Food: Acme Bar & Coffee (KL)

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It's been raining quite a lot this week. I am not sure about you but at times like this I just want something sweet and tasty in my belly. haha. I sound like such a pig now.

Ever heard of Sizzling Brownies?!

I first stumble upon it when I saw Jane Chuck's instagram picture of her Sizzling Brownie and I knew I just had to have it. Sound like a kid right? Well it wasn't just me who saw the picture la, a few of us from uni decided to go for some brownie hunting. So off we went. FYI this was a months back. Haven't been going anywhere lately except lying at home with my books and trying out buffet places at night. But that is for another post in the future :D

So where can you get sizzling brownies?

Acme Bar & Coffee

Don't let the name of the restaurant fool you. It wasn't like the typical bar you see on the movies. The place was like a coffee joint mix with modern glass surroundings. My description sounds where right? Anyways scroll down/continue reading for a better judgement of the place la :)

This restaurant is located at The Troika. I almost missed the place because the building's signboard is so small. Anyways the building is a corner lot. Its like an office building. It's super near KLCC. Parking is about RM8 if I am not wrong. (Expensive right? KL ma) I used WAZE for my entire journey and I arrive safely there :D 

TIP: Best if you come here around 5-6pm to avoid the traffic and the dinner crowd
If not make sure to make reservations to avoid disappointments :)

Their Entrance
Glass doors! :D

Their Menu

Love the store's environment lo. 
It's decorated with huge windows that provides you outdoor light instead of the
usual gloomy lights in some restaurants.

If you can see from the picture above, they got a
huge collection of wine.

Basically the environment is a beautiful outdoorsy feel.
You can even choose to sit outdoor.
They got comfy cushion seats with cloth umbrellas outside for those who want 
a smoke or enjoy the outdoor scenery.

Their Cakes (RM15)
They got Banana Caramel, Lemon Poppyseed, Raspberry Chocolate, Caramel Macadamia, 
Orange Crumble, Ugly Chocolate Cheesecake

And their famous Cempedak/Jackfruit Cake

Smoke Duck Pasta (RM35)

Chicken Fajitas (RM27)

Finally the dish that everyone was raving about.
I think what makes this dish unique is the way they have layout the dish.
I think it's the first time I have ever seen a brownie sizzled. haha

Sizzling Brownie (RM19)

Brownie on hot plate with chocolate sauce.
The hot plate kinda small. 
It reminded me of my uttensils of my masak masak time as a kid. haha
Of Course this one is legit la. It was super hot when it came out.
The HOT chocolate sauce would be poured when the dish is serve on the table
So we all witness the brownie 'SIZZLE' haha.

The 'Other' Pavlova (RM19)

I ordered this. Just like any Pavlova this dish is made out of sugar.
What makes this different from the rest is that it has mixed nuts, banana, 
caramel on the top and chocolate filling on the inside.

I couldn't finish it because it was a little too sweet for me.

They gave us free water btw :)

Around 7pm, the waiters started to bring small antique lamps on the table.
Some tables had tall stand lamp next to them.

The sun was gone and the dinner crowd came.
The entire restaurant was just glowing.
Everyone in the restaurant was just interacting with their partners/groups.
Honestly, the place looked romantic to me la.

Who ever who wanna bring their girlfriend/boyfriend or potential partners out,
should come here :P

Picture Credits: Acme Bar & Coffee Facebook Page
They also got a breakfast menu during the weekends.

Picture Credits: Acme Bar & Coffee Facebook Page
Latte (RM15)

Even though the minion craze is over, this is still kinda cute.
Bet some girls would love this coffee art :)

All of us
I remember there were more pictures but somehow,
I just don't have them. Oh wells.

OH! Something cool I saw at their lifts is that, their buttons
are at the side of the lift.
Usually it would be in between of the lifts right?
Haha. I was so jakun when I saw it.


Acme Bar & Coffee
Ground Floor, The Troika, 
Persiaran KLCC, 
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: 03 2162 2288

Monday - Thursday 11am - 12am
Friday 11am - 1am
Saturday 9.30am - 1am
Sunday 9.30am- 12am


Happy food hunting everyone!
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