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So remember I mention in 3 of my blog post that I went out KL with my babes? Well finally here is the full post of our day out in KL :) Hehe. Sorry for the delay, been very tired recently. Seriously wish that I got more energy to do more stuff. 

I know that Chinese New Year is tomorrow but I bet there are some people at home who don't know what to do during this long holiday since they might not be celebrating. So with this post, I hope that it can help you out to just travel around KL :)

So anyways, a few of us went out to KL last Tuesday, 14th of January because it was a holiday. Remember that week? We had 2 holidays on it :D Hehe. Was so happy lo. First time being off since I started internship. Btw it's been officially 28 days since I started internship! Yay! :D

We went to 3 places through out the day, Lake Garden, Tour around KL & Pavilion :)

KL's Lake Garden (Also as known as Botanic Garden) : 7.30AM! 

Here is me holding everyone's nasi lemak at the Lake Garden

Thinking of what to do on one of the upcoming holiday? 
Travel around KL to enjoy the beautiful sights of our city :)

The place and structure at the Lake Garden reminded me so much of MamaMia for some reason
It was very Greece like with all of the beautiful architecture and scenery
Actually I haven't been to Greece, it's just what I assume it would be from all of the movie I watched so far.
Haha. Sad life eh? I seriously wanna travel overseas soon.

Pretty right this fountain?
Feels like I was transported to another country

The girls noticed me posing for the camera and decided to join along. haha.
Somehow it looked so Bollywood with them behind me.

Took this shoot of Jo.
Doesn't she just looked like the most peaceful person in the world? 
Loved everything about this picture.
Even her outfit compliment the surroundings :)

Love how nature surrounds itself with the building

One of my favourite shots with Jo :)

Beautiful right?

This ought to be my favourite shot of the entire place.
Check out the majestic sky <3

The trees here are HUGE!

Beautiful ain't it?

Somehow I always get my best shots with this babe <3

Not sure if you know this but at this lake garden/botanic garden, 
there are horses for the security/police to be on it :D

They were so HUGE lo. As tall as me.
Sometimes I wonder how all the ang mors in the movies manage to jump on to their horses effortlessly.
I bet we asians can't

Even their horse tail hair is so thick!
A little jakun now. It's my 2nd time seeing a horse in real life. haha.

We had our packed breakfast there and then head out asap. The mosquitoes there are a killer. So be protected! Until now I am still scratching from that event D:

Jessy's KL TOUR
After the park, it was about 10am? We had no plan and no clue where to go. So in the end, I drove around KL and we had a mini KL sight seeing. Below are some of the pictures during our mini KL tour :)

I will never get tired of seeing KLCC.
Somehow every time I see it, a smile manage to appear onto to my face.
It really is the pride of our county. 
No one thought that we could build such a building but look how far we advance to now :)

After half an hour, we decided to go to P AV I L I O N

It was my first time coming through the side entrance of Pavilion and not from the carpark.
This kinda reminds me of Publika. Haha

We went around window shopping and stumble upon T Y P O <3

If you love artsy fartsy stationary, this place is heaven!
Click here for more the review!

Pavilion is packed with LINE in their CNY pose along with the beautiful lanterns :D


We wanted to go to Ippudo. A Japanese Ramen restaurant.
Sadly their set lunch was not available for us since it was a holiday D:

We ended up walking around the mall search for a place to eat.
Then I thought since everywhere is gonna be about RM30+ person, why not we have Sukiya Buffet?

Turns out I wasn't the only one who thought of that idea. haha.

We waited for 15 minutes at the line and then gave up because it wasn't moving at all D':

So we ended up going to Ichi Zen Restaurant
Click here to see the review of the restaurant :)

After lunch we took a couple of pictures with the cute line dolls at our level :D

Pavilion always go all out for all of their festive decorations.

After walking for a while, we saw this super cute and nice dessert place and decided to try it out :D
If you love mango, this is a place to not miss out on! :D
Click here for the full review :)

Saw this at Times Bookstore
Hehe. How you pronounce my name? ;)

So yeah. That was how our KL DAY OUT was.

I just finished my pre-reunion dinner and am about to go out visiting to my hometown relatives.

To those that are celebrating CNY, I hope you have a prosperous year with your family and 
to those who are not married, I hope you collect A LOT of ang pau ;)

Lastly, to those that don't celebrate CNY
Happy holidays and I hope this blog post help you to fill up your free long weekend :D

See you after CNY. I wouldn't be posting any post soon. BYE!

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