Food: Pasta Buffet @ Capricciosa (Sunway Pyramid)

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So last week a group of us went to CAPRICIOSA for PASTA BUFFET
after class last week and OMG it was just AMAZING.

Hey everyone! Just wanna say how sorry I am for being MIA-ing. Been kinda pack with conferences, assignments and a presentation preparation. 
So yeah. 
Exams is in 2 weeks, so do bear with me D:

Wait for more updates after my exams kay? 

Love buffet? Craving for Pasta?
Never thought there was a restaurant that actually got Pasta Buffet?

Well, now you know where to go to!
I am a regular customer at Capricciosa, been coming here since they open at Pyramid
This was my first time coming back after their temporary renovation :)
And boy, do I just love their BUFFET selection <3

You can pretty much order anything you want from their MENU
(except the last page of the menu and deserts)

For only
RM19.90 per person! (Weekdays)
RM25.90 per person! (Weekends & Public Holiday)
Do note that drinks are RM6.90 (Refillable)
And note that there is service charge and government tax


I literally went crazy once the waiter gave us our menu.
I felt like I put on 2 kg that day.
It was just so amazing la.
We all shared what ever we ordered :)

Crab Meat Potato Salad

Tasted more potato than crab. haha.
We ordered Large for this, should have order Regular,
because the portion was just so huge!

Italian Vegetable & Meat Soup

FYI its not spicy at all. The soup was amazing!
Don't let the picture fool you
Remember don't judge a book by it's colours ;)

Smoked Salmon Salad

This was just perfect because I was really craving for Salmon
that day. Remember there are 2 size portion that you can order

My tip for you is to order regular for everything in
order to get a chance to eat everything without
wasting any leftovers :)

Clam Chowder

This was the only dish I regretted ordering. It just tasted weird
and all to watery for me to enjoy it.
Anyways it might just be different preference 

Tuna & Calamari Salad

This was good. I think for all of their salad they 
included their own special seasoning.

Rice Croquette

It's a rice ball that is covered in cheese and fried
The sauce around it taste like Bolognaise sauce :D
This is super filling, but worth trying!

Meat Ball Bolognaise

The good old faithful bolognaise that you find everywhere :)

Spicy Clam Pot

Would have love it better without the bread since i hate bread.
The sauce was not that spicy, it was addictive thought.
If it was a soup I would have order it.
It was filled with Mussels and LaLa
Oh my favs :D

Meat Lover Pizza

Wished they had more pepperoni one it. 
Then it would have been PERFECT :D 

Smoked Salmon Pizza

This was the most interesting pizza I ever had,
there was like real vege and salmon on it.
The green slimy stuff is some vege product la.
Kinda cool. Worth trying!

Fried Mushrooms


There is crab meat with the pasta. 
Love the sauce of this.
It was very creamy and seafood-ish.

Squid Ink

Beware of this dish!
If you wanna smile for a picture or kiss your partner after the meal
I suggest you NOT to order this.

Somehow the taste reminds me of dry pan mee.
I liked it but I didn't like how black my teeth, tongue and lips became la

Apparently my friends said that there was a smell with this pasta.
But I didn't smell anything 
Just didn't like the outcome of my mouth ni. hehe

Seafood Ponodoro

I ordered this! hehe.
Seriously, I got a thing for Mussles.
Ordered this only for the mussles. 
Overall, it was average to me.

Pomodoro Verdure

This dish is pretty cool!
They got spring onions, beef bacon and eggplant in it!
Order this if you still have place in your tummy :P


Quattro Formaggi

This Pizza was only top with cheese and nothing else.

Delight Trio

Loved this combo! 
Their chicken wings were so juicey and tender!
Love their flavour

4 of us posing with our dishes

The other 3 were too busy with their food to pose ;)

Check out Faidhi. 
That is how YOU would look like after eating the squid ink pasta!

all of our dishes :D

Verdict: 4/5

For the price we paid,
I would say its super reasonable la.

A normal pasta dish cost now RM15?
So imagine for RM19.90
you can have a buffet of pasta, soup, pizza and etc! :D

DO GO TRY IT before the PROMO is OVER!
So far as I know they are still on going.

Check them out, for more details!

Sunway Pyramid
OB3. LG2.2
Tel: 03-7492 0513 
(Near Texas Chicken)

Have a good week ahead!
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