Event: KARE Store Opening Launch (The Gardens)

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Always wanted to decorate your house like the celebrities?
Want your place to decorated with the latest designs?
Want to decorate your place with items that would show out your personality?

There has been so many new international clothing line that made it's way to Malaysia. Even renowned furniture store too set it's path to Malaysia. KARE Design (pronounced as ka-ray) is an international furniture store that is located in over 40 countries world wide with 155 store outlets. A leading furniture trendsetter, KARE was established in 1981 at Germany. 

On the 4th of December, KARE had their store opening in The Gardens, Kuala Lumpur. They have a total of over 1,300 bold furniture displayed in their Kuala Lumpur showroom.

I was one of the few lucky bloggers that got a chance to witness their grand launch with the other guests, celebrities, VIPS and media. I have never attended a funiture store launching before, and gosh, KARE set the standard and was above what I had expected for the launch to be.

KARE Designs from what I could tell as I first walked into the store is about showing your inner personality. Being able to express yourselves thru the things around you. They had a LOT of quirky, luxurious and unique items that I could imagine some of the celebrities to own. Some of their stuff there reminded me of what G-Dragon actually have in his house (here, here, here)

The Front Entrance

Photo Credits: KARE
KARE's VIP Team (L to R)
 Peter Schonhofen (KARE Design CEO), Andreja Hocking (KARE Design Sales Manager Asia), Dominik Sarraf (KARE Kuala Lumpur CEO), Chen Fan Hin (KARE Kuala Lumpur General Manager)
It was seriously such a glam up evening

Can you believe that their theme for the evening is SHAMELESS?

When I got the invite, I was thinking, 
"how does one dress shameless to a glamorous event?" haha.

My teman of the night, Carmen :)

In the end I wore a black top from H&M, red mermaid skirt from Forever 21 and
my gold necklace from Charming Sanguine.
Nothing can beat my store's accessories. hehe.

There were so many people at store!

All I could hear is the DJ and his beats.
Food and free flow of alcohol was serve. 
This is the first time I witness that there is liquor bars at an event.
They were wine, whiskey&vodka and beer.

KARE really went all out to make sure their event is the talk of the town.
And honestly, I would think this is the best store launch event I been to by far.

From antiques to quirky products

They got everything to fit your personality and preferences
They even had a range of Popeye The Sailorman and Olive Oyl
Oh memories of my cartoon days.

Can you spot the type writer?
That is actually a coin box
Cool right?

KARE's Mascot The Red Men
 They were place every where of the store.

KARE even had live versions of them greeting the guest :D

The White Diva Items collection
Beautiful ain't it?
I am so coming back to buy the angel wing cup
Wish I could also grab the rose jewelry box next to it.
It just looks so amazingly beautiful
Definitely, a product worth splurging over

Check out the bedazzle heart and skull.
I could totally imagine Lady Gaga or GD having them in their place.

They got colourful Buddha statue too
The dancing horse behind is just so adorable for a white vintage decor

Can you guess what poses the silver Bears are doing?

More of White Diva Collection

"More taste than money!" - KARE's slogan
They really emphases individuality in all of their products

Ex Voodo Doll Astray

This is definitely a sneaky present to give to your ex 
or something for yourself/friends to help let out all the anger from a break up

Me posing with some of the KARE's furnishing accessories

An amazing suitcase workplace

If you finish your work, you could just close the suitcase and allow
more space in your room :D

Their dressing tables are seriously to die for!
I wish I could have them in my room.
Too bad it wouldn't fit. haha.

And the event finally began

All of the VIPS
Daphne Iking was there too :)

Here is the live version of the KARE Mascot

All of them cutting the ribbon to officiate the event

You won't believe what the models did

They all started stripping. haha.

Guess all good events got half naked men (ie benefit)

Photo op of the VIPS and the Models

Daphne Iking and I

Their collection at The Gardens

KARE offers a lively lifestyle concept with their unique mix of funiture, 
lighting, furnishing accessories and gift items as you can see from the pictures above.

Check out their cupcakes! :D

They had dance performance too
It was a random flash mob

Us with the Emcee

They also had a performance by Dennis Lau the Violinist

Accompanied by Koujee the Beatboxer

They were such a perfect duo.
Could have just listen to them all night.
Both of they performed so passionately :)

Manage to take a picture and talk to them.
If only i put down my bag.
Makes it look a little awkward with Koujee so far away. haha.

After that, we just took more pictures

The red KARE man and I :D

Carmen and I

Peter Davis and I

Didn't expect him to be there because I didn't see his usual crowd.
We got to chat and catch up since our last met up at Haagen Daaz Event

Food and Drinks of the Night

Would definitely come back for these babies.
Wait for me :D

The models and I

The event finally ended
KARE turned off some of their lights and turn their store into a CLUB
Their DJ hit the beats but no one danced
Typical Malaysians. haha

Overall, I can see KARE being one of the most popular stores to those who are looking for unique items to place in their home. Would definitely pay another visit to their store before Christmas!

Tell me which was your favourite item
I might just do a giveaway product from them ;)

Check out this video for more info of their store products

KARE Designs
LOT S209, LEVEL 2, 

Oh GUESS which is my next event? ;)
Do stay tune :D

Have a beautiful weekend all!
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Jess is an adventurous Malaysian girl with a soft spot for food, shoes and all things romantic. She loves fashion and traveling too. Diversity excites her, therefore she would tend to try out everything she gets a chance to ✌ [It's Jessy] (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-03f5fetL2yM/VcjMybyGvRI/AAAAAAAAk_Q/HSNlhlRdbRI/s1600/11428132_938657246181010_1642264289_n.jpg)