Travel: KL Day Out with the Babes

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So remember I mention in 3 of my blog post that I went out KL with my babes? Well finally here is the full post of our day out in KL :) Hehe. Sorry for the delay, been very tired recently. Seriously wish that I got more energy to do more stuff. 

I know that Chinese New Year is tomorrow but I bet there are some people at home who don't know what to do during this long holiday since they might not be celebrating. So with this post, I hope that it can help you out to just travel around KL :)

So anyways, a few of us went out to KL last Tuesday, 14th of January because it was a holiday. Remember that week? We had 2 holidays on it :D Hehe. Was so happy lo. First time being off since I started internship. Btw it's been officially 28 days since I started internship! Yay! :D

We went to 3 places through out the day, Lake Garden, Tour around KL & Pavilion :)

KL's Lake Garden (Also as known as Botanic Garden) : 7.30AM! 

Here is me holding everyone's nasi lemak at the Lake Garden

Thinking of what to do on one of the upcoming holiday? 
Travel around KL to enjoy the beautiful sights of our city :)

Online: Glasses Online

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Somehow this year I noticed a lot of people rushed for their CNY shopping. Some until now did not even manage to go for their tradition chinese new year shopping. Isn't that sad? I know we are all busy with work and I get it too, sometimes I wish I could split myself into two.

Lucky this year I manage to shop twice for Chinese new year. That shall be for another post during CNY :)

Anyways for all those who are busy and wants to change their look for this year's CNY or any other time of the year can head down to Glasses Online.

Picture Credits: Glasses Online Facebook Page

Want to shop but just don't have the time?
Need some new shades for the holiday but don't know where to go to?

Giveaway: Britney Spears' Perfume & Tesco Ma Li Winners

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It's the Eve of Chinese New Year! Gosh, everyone ready and all dressed up for your dinner pre-union dinner with your family? :D

Anyways I am sorry for this late post. I thought I could have done this yesterday but gosh, being in the car for 4 hours can really drain your energy away. Btw I am back at my hometown already! Anyone heard of Ayer Tawar? :D

Picture Source: Google
This market is super near my hometown place :D

So let's just enter straight into announcing the winners. Remember last giveaway? It was the Britney Spears' Perfume. And the winner is...

Giveaway: Tesco CNY Ma Li

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Hey all! Good morning! How has your week been? 
Did your Chinese New Year shopping yet?

There is only 3 more days to Chinese New Year and I BET everyone is still rushing to get their their best clothes for the festive time. This isn't a clothes giveaway, but more of a CNY Decorative item giveaway!

Wanna make your place a memorable CNY Visit?
Get these horses to gallop into festivity :)

Sale: Kistchen / Nichii Warehouse Sale Review (Cheras Sentral Mall)

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Its been a LONG time since I post a SALE post right? Since it is a Sunday, it is the best time to go shop! :D Not sure if all of you are aware of this sale but Kitschen's Facebook Page have been spamming my facebook newsfeed with their latest sale. It is a combination of Kitschen+Nichii+Dressing Paula. I went for their last Nichii warehouse sale and it was a complete let down la. But surprisingly this year's warehouse sale was better than what I expected.

Photo Credits: Kitschen Facebook Page

FYI I asked the store when are they ending the sale and they said 28th of JANUARY.
Check with them again. I could be wrong :(
For more info you can call their store or contact them on fb.
All info would be at the bottom of this post. So do read it :D <3

Photo Credits: Kitschen Facebook Page

Haven't done your CNY shopping yet?
You got one day of sales to kick start your wardrobe! :D

Food: Hui Lau Shan (Pavilion)

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So it's Thursday, one more day to go until FRIDAY! Been seriously wiped out from all of the events this week. Do stay tune! I shall blog about them when I am free, but for instant updates follow me on instagram, twitter or dayre la. Its somehow faster to blog there. heh.

Anyways back to the day out in KL with the babes. If you have been keeping up I went to KL last Tuesday since it's a public holiday. Went to Typo to shop and Ichi Zen for lunch :) So after lunch we went for desserts at Hui Lau Shan! :D

I didn't know what to expect wen I saw this place at level 6. We actually just walk passed it because we were afraid that it would be too expensive for us. Like the saying goes, don't judge a book by it's cover, so we decided to check out this 'stall' after lunch. We check through their menu before going to our seats (haihs, life of a student).

Craving for some cold fruity desserts with actual fruits in it?

Online: BookUp.my

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Alrights, lets take a break from all of the food, travel, fashion, etc posts and lets get down to business. 
Gosh I sound so serious now. Haha.

Anyways, not sure about you all but have you ever felt like your room is packed with so many of your previous textbook, revision books or books from big bad wolf sale or popular sale? I remember when I was in form 4, my room was still filled with PMR revision books (its so unfair that the recent batch doesn't have to take PMR anymore) and I just didn't have the heart to recycle them as they were all kept in a good condition. When I want to give it away, it seems like everyone had their books already. This goes the same for SPM also. 

Picture Credit: Google

Got to many books in your house? Want to make a profit of them?
Need some textbooks but too broke to get some?

Food: Ichi Zen (Pavilion)

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Remember the previous post of TYPO? Well, continuing the KL DAY OUT with the babes post now :) After walking around window shopping in Pavilion, we finally decided to go for lunch. Our first choice was SUKIYA Buffet. So okay la we went. There was a freaking LONG line when we arrive! After waiting for 15 minutes outside, we were still at the same spot of the line. The line didn't move at all. It was damn packed! I guess Sukiya is really popular these days and it is a public holiday after all :(

So while we were at Tokyo Street, Level 6 @ Pavilion, we decided to enter to Ichi Zen because of their affordable set lunch displaying at the front of the restaurant :)

Stuck in KL and not sure where to go to eat?
Craving for Japanese food but worry of leaving with an empty wallet? 

Place: One City Mall - Sky Park (Subang Jaya)

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Place: One City Mall - Sky Park (Subang Jaya)
Happy Tuesday everyone! How are you? Remember how I promised that I would blog about One City last week @ Evelyn's Chocolate House Post? Well, I didn't forget but more like I was too tired. Working, blogging and socializing is tiring work. Somehow after work it's always eat, sleep and repeat.

Anyways back to One City Mall! This mall has been open for 2 months now. It's still fairly new. There are a still shops that are renovating. I went there twice already and both at different time, I will explain why the time matters when you visit One City ;)

Picture Credits: Google

But first, do know that there are 3 sections to One City, which is Sky Park, The Place and Garden Shoppe. I only went to Sky Park. To be honest I didn't know that there was 3 section until I looked at their website. So check out their website for more info la. So it is kinda a big place la. I shall blog according to the day I went there, okay? :)
Read more for more info! :D
Do check out my other event post held in One City too, click here!

Place: Typo (Pavilion)

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Good morning everyone! Feeling like a zombie this morning like me?! Seriously, I should learn to stop sleeping at 4am in the morning. Feel like my soul ain't attach to my body right now. haha. Anyways it's a new week and time for new adventures. Not sure if you know about this place but have ya'all heard about this awesome store call TYPO?

Front Entrance

This is seriously by far the coolest stationary store I ever been too. Don't get me wrong, I know Typo has been in Malaysia for a while now but I rarely got the change to go there because of their store locations D:
Why are all of Typo stores so far? D':

Anyways if you love hipster kind of designs on your stationary
Typo is the place to go to :D

Food: Mr Lim Korea BBQ Restaurant (Desa Sri Hartamas)

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Food: Mr Lim Korea BBQ Restaurant (Desa Sri Hartamas)
Remember yesterday's post of the Korean Product Store Post? Well after browsing that store, I went over to Mr Lim Korea BBQ Restaurant for dinner with a friend. This was last week yeah. Seriously I ate too much since internship and OMG I gained 2 KG D: Sniff Sniff. I blame sitting at office too long. Seriously 8 hours of sitting is seriously bad for the fats. It just keeps growing! D:

Anyways back to Mr Lim Korea BBQ Restaurant!

Here is a short summary of the place if you are lazy to read the whole post:
1. The food IS AMAZING
2. Big PORTION for an affordable price!
3. Scary Korean Boss
4. Insensitive Management

Read more to find out why I think so.

Place: Korean Products (Desa Sri Hartamas)

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Hey all! Happy Saturday! How is your long weekend so far? Getting bored? Sometimes when my family and I are bored, we love to go to the hypermart for some grocery shopping or just enjoying the free aircon. Yes we enjoy moments like that together. 2014 is a year to save you know! :P

Anyways, I stumble upon this super cool KOREAN 'mart'. They sold only Korean Products in the store. To those who always dream of going to Korea but never could (like me. haihs) should check out this place! I was so amaze when I enter in the shop! Everything I always wanted from watching of all of the Korean drama is there in the store! :D

Love Korean Dramas?
Want to live like Koreans?
Want to go to Korea but just don't have the chance?

Food: Evelyn's Chocolate House (One City Mall, Subang Jaya)

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Hey! How have all of you been? I think this week ought to be the most chilled week ever. 2 HOLIDAYS in a week! Talk about a wonderful time to travel and with it being on Friday, I bet there are a lot of you all travelling with friends and family. For those who are stuck at home and cracking your brain thinking what to do on a beautiful day like this, why not try a new dessert place?

Usually whenever someone invites me out to try a new dessert place I would first think of Publika and the horror to drive D: Yes I am getting sick of driving. Trying my best to just stay in Subang now on. Need to save on all of the toll and petrol :( Ish. 

ANYWAYS, to those that LOVE chocolate desserts and are staying at SUBANG, GOOD NEWS for you all. Check out Evelyn's Chocolate House~! :D Btw they have DURIAN Chocolate Desserts too :D

Photo Credits: Groupon

Love Chocolate? Love Durian?
Lazy to travel far?

Confession of an Awkward Girl: Dreams vs Reality

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It's been 13 days since new year and well I can honestly say that it's be a disappointing start of the year. Somehow or another, everything feels like it's no different as how I was when I was 16. Sure there are big changes like I can finally drive or I am at my final year in university. It's just that, some how when I was 16, I thought that by 21 I would be that cool chick that I have always admire from all of the tv shows and movies.

Guess media played a big part in my life, I am Gen Y after all :P Hahaha. I guess that is the difference of dreams and reality.

I still remember when I was 16, I actually came out with a list of how I should be like when I am 21. Yes I am such a dork. But hey, it sorta kept me dreaming and trying to turn them into reality. What are some of the stuff that my past self listed for the 21 me? 

Food: J&D Espresso (Bandar Utama)

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It's a Sunday afternoon and I bet all of us are lazing around the house. How is your Sunday so far? I am having one of the worst Sunday ever. 

Sometimes I don't understand how some parents communicate with their kids. You want us to listen to you and follow your commands but you never take the time to understand your child. Call me a rebel or whatever but that is just how it is like now. Haihs. Ranting again. 

Anyways it is a Sunday afternoon. 
Bored beyond belief?
Want to try out a desert place?
Need to do some work and need fast wifi?

Food: Cowboy Burger (SS15)

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It's a beautiful Saturday morning. Since working, Saturdays have truly been my only day of rest. Had 6 hours of sleep today. Felt so good after it, it's been awhile since I slept for so long. Anyways on a beautiful Saturday, it's a wonderful day to spend time with your loved ones.

Got invited to try out Cowboy Burger restaurant a few days ago :) It is located at SS15, same row as grafa, in case if you are wondering where.

The Entrance of The Restaurant

I didn't really know what kind of food it was, felt like the the sign was a little too chinese
But hey don't judge a book by it's cover right?

After I saw their menu, you could see me beaming with joy. Why?

Because of this baby!
Finally another pork burger joint in ss15 :D

They got a variety of food served in their restaurant.
Beef Burgers, Chicken Burgers, Pork Burgers, Pasta, Fish and Chips
BACON ICE CREAM & even Vegetarian Burgers!

Craving for some burgers but trying to lose weight?

Confessions of a lost intern: 10 Good & Bad Things of Internship (Week 1)

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I can't believe that I have already work for 7 days! WOOPIE! I survived! But gosh. Internship is not what I expected it to be. Then again, this is not what I expect in the working world.

Somehow I always pictured myself as the superwoman that can be a cool working adult. I always imagine after work I would be able to hang out with my friends at some nice restaurant, watching movies, going shopping with the girls, traveling, etc. Guess that is what too much How I Met Your Mother have influenced me. Haha.

5 things I wish I knew & prepared myself 
before I started my Internship

Picture credits: Google

These are what I notice and thought it would be better to know before I started working at a company la. 
It's based on my opinion, if you have your own you can share but don't be mean la okay? :)

1. Traffic jam is going to kill you this 3 months.

Picture credits: Google

I am one of the cars there. Seriously NKVE is crazy at the end of the toll! It take 1.5 hour to reach to my work place due to the traffic jam. Can you believe that? I've been leaving my house EVERYDAY at 7am and it's still the same. FYI work starts at 9AM!

2. Parking is another KILLER

Still can't believe I paid so much )':

Be prepared to pay a sum of amount for your parking ticket. I had the shock of my life when I saw my parking ticket cost me RM16! Even at KL it ain't that expensive for 9 hours. Gila siao. Will be parking like the rest of my colleagues, at some random side of the road. Shall cross my fingers and hope that the police won't leave me any gifts when I return to my car.

3. Coffee is your new best friend

Picture credits: Google

Since I started work, there is not a day that I go without coffee. Sometimes when I can't take it and I just want to sleep 2 shots of coffee helps. Seriously feel like a grandma now with internship. All I want to do after work is to eat, watch my drama and sleep, then repeat the cycle of work, eat, drama and sleep. Sounds depressing eh? Hence you now understand why I might blog less :( Sniff Sniff.

4. You will do absolutely nothing for the first 4 hours at work on the first day. 

Picture credits: Google

All I did was just staring at the table and the random people in the company for the first 4 hours of work. Thank god I brought a book, almost finish reading it.

5. Everyone would be in their ZONE. It's nothing personal.

Picture credits: Google

What does that mean you may asked? Well it is work after all. No one would actually speak to you unless someone introduce you to them or they have to speak to you. So for the first 3 days of work, I pretty much kept myself company. After work and when the weekend came, I finally would talk as much as I want to and to who ever I want too. Felt like I was being suppress so much and I finally got to break free! #extrovertproblems

Was actually a little emo during the first few days because no one would talk to me besides giving me work. But I thought about it and well I guess that is how work place is and there is really nothing personal about it. Everyone got their task and everyone got their deadlines, why would anyone want to spend time talking to the newbie of the office? Haha.


So that was pretty much how I felt of my first week of work. It's actually not all that bad la.

Today marks my 7th day, and honestly it was a good day at the office. There are also perks at my workplace la :) So here is, 5 good things about working at ABCD (A nickname for the company I am working at)

1. There seems to be a flexible working hour?

Picture credits: Google

I was told by paper that I am to work from 9am-6pm. Since working at ABCD for 7 days, I feel like I am the only intern that is on time and actually leave at the given time. Most intern come late and leave 2 hours before me. I asked others about their working hours and it seems that if you have finish your work, then you can ciao. So far I have never tested this and I doubt during my 3 months of working at ABCD, I would ever try it la. I want people to think of me as the good intern who comes at the expected time and leave when suppose to. I guess since it's my first internship, I wanna give a good impression to them :)


Picture credits: Google

Every morning at ABCD there would be PASTRIES all layout at the pantry table and on special days, there would be nasi lemak too :D As for random time of the day, some might bring keropok and some other companies would  bring food (ie 'a car company' brought cupcakes to ABCD) :D Oh we got all kinds of drinks at the office too. From coffee to milo, green tea, teh tarik, milk, red bull, etc :)


Picture credits: Google

Got the company's car stickers and notebook. I know it sounds silly but hey I love free stuff. hahaha. I got calendars, leather name card holder and planners from my other colleagues too :D Was supper happy about the planner because I was seriously desperate to get one until I won't mind drinking a month's worth of Starbucks to get the Starbucks planner :D But thank goodness I didn't even attempt for the Starbucks planner la. Talk about a waste of money for so many drinks.

4. Freedom?

Picture credits: Google

I feel like its super chilled at ABCD. Notice lots of the people taking multiple smoking breaks per day. Some take 15minutes long for each break. Which is a lot of loathing time if the person actually takes 3 breaks! Imagine everyday coming to work taking a break of 45minutes on smoking alone? :O Oh wells. Working life I guess? There isn't a real fix time for lunch too. So I guess I can either take an early lunch or short lunch. So far I stick to my one hour lunch la. But if I am out with my seniors and they stay longer than an hour, I ain't complaining man. hehe. :D Besides that, we can eat at our desk too :D We can do anything la. Just don't bring food in the studio. 


Picture credits: Google

This is seriously the best thing out of working there lo. I could come in jeans on monday with a tee and won't be judge by anyone. I remember being very overdressed for my job interview and reminded myself not to be overdress again to work. The interview was in July and my internship was in January. It totally SLIP my mind. I wore a blouse and skirt on my first day of work. Ended up being super formal. Everyone else was super chilled and casual.
First day OOTD

Heck even my boss was in t-shirt and jeans. But of course even though it is super casual at work, I ain't gonna show up in shorts or slippers. Don't wanna scare the guests that comes to ABCD. So far, I think I am chic dressey la. Wore the kind of outfits to work as how I would wear to church on Saturday :)


So yeah that was my first week of work. 
Not sure if I am gonna do this weekly but hey am enjoying it so far la. 
Guess I just need to get over some awkwardness in the office. 
Kinda glad that I got a nice fellow intern next to me :)

Picture credits: Google

Anyways to those interning now or about to intern soon.
All the best!

Food: Han Woo Ri (Taipan, Subang Jaya)

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You know what? I never expected internship to be so tiring. Since I started internship, all I wanna do just eat, sleep and watch my drama shows. Shall talk about my internship on another post. There is just too much to say... Anyways how are you guys? haha.

I been having a lot of korean food lately. Another korean placed that I went to so far is HAN WOO RI! :D

Honestly, I never expected much of this restaurant since I didn't hear anyone talking about it, but gosh, 
IT'S WORTH IT'S MONEY & I THINK IT'S MY FAV korean restaurant by far <3

Craving for something different?
Wanna Korean restaurant but don't know which to try out?

Food: Pak John Steamboat (E@Curve, PJ)

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So have you heard? There is a new BEST Steamboat Buffet at PJ! It's none other than Pak John. At first when I heard of the name I thought that it would be a Malay restaurant because of Pak, which means uncle. But I would say it's actually a very Malaysian Concept that they got here. Everything was just so bright and festive when I went. Its Halal btw :D

I went on the 23rd of December 2013 btw. Went there to celebrate my Dad's birthday. Can't believe that he is 49 now. Gosh so old! :P

We reached there about 6pm and I couldn't believe that there was actually a que to enter the restaurant. Mine you the restaurant is super big I think they got about 40 tables with 2 private rooms for functions. So I would suggest that you try calling to reserve some seats before coming or come around 5.50pm?

Here was the crowd outside of the restaurant

Thinking of a place to bring the family out?
Or craving for some buffet steamboat near a shopping mall? :D

Honestly it's always best to walk a little after a meal, 
so gotta clap for Pak John to think of such a strategic location :)

Random: Change (NY Events and 2014 Resolutions)

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Can't believe that it took me so long to write up my first post of 2014. I know that this may sound like a silly excuse but I was really busy and just overwhelm with all of the change that 2014 brought along. Ironic right? I am starting to use the same excuses I use when I don't got to gym. Tsk Tsk.

Anyways, that's another topic you don't need to know. As of today, 4/1/2014, I reached 22,000 views on my blog :) I know it is still nothing compare to all of the other blogger but for someone who started a blog only 6 months ago and really started to get serious about blogging 4 months ago, kind of make me proud to be where I am now.

This post is gonna be a little messy. 
Will just be blogging about my New Year Celebrations and Resolutions

Grateful for every person I met in 2013, the events I was invited too, 
the loyal friends that stick through with me, church, my cell girls, my dai ka jies, my family and God :)
Jess is an adventurous Malaysian girl with a soft spot for food, shoes and all things romantic. She loves fashion and traveling too. Diversity excites her, therefore she would tend to try out everything she gets a chance to ✌ [It's Jessy] (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-03f5fetL2yM/VcjMybyGvRI/AAAAAAAAk_Q/HSNlhlRdbRI/s1600/11428132_938657246181010_1642264289_n.jpg)