Event: GUESS X ANTM Fashion Show 2013

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It was a Tuesday night, I just finished one paper in the morning and nothing could break me away from attending the party of the YEAR.

Launch party to be exact
It was everything I was looking forward to for weeks.

GUESS teamed up with America Next Top Model (ANTM) Cycle 20 and had a fashion show at The Butter Factory. It just crazy how one day I received this invite from Paige. Oh bless her heart! I have just finish watching cycle 20 and I am A HUGE FAN OF CORY and NINA. If you have not watch CYCLE 20 yet, what cha waiting for? Cycle 20 included both female & MALE models! It was also the most dramatic cycle yet. Lots of dare daring fashion shows, love relationships and diva moments.

So just imagine my excitement when I heard the TOP 5 of ANTM Cycle 20 would be there. 
Cory was one of them :D
Chris H, Renee, Marvin (Runner Up), Jourdan (Winner) & Cory
Since the theme was Hollywood,
Borrowed my accessories from Joyce  <3
Thanks JOYCE! :)

All dressed up and ready 
to face the horrendous traffic jam at KL

After attending multiple events now for months, 
I thought that I would be a pro at figuring KL
But gosh, I am still as blur as ever.. 
Just one mistake. Who knew that you can be stuck on the same street for an hour?
Guess only in KL. Note, always use Waze when in KL.

Amelia, Teman of the Night.

So despite all of the traffic jam, we arrive an hour early. Never reach so early for an event before. Guess I was that excited. haha. Just like a kid being excited over cotton candy :) So when we arrived, there were us, the staff and some ANTM fans (with boards of the models names on it). It was awkward. haha. Will never arrive early again. Because in the end, the doors of the event open 30 minutes LATE from their expected time. Oh wells, it was worth the wait and everyone else were stuck in traffic. There were seriously a lot of CORY fans. 
The place
I wore Pink n Proper's dress & Amelia is wearing Cotton On.
By 7.50pm ish, there were a crowd waiting. Camera crews set up. Poster and banners all up. Everyone around Bukit Bintang were just staring us and wondering what was happening. Thank god it didn't rain as all of us were waiting around the building. They should have installed some fans outside. Felt like my skin was melting away. haha.

The other models

There were other models too that walked the runway that night. Funny thing was, we met this model name Carl. We talked and GOSH. He was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS and down right dreamy. Way hotter than ANTM, sad to say. Oh guess what? He is BRIT. Oh that accent :P Should have taken a picture with him. He killed the runway and left a lot of girls screaming for him. haha.


And finally the doors opened.
Nadine Ann Thomas, Miss Malaysia 2010, was the DJ of the event

Guess logo brightly shinning for the crowd to see with their famous ? sign.

Other teman of the night, Blogger Su Quan.

Got to take a picture with the winners of Asia New Star,
Josh Yen (20) & Coco (16)

Felt like dwarf in between of them. Can't believe that they are younger than me! 
Thought that they were the same age as me. hahaha. Gosh.

All glammed up with a weird paper bag on my left.
So chic jess so chic ><

The EMCEES of the night 
Allen Wu (Host of Amazing Race Asia) & Deborah Henry (Miss Malaysia 2011)

Met a LOT of familiar faces. Everywhere I turn was someone famous.
It was packed with models, celebrities, artist.

The Crowd

Us among the crowd

Joe Flizzow performed Havoc and two of his songs.
The crowd went wild. And so did I.
Everyone sang along to Havoc and cheered for him

Check out his quirky hand movements haha

Nadine taking a picture of Joe

More hand movements. haha.
Really love his live performances. Hope to see more of him at other events :D

The main stars of the night

They wowed the crowd with their entrance from above 
and made their way to the runway

Flawless Jourdan. She looked as perfect as a barbie.
When she blew a kiss, the crowd of guys went wild.

Sassy Renee. Love how she walked the runway with attitude.
She winked and greeted the crowd with a flirtatious smile of hers.

Sweet Marvin. FYI he and Renee are dating. Go watch the show! 
Their love started from there. haha.
He walked so fast during the runway. Lot of girls CHEERED for his attention.
He even blushed on stage... So adorable ;)

Oh Cory, he was the STAR of the night. He received the most cheers from both genders.
Su Quan and I cheered the loudest for him as he was our fav from cycle 20 :D
Hehe. fan girl moment. He was shocked and smiled shyly on stage

Handsome Chris. Manage to get so many good shots of Chris because he posed really long.
Longer than the rest. Wish Cory did the same too but oh wells.
He got lots of Girls screaming for him too. Oh Eye Candy :D

Next up was other models modelling GUESS Fashion Line

Love her heels and jacket. 
Ashamed that she walked so fast, wish that I had a good camera with fast shutter speed
This outfit would be perfect for the fall. Loving the color combo
Perfect outfit for a Christmas Party
Not really loving the combination of the top but imma loving the pants :D
Corporate hotness <3
Her armpit pose really gave me a laughed. gosh.
Cute dress though
I totally love the sparkles. If only the dress wasn't shaped in that way D:
So chic
and the girls go wild for the hunks ;)
She somehow reminded me of Christina Aguilera
And she reminded me of Emma Watson. Love the purse
This is Carl. 
Gosh <3 The girls screamed the loudest for him out of all of the other models.
He winked for them too. haha.

Hobo Chic

Round two of ATNM

Everyone was shock to see Renee in that outfit.
The boys went wild! haha
Chris doing his thing :)
Renee's priceless expression

Models partied on stage
Renee and Jourdan glowing on stage
Cory showing his love to his fans
Renee posing for the camera

They had an interview with the EMCEES on stage

Oh so fierce, SMIZE. Tyra taught you well.
So adorable la the guys :D

Cory telling everyone to be true to themselves during the interview
and check out Jourdan's legs!
Renee watching passionately to Marvin's interview

The girls
Marvin's ANTM winning look :P
Check out Chris' face. haha

Renee talking about girl power and how girls dominate the modelling field

That was the last of the event.
Met with one of the models.
Should have wore heels. Everyone was just towering over me that night.

With Jourdan
With Cory
With an ex CIMPian, Anthony :)
With Andrew, was cheering for him to win Asia New Star Model
With Zarina, funny how we met a year later at an event :)

Last OOTD shots
Met with Allen Wu as we were walking away.
His accent :D
The aftermath of an event. Snuggling up with a comfy jacket :)

Check out the goodies GUESS gave to their guests :D
It rhymes btw ;)

And if you were wondering why I was carrying a La Senza Bag during the event
Well, it was because I won a giveaway from blogger Angeline.
Thanks babe! :D

Really enjoyed my night and am looking forward to more of GUESS events.

Which was your favourite models from ANTM?

Hope you have a good day ahead! 
I got one more paper to go!

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