop, you just had to stand straight.
Then to turn, you just had to focus your weight on the side of the direction you
wanna turn to.
And to go backwards, just lean back.

They also had a scooter made for police
Not sure how the police can make use of this since it's too slow
to use during a chase for the bad guys.
Maybe they can only use this to inspect and area or
when they are handling out samans on the road.

After 2 hours, both the designers and models arrive

They had some interesting deco up around the fashion show.
Guess what did they use? :P
It's none other than condoms!
Can't imagine how long it took them to finish placing all of them on the balls.
okay that sounded wrong.

Anyways, it was a few more hours to the show
and the models got their hair and make up done

Jacq and her friends.

This MICCOS was an ongoing event where they have all kinds of activities
happening at different halls.
So at the hall I was at, the theme was sustainability,
hence the rubber fashion show.
They even had Master Chef outside of the hall.
It was packed with people everywhere.
Shutter buses were available for people to use to bring them to their next hall.

DJ Kanji was the dj of the event

The models and designers getting their briefing

The VIPs of the event

Jacq and her model (Chloe, former miss malaysia)

Jacq and daddy

Before the fashion show was about to start,
there were a group of people drawing.
Guess their theme was palm oil?

Awesome all of it gave me goosebumps,
they were so good!
Wonder what's the prize for the winners :P

Oh at the fashion show,
they had a jar full of malaysian condoms for free

Guess they wanted everyone to be protected and
realise that malaysia is one of the biggest supply for condoms.

close up picture of it.

After waiting for 5 hours at the hall,
it finally started!

It was a full house!

EMCEE of the event

First design

Can you believe that it's made out of trash bags?!

Design 2

Condom dress, it actually looked kinda cute!
Could just imagine some preppy girl wearing this

Design 3

Rubber pipe thingy
Love the hood of this outfit. Made it look so street wear worthy.

Design 4

Trash bags and condoms.
Thought of batman and lady gaga when I saw this outfit.
Got the whole gangsta look here.

Design 5

Trash bags
Love the shoulder edges, makes it look so futuristic chic.

Design 6

If I am not wrong this was made out of
balloons and condoms.
It was too much going on, love the skirt but not too much for the top.

Design 7

Simple yet memorable.
The other models called this model's hair the peanut

Design 8

Made out of condoms.
Love the details on the back.

Design 9

Made out of condoms.
Totally love her shoes, she made it look so effortlessly as she
walked down the runway!

Design 10

Some rubber pipe thingy
She looked super comfy in this lo.
Love the details around the dress!

Design 11

Some rubber pipe thingy also.
Feel like this outfit can be wore out for any
Hi-Tea socialite events :)

Design 12

Trash bags
I don't know why but I thought of Robin from 
How I met your mother when I saw this outfit.
Super badass look lo.
Like some fashionista from the future.

Design 13

More trash bags.
This outfit looks like something celebs would wear for award shows

Design 14

This was made by the lecturers of the students.
Love the print details at the bottom of the skirt.

Design 15

Not sure what this material is
but this design looks like something sci-fi
looks so futuristic
Could just picture this girl fighting aliens with the outfit. haha

Design 16 - Jacq's design!

Its all made out of rubber bands
I remember it took my sister a week to just braid all of them together.
This outfit ought to be the most conventional
as it the only outfit in the fashion show that was wearable
in our daily life :D

Design 17

It looks like some rubber pipe thing.
The model didn't bother walking all the way down the aisle.
Guess the dress was a little hard to walk it.

That was the last of the fashion show!
The models then came out again with their designers.

Try and guess which design won?!

It was Design 17 (first), Design 16 (third) & Design 15 (Second)
Its funny how during the fashion show they were all side by side.
Coincidence? haha

First place winner!

Third place winner!
So proud of jacq la :)

Couldnt get a picture of the second place winner, she
was running around the place. haha.

Us with jacq and chloe

Chloe and I

Jacq and her money ;) $.$

All of the designers together,
FYI they are all students, except for the first row.
That's their lecturers

Jacq and her creation

The other designs

Jacq and her lecturer.

It was my first fashion show where they had a specific material to use. It's interesting and I can't wait to attend other fashion show of jacq's in the future. The next Vera Wang is my sis yo. haha.

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