Place: One City Mall - Sky Park (Subang Jaya)

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Place: One City Mall - Sky Park (Subang Jaya)
Happy Tuesday everyone! How are you? Remember how I promised that I would blog about One City last week @ Evelyn's Chocolate House Post? Well, I didn't forget but more like I was too tired. Working, blogging and socializing is tiring work. Somehow after work it's always eat, sleep and repeat.

Anyways back to One City Mall! This mall has been open for 2 months now. It's still fairly new. There are a still shops that are renovating. I went there twice already and both at different time, I will explain why the time matters when you visit One City ;)

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But first, do know that there are 3 sections to One City, which is Sky Park, The Place and Garden Shoppe. I only went to Sky Park. To be honest I didn't know that there was 3 section until I looked at their website. So check out their website for more info la. So it is kinda a big place la. I shall blog according to the day I went there, okay? :)
Read more for more info! :D
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5th January 7PM

The view from coming out of the basement car park

Indoor Garden Concept

As you can see from here, the concept in Sky Park One City is something like a japanese concept. Where they got the whole zen feeling going on. There is a pond and some trees. There are lots of windows around the mall. Reminds me of Publika and a mix of Citta mall.

They even got a mini bazaar at the center of the mall :D

There is a variety of restaurants found at One City! I was there with the guys for Law's 22nd birthday. Seriously can't believe that we are all 22 this year D: SO OLD wei. Anyways we went around hunting for restaurants to eat at la. So below are the few restaurants we passed by! :D

Heard a lot of people raving about this place, glad that it is finally nearby to try out :D

Charlie Chaplin Cafe

Would be trying out this place when I got enough cash. The interior of the restaurant revolves around Charlie, which gave out a very classy vibe. Heck, look at the waiter's outfit! So polished and smart :D

We were suppose to eat here but it was fully booked. Lesson learned, always call for reservations to avoid disappointment :)

Carmen & I

Seriously wanna try out this restaurant one day. It is apparently a Korean Restaurant that serves CHICKEN :D If only I had more money then I would have been able to enter D': #lifeofastudent

The lunch set meal looked pretty affordable, too bad the guys didn't want Korean food D:

Can you believe that I still have not try out Fat Boys? Didn't know why but we didn't eat here even when I wanted to D: If you haven't heard of Fat Boys yet, WHERE ON EARTH HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING AT? They have one of the most raved and talked about burgers! Go try them out and let me know if it is good or not :D

We end up going to Am Sande Cafe
Do wait for my post to be out. It might be in a few days time.

Fruit Licious

They also got a fruit store in the middle of the shopping mall. A quick refreshing bite after meal :D

Digital Level

They got an entire floor dedicated to TECH stuff. From phones and speakers. Havent seen any laptop store there yet. Then again some stores were still under reno. So I guess we gotta wait and see :D

Asian Fashion Level
Ain't going to explain every store. A picture speaks a thousand words right?

FYI I wish I could give you the store location but I am still confuse of their floor plan D:
If you are really lost and what to find the store, as their information counter.

Chic Club

Joy World

Junkyard Avenue

This store ought to be one of my favourite clothing store in the mall so far lo. The entire store screams chic urban fashion. I love how they decorate their store so creatively too.

Check out the wedges!

Totally loving the pearls :D

This is One City's Sky Garden.
They got some ponds and greens at the roof top.

The best part of the Garden is their see thru floor.
Scary ain't it?

Believe it or not but that is the view looking below 10 floors. It's trending now on instagram to take picture of your feet at their see thru glass ceiling. A few of my friends decided to jump on it! Fret now, it is safe. I walked around it a couple of times on my first visit. It is SCARY la but you will get use to it. Since I wanna go skydiving one day, I guess this is good practice for it right? Hehehe.

Besides that you can also check out the view below at the roof top.
Sadly the only view you would get is the highway. haha.
This spot is very popular with couples, so beware of random couples making out at the roof top corners.

But yeah, despite everything, it's still kinda cool to be able to look at something.
My friends and I somehow manage to spend 30 minutes just looking at the highway. HAHA.
Guess we saw something magical there. heh.

The view from the right side of the roof top

My hair flew to Edwin's face. haha.

Proper picture of all of us :)

With the girls

OOTD for the day :)


FYI there is a Hotel at One City

12th January 1.30PM

Came back to One City again. This time it was with amelia to try out Evelyn's Chocolate House :D

Beautiful View from above

On this visit, I found out that there is an entire floor dedicated to FOOD

Went here for chocolate desserts with Amelia <3

Evelyn Chocolate House

Ah Cheng Laksa

Laksa + Drink || RM8.90

Surprisingly this is one of the best laksa I had so far! Can really taste the fish in the soup. So good for something spicy. I finish the entire soup because of the fish :D

Above the Food Floor, is an entire floor dedicated to KOREAN FASHION & Product!

A store for all KPOP lovers. They sell most of the KPOP albums and official merchandise. The one that made me go OMG was when I saw them selling BigBang's Light Stick :') 

If only they sold LeeSSang's CD. Am seriously dying to get it  D:
Next to ShowBox, in the same store link together, is a store full of Korean Stationary Products
Each item is from RM20-RM100
Was so shocked when I saw the price!

Cat Lovers would ADORE the stuff here.

Can you see the priced? It's priced at RM129.90 for a purse!
Korean Accessory Shop

Korean Beauty Product Store

This place seriously reminded me of The Face Shop but a little bit pricier

They got a lot of cutesy design for their products
Check out the Egg Pore Product!
It apparently helps to reduce your PORES. yays? 

Nail Polish || RM 16.90

So Pretty RIGHT? 

Seriously fell in love with this rocker disco colour

Bunny Shaped Perfume Bar || RM 39.90

Would definitely return again with more money!
Anyone wanna buy for me the nail polish? :P
Korean Fashion Store
And that is the last store of at the Korean Row
They got more food again after the Korean stores.

They got it in Subang! Yay!
Savory goodness. YUMMM
Pink House
They serve Nasi Lemak, Cupcakes and Coffee.

Perfect for breakfast and afternoon tea time :D

My Recipe
It's funny to see this store out in the open. Felt like it was a copy of Secret Recipe.
Even the fonts looked the same. LOL.
They serve western food here if you were wondering :D
Sky Park Garden, Level 10

It looks very different in the morning. Somehow more cheerful.
I actually prefer the lookout view of the highway at the day time.
It seems less depressing. haha.

At night is actually much scarier to look down believe it or not.

I guess when its dark and all the lights are shining above you would seem scarier as compare to viewing down at the day time


Hope this post helps you with a better understanding of the mall!
Hope that you all enjoy yourself as you travel to the different places!
OneCity, Jalan USJ 25/1, 
47650 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, 
Malaysia, 47650

Tel: 03-5115 6000 (customer service)


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Happy Traveling!
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