Food: Mr Lim Korea BBQ Restaurant (Desa Sri Hartamas)

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Food: Mr Lim Korea BBQ Restaurant (Desa Sri Hartamas)
Remember yesterday's post of the Korean Product Store Post? Well after browsing that store, I went over to Mr Lim Korea BBQ Restaurant for dinner with a friend. This was last week yeah. Seriously I ate too much since internship and OMG I gained 2 KG D: Sniff Sniff. I blame sitting at office too long. Seriously 8 hours of sitting is seriously bad for the fats. It just keeps growing! D:

Anyways back to Mr Lim Korea BBQ Restaurant!

Here is a short summary of the place if you are lazy to read the whole post:
1. The food IS AMAZING
2. Big PORTION for an affordable price!
3. Scary Korean Boss
4. Insensitive Management

Read more to find out why I think so.

Their menu

The interior design

My Table

Side Dishes

Just like any Korean restaurant, they serve the common side dishes which is vege with kimchi. Every Korean restaurant have their own specialty in their side dish. For Mr Lim Korea BBQ Restaurant, it was their Steamed Egged in a Hot Stone Bowl. If it wasn't for the steamed egg, I think their side dishes would have been pretty plain. It was really a surprise when they brought out the steamed egg. It was HUGE. Almost same size as the main dish and it is refillable! :D

Steamed Egged in a Hot Stone Bowl

Our Side Dishes

Bulgogi Jeongsik || RM 25

It's Beef stew. I love how they got the glass chewy noodles in their dish. I tried this dish in other stores and there weren't any glass noodles as chewy as theirs lo. FYI the portion is huge. So if you are going in a group of girls, you might want to share one dish together.

I had my portion in a small bowl

Check out the chewy noodle! :D

It was my first time there and I didn't know that the portion would have been so big when the food arrive.
Imagine how shock I am when my 2nd dish is as big as the first dish!
FYI we ended up not finishing the 2nd dish, we were just too full D:
Anyways back to the 2nd dish :)

Kimchi Jjigae || RM 19

I love this kimchi jjigae as the previous kimchi jjigae I had at another store was actually too spicy for me to handle and this was just absolutely perfect. A little sour but I guess that is how kimchi is like right? There were a lot of meat in this dish and I was just so happy la.

I bet you are all wondering now how could this restaurant have such bad service? I will get to there soon. Hold your horses :)

Here is my teman of the night <3

And here I am!

Alright time to explain what happen during the whole time we were there. There is 3 incidents that actually happened:

1. My teman was running late due to the heavy traffic in KL. So I waited in the restaurant for about 30 minutes without ordering. I sat at the table and decided to be productive and to edit some of my pictures on my laptop. While doing that, I notice from my reflection of my laptop that someone was behind me. I turned and notice the korean boss of the restaurant peeking at my pictures in a stalkerish way. So okay la, maybe he was interested in my pictures or whatever but that really gave me a fright. I didn't know how to respond but I just smile and showed him like I wasn't happy with him peeking behind me

As I continue with my work, I noticed him continue to walk around my table and purposely stop behind me to stare at my work. When I couldn't take it anymore, I turned to him smiling and said, "hey, could I help you with something?". He just looked at me and walked away.

2. While we were eating our food, I notice the waiters and waitress kept coming to our table to clear our unfinished food. FYI we were not done eating yet. We were eating slowly as we were getting full. They came by our table about 4 times and ask if they could clear our food and I told them 4 times, "No, we are not done eating yet."

I thought maybe it was late and they wanted to close but it was just 9pm and they were sort of rushing us with our food. It was just 3 tables occupying the entire restaurant. FYI the restaurant had about 16 tables. I was really annoyed with them kept wanting to clear our plates until the 5th time they came by again, I just gave up and told them "ok" with an annoyed tone. I really never had experience such service in my life.

3. To makes things worst, as we are eating out dessert (FRUITS), the waiters and waitresses told us we have to leave. I checked my watch and it was only 9.30pm. I asked them why and they said that they were expecting a big group to arrive any second from now. When I heard that, I was shocked la. How could you kick out your customers when they have not finish their meal and how could you not inform us earlier about your booking arrangement of your restaurant? As we were leaving I noticed that the big group of expected guest only booked 3 tables and I still can't believe that they wanted to clear the restaurant just for them. At least the Korean Boss could have explain the situation better than me having to question the waiters for the answer.

It was serious the worst service I ever gotten in my life. It's ashamed that the such a wonderful meal could be ruin by how the restaurant take cares of their customers. 

Here is the prepared meal for the expected guest


Honestly, I won't be coming back any time soon to their restaurant. Maybe next year or if I read a review of them having a better restaurant service to their customers. 

As for their food, it is seriously worth trying the restaurant once. There is 3 good things about their food served in the restaurant:
1. They provide free water
2. They have rice and free flow of side dishes with any main dish
3. They serve dessert for FOC too

Anyways do let me know if you been there recently. This is my point of view and I am just letting you know what I experience when I was there. There were other customers on their foursquare which mention about their bad service. If you can look pass the service and just go for the food, then good for you :) It shall take me a while to look pass the service as service is important to me la..

Do hope that this helps. I do know of some friends that would come here frequently for the food. If only the management could do something about this.
Mr Lim’s Korean BBQ
5G Jalan 26A/70A Primaville,
Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 6201 6984

Opening times: 11am-3pm & 5pm-11pm
Anyways Happy Food Hunting and 
Enjoy your last day of the long weekend! :D
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