Event: G-Shock 30th Anniversary - Shock The World 2013

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This is a super overdue post. Like seriously overdue! haha. Anyways 3 months ago, I was lucky enough to have won myself a pair of invitation to G-Shock 30th Anniversary. It is all thanks to An Honest Mistake. I bet you all know they are my favourite local band now right? haha. Rhys was my teman of the event. I just cut my hair the day before the event. So it looks a little awkward in all of the pictures here. My fringe was just too short D:

Us at the scene
my hair D:

We arrived a little too early at the venue. I didn't expect KL to NOT have any traffic jam, so we reached around 6.30pm? It was super early. The event doors only open at 7.15pm! There is a total of 140 pictures below. Click on the picture to view all of them la. You can skip through my boring explanation. haha

Taken with Lumix Camera

Taken with my S3 <3

Can you see the difference? haha. Sounds like a tech review now. hehe.

I liked the blur picture more. The clear one just look so awkward. haha.

We basically just stood around for an hour plus until we got to get in

There were surprisingly a lot of older people at the event.
Like seriously OLDER.
Spot the uncle in between of us. haha.

Around 7.15pm they finally let us in!

They had a showcase of their latest/existing designs at the front.
Everyone was just forcing their way through. 
Thank goodness I manage to take some good shots :)

My favourite was the Purple G-shock collection.
It looks so durable and trendy at the same time.
And the colour was just perfect <3

Jane Chuck was the main model of the G-Shock Anniversary Event

Just check out on the crowd that showed up!

Apparently all VIP guests got themselves a FREE G-SHOCK watch.
So lucky la they all.
I spot JJ, Linora, the bloggers, Dennis Yin and Melissa (Asia next top model)
There were a few that looked fashionable but I had no clue who they were. haha.

The event started out like a mini rave to get the people all pumped up
DJ EVA-T & Irman Hilmi pumped up the crowd
with awesome DJ-ing and Visuals on the screen

DJ EVA-T pumping up everyone with her killer beats.

I loveeee her purple hair la.
It totally reminded me of Daphe Charice's hair :D

Everyone had a time of their life.
Lots of people took pictures, danced, drank free beer/coke
Everyone was just doing their thing

Next to DJ EVA-T was Irman Hilmi.
Don't let his look fool you. He was amazing!
While she was spinning, he did the graphics ON THE STOP that display on the screen!
It was so cool.
First time seeing something like this at an event

Check out his graphics
Awesome ain't it?

His profile

The Crowd loved it

The awesome acts of the day :D

An Honest Mistake came up straight after DJ Eva-T and Irman Hilmi

Every performance of them is just amazing la.
Wish I could have shot more pictures of the bassist. 
I feel like he is too underrated in the band. haha.

During their performance, I heard a lot of girls talking about how cute
Leonard, their guitarist, is. haha.

This time during their performance, Darren, the main singer of AHM, 
used some auto tuner machine. I forgotten for which song though.
I practically sang along with them for all of their song.
Gosh I sound like such a fan girl now. haha.

They also announced their new female vocalist, Ashley, to everyone :)

Us with Irman Hilmi
 The blur pictures is due to low lighting D:

Next up was a fashion show designed by Joe Chia,
which is apparently friends with my sister and cousin on facebook. LOL

It looked very mono chic and futuristic

Oh did I mention that the EMCEE of the event was Brandon (8TV Quickie)

After that, Kikuo Ibe, Research and Development Chief Engineer at Casio Japan, 
and the creator of G-SHOCK gave a speech on how G-Shock came alive.

He then showed a promo video of the Shock The World Malaysia 2013

I was really amaze with the video.
Got to see how the entire event was planned out and carried through
Great job to whoever who made it :D

Next up was a fashion show by LAH'LAH' Land
Guess the name says it all? :)

They pretty much had their own party on the runway.
It was just so unique to see their outfit and make up.
Everything about them was just whoaaa.
The crowd cheered along with them as they did their fashion show.
I especially love the chick with the Mickey!
She looked so adorable yet swag with her badass aura. haha.

Next up was a dance by Katoon Network
Cute name they got. You get it? ;)
As soon as they came up, everyone took out their phone/tablet/camera
and enjoyed their performance in wow.

All of a sudden, a familiar voice was heard
and the crowd when crazy with their cheers!
It was Joe Flizzow!
It was my first time watching him live.
Totally love Havoc when it came out on radio,
so imagine my excitement when I got to hear it LIVE!
His performance was pretty interesting too.

There was a girl with him on stage and they were dancing like there weren't anyone around.
Felt a little uncomfortable at that part.
I didn't take any pictures of it because I was just stun. haha.

But besides that, I enjoyed his performance la :)

The lah lah land crowd having their victory dance next to me.

Had to take a picture with Ashley on her special day.
Was happy that she got to do the fashion show :D

And of course a picture with Jane Chuck! :D
Finally got to meet her after reading her blog

And of course with the beautiful Melissa Th'ng :)
It's so strange being able to see her in person after watching Asia Next Top Model
She is super nice and willing to take pictures with me lo :D

AHM and I :) haha. 
Thanks again for the invite guys!

It was an amazing night :)

My first G-Shock anniversary. I hope it would be one of the many events I attend :)

Check out the recap video of the entire event below :)

Here is a link to the Other Shock the World 2013 Events

Shock The World NY had Eminen Perform!

Can't imagine how next year's event would be like.
Who would you like to see perform if you get to go to Shock The World 2014?

Hope to hear from you all
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