Confessions of a lost intern: 10 Good & Bad Things of Internship (Week 1)

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I can't believe that I have already work for 7 days! WOOPIE! I survived! But gosh. Internship is not what I expected it to be. Then again, this is not what I expect in the working world.

Somehow I always pictured myself as the superwoman that can be a cool working adult. I always imagine after work I would be able to hang out with my friends at some nice restaurant, watching movies, going shopping with the girls, traveling, etc. Guess that is what too much How I Met Your Mother have influenced me. Haha.

5 things I wish I knew & prepared myself 
before I started my Internship

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These are what I notice and thought it would be better to know before I started working at a company la. 
It's based on my opinion, if you have your own you can share but don't be mean la okay? :)

1. Traffic jam is going to kill you this 3 months.

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I am one of the cars there. Seriously NKVE is crazy at the end of the toll! It take 1.5 hour to reach to my work place due to the traffic jam. Can you believe that? I've been leaving my house EVERYDAY at 7am and it's still the same. FYI work starts at 9AM!

2. Parking is another KILLER

Still can't believe I paid so much )':

Be prepared to pay a sum of amount for your parking ticket. I had the shock of my life when I saw my parking ticket cost me RM16! Even at KL it ain't that expensive for 9 hours. Gila siao. Will be parking like the rest of my colleagues, at some random side of the road. Shall cross my fingers and hope that the police won't leave me any gifts when I return to my car.

3. Coffee is your new best friend

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Since I started work, there is not a day that I go without coffee. Sometimes when I can't take it and I just want to sleep 2 shots of coffee helps. Seriously feel like a grandma now with internship. All I want to do after work is to eat, watch my drama and sleep, then repeat the cycle of work, eat, drama and sleep. Sounds depressing eh? Hence you now understand why I might blog less :( Sniff Sniff.

4. You will do absolutely nothing for the first 4 hours at work on the first day. 

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All I did was just staring at the table and the random people in the company for the first 4 hours of work. Thank god I brought a book, almost finish reading it.

5. Everyone would be in their ZONE. It's nothing personal.

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What does that mean you may asked? Well it is work after all. No one would actually speak to you unless someone introduce you to them or they have to speak to you. So for the first 3 days of work, I pretty much kept myself company. After work and when the weekend came, I finally would talk as much as I want to and to who ever I want too. Felt like I was being suppress so much and I finally got to break free! #extrovertproblems

Was actually a little emo during the first few days because no one would talk to me besides giving me work. But I thought about it and well I guess that is how work place is and there is really nothing personal about it. Everyone got their task and everyone got their deadlines, why would anyone want to spend time talking to the newbie of the office? Haha.


So that was pretty much how I felt of my first week of work. It's actually not all that bad la.

Today marks my 7th day, and honestly it was a good day at the office. There are also perks at my workplace la :) So here is, 5 good things about working at ABCD (A nickname for the company I am working at)

1. There seems to be a flexible working hour?

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I was told by paper that I am to work from 9am-6pm. Since working at ABCD for 7 days, I feel like I am the only intern that is on time and actually leave at the given time. Most intern come late and leave 2 hours before me. I asked others about their working hours and it seems that if you have finish your work, then you can ciao. So far I have never tested this and I doubt during my 3 months of working at ABCD, I would ever try it la. I want people to think of me as the good intern who comes at the expected time and leave when suppose to. I guess since it's my first internship, I wanna give a good impression to them :)


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Every morning at ABCD there would be PASTRIES all layout at the pantry table and on special days, there would be nasi lemak too :D As for random time of the day, some might bring keropok and some other companies would  bring food (ie 'a car company' brought cupcakes to ABCD) :D Oh we got all kinds of drinks at the office too. From coffee to milo, green tea, teh tarik, milk, red bull, etc :)


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Got the company's car stickers and notebook. I know it sounds silly but hey I love free stuff. hahaha. I got calendars, leather name card holder and planners from my other colleagues too :D Was supper happy about the planner because I was seriously desperate to get one until I won't mind drinking a month's worth of Starbucks to get the Starbucks planner :D But thank goodness I didn't even attempt for the Starbucks planner la. Talk about a waste of money for so many drinks.

4. Freedom?

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I feel like its super chilled at ABCD. Notice lots of the people taking multiple smoking breaks per day. Some take 15minutes long for each break. Which is a lot of loathing time if the person actually takes 3 breaks! Imagine everyday coming to work taking a break of 45minutes on smoking alone? :O Oh wells. Working life I guess? There isn't a real fix time for lunch too. So I guess I can either take an early lunch or short lunch. So far I stick to my one hour lunch la. But if I am out with my seniors and they stay longer than an hour, I ain't complaining man. hehe. :D Besides that, we can eat at our desk too :D We can do anything la. Just don't bring food in the studio. 


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This is seriously the best thing out of working there lo. I could come in jeans on monday with a tee and won't be judge by anyone. I remember being very overdressed for my job interview and reminded myself not to be overdress again to work. The interview was in July and my internship was in January. It totally SLIP my mind. I wore a blouse and skirt on my first day of work. Ended up being super formal. Everyone else was super chilled and casual.
First day OOTD

Heck even my boss was in t-shirt and jeans. But of course even though it is super casual at work, I ain't gonna show up in shorts or slippers. Don't wanna scare the guests that comes to ABCD. So far, I think I am chic dressey la. Wore the kind of outfits to work as how I would wear to church on Saturday :)


So yeah that was my first week of work. 
Not sure if I am gonna do this weekly but hey am enjoying it so far la. 
Guess I just need to get over some awkwardness in the office. 
Kinda glad that I got a nice fellow intern next to me :)

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Anyways to those interning now or about to intern soon.
All the best!
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