Brace Yourselves, Christmas is Coming!

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Sao Paulo Christmas Decorations
(Picture Credits: Buzzfeed)

Tis the season to be jolly, falalalalalala~!

So how have you all been? It's finally DECEMBER. 24 more days until Christmas! Have you started buying presents? Presents. Presents. Presents. This year it's just so hard to think of gift ideas for others. Wish money would just fall down from heaven for me now D:

Anyways, did you all know that Christmas decos are up at various shopping malls? :) This ought to be my favourite part of the season lo. Seeing everywhere all decorated up with trees and lights. Oh the joy of the season. Somehow the lights helps to make everything looks so magical and festive. Of course nothing could beat snow. Oh how I would give anything to be at Singapore during Christmas. I heard they would have fake snow along Orchard street during Christmas? How cool is that wei!? :D

Anyways, as cool as fake snow might be, but I ain't gonna be traveling all the way to another country just so I can see their Christmas decorations. Malaysia's shopping mall too have as good decorations as anywhere else in the world. That is my opinion, you are free and welcome to disagree :) 

A  few years back, I remember Curve also had fake snow during their Christmas week, along the bazaar street. I wonder if they have some again this year? Anyways, I manage to view Sunway Pyramid and Empire Mall's Christmas decorations. They are just amazing and whoever design the Christmas layout of the mall should get a cookie. haha.

Thinking of spending some time with your love ones? 
Want to take some Christmas pictures together?

Sunway Pyramid Mall

This year they really went all out with their Christmas decorations. They even got free gifts for shoppers that spend a certain amount on a single receipts. I always love how Sunway Pyramid makes me want to shop more with all of their incredible gifts at the end. Fyi this is not sponsor post. Just saying it as how it it :) Guess I am turning into a loyal Sunway Pyramid shopper. haha.

Just check our the size of that artsy tree.
Reminds me of winter wonderland

That shadow belongs to me. hahaa.
You can't really see it from here but the piano is actually a fountain

Their beautiful lights around the mall

Lots and lots of trees everywhere!
All of them are at least a head taller than me! haha.
Pretty ain't it?

Since my house don't have any Christmas tree this year,
it's satisfying enough to see all this white/blue Christmas tree all decorated up :)

Not to mention PYRAMID got a Faerie Dreams theme happening

Always wished to own a pair of wings?!
Now you can! :D

As you can see Amelia and I took a bunch of pictures. We ignore all of the people staring of us. In the end, those who stare came and took pictures of themselves too. haha. See la, we help break the ice for them not to be shy shy ;) hehe.

Us together 

They also got Unicorn/Pegasus decorations at their main entrance :D

So go go go
 take some Christmasy pictures now with your girlfriend, boyfriend, family or 
just on your own. haha

Picture credits: Sunway Pyramid Facebook Page

They also got a Santa around at certain days.
Not sure when thought.

So check out the things you can be rewarded with by spending a certain amount at Pyramid!

Empire Shopping Mall

I went to Empire mall to the same day after we took pictures at Pyramid's Christmas deco. The thing is, we had dinner plans that night. I thought that our dinner location was at Pyramid, but it was actually Empire mall.

Nonetheless, Empire too had a beautiful cosy set of decorations available. The helium balloon is not included in their decorations yeah. It was a present from me to Amelia for her birthday. hahaha.

Anyways I loved the Garfield with the displayed candy at their Christmas decorations :D

So I hope now you all know where to go if you wanna feel more Christmasy. Of course Christmas means so much more than that :) There is 24 more days left. I hope that you all would find out the meaning of Christmas before then. hehe. 

Oh, I gather some Christmas Decoration links that you guys can check out <3

The last is my favourite. Enjoy :)

Have a jolly olly week ahead!
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