Random: Change (NY Events and 2014 Resolutions)

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Can't believe that it took me so long to write up my first post of 2014. I know that this may sound like a silly excuse but I was really busy and just overwhelm with all of the change that 2014 brought along. Ironic right? I am starting to use the same excuses I use when I don't got to gym. Tsk Tsk.

Anyways, that's another topic you don't need to know. As of today, 4/1/2014, I reached 22,000 views on my blog :) I know it is still nothing compare to all of the other blogger but for someone who started a blog only 6 months ago and really started to get serious about blogging 4 months ago, kind of make me proud to be where I am now.

This post is gonna be a little messy. 
Will just be blogging about my New Year Celebrations and Resolutions

Grateful for every person I met in 2013, the events I was invited too, 
the loyal friends that stick through with me, church, my cell girls, my dai ka jies, my family and God :)

Celebrated the New Year with my Psychology course mates. Spent 2 years of my life with them. Attended classes, did presentations and assignments together. Can't believe that we are all now separated busy with internship and thesis. 

I wonder would we still be in contact 10 years later? 

There's been lots of movies showing high school reunion and college reunion. But since I left high school, which is like 4 years, I haven't heard much news of the rest of my high school mates, except for the super close ones la. So, it makes me wonder if all these reunions are just a myth and in reality it's just, ain't nobody got time for those kinda shizz.

Despite my unluckiness in keeping in contact and physically meeting old friends, I hope that for these batch of people we would always be up to date with each other lives. Attend weddings together, baby showers, baby's birthdays and experience the TAI TAI Life together? HAHAHA. 
Gosh I am getting ahead of myself again ;)

We spent time eating and drinking. FYI if you were wondering, we were all sober that night. 
Maybe a little high from all of the prawns, beef and chicken intake. 
Haha. Took us about 3 hours to sort of finish the food.
There were still some leftovers. Felt like I fed myself with food ready to serve an army lo.
There goes my new year resolutions of hoping to be a size M. Hahaha.


After the eating, some played board games, cards and well take selfies.
Can you guess which one I did? :P
It is after all the last day of 2013, memories are kept with pictures :D
How else can you look back and remember all that has happen vividly?

Seriously the day I get my baby, 
I would be like XiaXue always documenting every moment of dash ;)

The corner kids

Board gamers

They play Katana? It's from Meeples la and 
kerryn brought her deck of Hello Kitty Uno Cards  

Here was our view of them immersed in the game
After a while, a bunched of us went to the park.
We watched my friend's brother displaying some fire light performance.
There wasn't any fire la. It was just bright neon torch lights :D

After the performance, we played with the torch lights and 
some decided to write out 2014 with them.

The best outcome of the writing 2014 in air.

Right after they did that, I left the park. Felt like I was the the main treat for all of the mosquitoes there.
Got about 6 mosquito bites for staying 15 minutes in the park.
There must be something in my blood that all insects then to love it.
My previous bug bites from October until now is still on my legs D:
I think some has already turned into scars. Anyone got any idea how to get rid of them?
Feel so insecure to show off my feet now without others asking me about the bites :(

We all came back and took more pictures but with everyone this time :D
So yeah, there were about 15 of us?

Just the girls

Everybody <3

We did some other crazy stuff together

And then it happened! 12AM!!! 
\It was like someone let loose of their gun and started shooting without a break.
I screamed for everyone to hear, "IT'S 12AM! THE FIREWORKS STARTED"!
As soon as I said that, I ran outside and just stood in the middle of the road and looked at the sky.
It was so beautiful. Every corner of my friend's area I could see fireworks.
There were other groups like us at the area. 

All of us were shouting Happy New Year to each other, 
the strangers wished us from afar with their shouting too.

Suddenly kerryn, terence and joe came out armed with some spray cans and sprayed everyone outside.
Who needs to go to some random crowded mall when we can do all this with your friends
at a safe area?

We then stayed outside and light up a bunch of sticks and sang songs together :)

Happy New Year Sparks :)

Went back in when all of the fireworks, sticks and lights were gone.
We took a few final shots and said our goodbye

 Somehow we had a lot of cow wishes and 
I blame myself for telling them a lame cow at the start of the year. hahaha.

Wanna hear it? heh. Stole it from FB :P

Which country has the highest number of cows? No, not New Zealand or something. 
It's Russia, because they have Moscow (Most cow)!

So here was our last dish of the night, beef. heh.

Had about 2 hours of sleep. Woke up for Sunrise Service at church. Even though I entered the hall like a zombie, I was glad that pastor talked about being strong & courageous. It was definitely an encouraging sermon for the start of the year and a goal I would want to personally take until the very last breath I breathe

As bold as a lion.
Went out for breakfast with Jared and Andrew after the service. Was kinda blessed to have them around. Even though they are younger, somehow it was fun la talking to them about random stuff.

oh my roti telur :D
After breakfast, I made the boys help me pump petrol to my car and  air into the tyres. hehe. Such an evil person I am right? After that, drag them to the car wash station to teman me.

My car doors have a tendency to be half close no matter how hard you slammed it. So I had a scare when I felt that I didn't close the door properly and the dude just went spraying the lots of soap on my door. I was so tempted to open and close my doors. The guys in the car panic and told me to calm down because if I were to open the door, the dude would have flooded my car with the high pressure water hose that he was using to rinse my car.
Us at the end of everything.
Just check out that sunlight glow :D

After a long nap, my family and I traveled down to Seremban for a birthday party
That ought to be the furthest birthday party I ever travel to in my life.
Took us about an hour plus to reach there?

Half way through we had a pit-stop for some late lunch! :D
It's been a while since I had dunkin donuts.
The nice ones were the plain ones with fillings instead. sadly the colorful ones tasted like shit.
Regretted getting them. They were orange flavor colors with custard fillings :/

 We reached Seremban! Everything was just so green and homey there :D

Guess what? We had lamb at the party!
Celebrated my dad's friend who turned 56 years old.
Hopefully when I am that old, I would still be able to have an awesome BBQ party <3

We got back to KL and stayed at a hotel as a family New Year getaway :D
In case you were wondering, it was free of charge.
Would be blogging about it when I got time.
The room there was amazing la <3

So yeah. That was how I spent my New Year's day.
How was yours?

2014 Resolution?

1. Read More Books
2. Exercise More
3. Drink More Water
4. Travel to Another Country
5. Sleep Early
6. Wash Car Regularly
7. Don't Over-think What Others Say/Do
8. Spend Less Time On The Phone While Out With Others
9. Encourage someone everyday
Did number 9 today. 
The person was so touched and inspire that he instagram and fb what I said. 
LOL. Social media is totally dictating our lives wei.
Oh wells, at least he is happy la :)

Have a good Sunday everyone!
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