Sale: CNY Haul & On-Going Sales (Fashion Fast Forward, Make Up, Skin Care)

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So I promised that I would blog about my CNY Haul at my last Haul. Sorry about that yeah. Things just got caught up and yeah here it is! :D This CNY Haul is from Kitschen and Forever 21. I got them around mid January. I know it may seem like I'm a shopaholic, but I am not alright :P Just needed to update my wardrobe for the new year and events :)

Btw I bought everything from Pyramid. That mall ought to be my shopping emergency sanctuary since it's so close to home :) REMEMBER this haul was from January. They had all the CNY sales and shizz.

My Entire Haul!
Damn cheap lo. Got my dresses for RM24 ONLY!
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Event / Movie: The Lion Men

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Any Jack Neo fans out there?

You know what? Growing up as a kid, the movie I can say that I watch the most was 'I am not stupid' and 'I am not stupid 2'. I was a HUGE fan of the movie and love how it was so relate-able since everyone had expectations of kids to always do well in their study. Besides that, I also watched other Singaporean movies. The most recent Singaporean movie I watched was 'Ah Boys To Men'.

The nationwide screening of "The Lion Men" will begin on 27th of February (Tomorrow)

So yesterday, I was invited to attend a private movie screening of Jack Neo's new film, "The Lion Men". Imagine my how happy I was to be able to see the cast and watch their movie with them in the same hall! I was one of the few lucky bloggers who was invited for this event at GSC Gold Class One Utama. Thank you so much Yihui for this opportunity! <3 Teman of the night was Amelia!

I start off with the movie review, then the event review okay? :)

All of the invited guests. Can you spot me? :)

Watch the trailer here!

Do continue reading to find out more of the movie and what happen :)

Sale: Nike / Adidas / PUMA Mini Warehouse Sale ( E-Curve)

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Good afternoon lovies! Guess what? I stumble upon a mini warehouse sale for NIKE, Adidas and PUMA. Would have bought one of their shoes but need to budget on my spending now. hehe. So since I can't spend, I thought about sharing this with those who are in need of some sport shoes or sport attire :)

From RM229 to only RM137.40!

This is located at E-Curve, next to MCD
Continue reading to know what you can find at the sale :P

Sale / Haul: Kistchen's Digi Promotion

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I can't help myself. Hahaha. Sounds like confession of a shopaholic already eh? So last weekend, Saturday to be exact, I got myself some dresses. Wanted to reward myself for being such a hard-worker and I needed some party/glamour dresses for events la.

To be honest, I told myself I won't be spending much but when I saw what Kitschen had, I guess the dresses called me. hehe. Currently Kitschen is having a PROMOTION for all DIGI users. Thank GOD I am a Digi user. Though the coverage of Digi ain't that good, I do love all of the shopping discount we get to enjoy lo :D

Continue Reading to find out how you can benefit as a DIGI user :)
FYI this is NOT a sponsored post. I just wanna share sale/promotion happenings with all of you :D
See la, don't say that I don't share information of sale yeah ;)

Event/Movie: CUAK

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Hey all! Gosh it's been a little long since I wrote a proper post about events right? Oh wells, better late than never right?

So I got a chance to attend CUAK Gala Movie Premiere a day BEFORE valentine's day at TGV ONE UTAMA. I wish I knew the people who attended the event but apparently they were all actors/actresses/media/socialites of our country. Honestly I wish I paid more attention in our Malaysian Films and I was glad that I manage to attend the movie premiere of CUAK alongside with the cast of the movie. A few people dressed up super glam and all. There was a red carpet and even a photo opportunity with the movie theme in place at the cinema.

Check out the trailer before you continue with this post :)

In case you don't know CUAK is a local (Malaysian) independent film. Cuak, which means 'cold feet' in Bahasa Melayu. One thing unique of this movie is that there were 5 directors telling different parts of the story of a young man named Adam (Ghafir Akbar) getting second thoughts when he was about to get married to his fiance Brenda (Dawn Cheong).

Both Lead Actor & Actress

Confessions of an Awkward Girl: Car Accidents

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I just got a cup of coffee to calm myself down. Why do I need it? I guess coffee is my comfort drink, after drinking a cup I get relax la. Give me a vanilla latte and I will love you forever :)

So why title this blog post 'Car Accidents'?

Ever got into a car accident??
Not sure what to do?

This morning I woke up bright and early and left my house at 7am feeling excited because I got a long day ahead and well, I was happy la. Saw the jam and thought okay, maybe I can avoid it if I go through the housing area. I did. And the next thing I knew as I was waiting for the road to clear waiting for the front car to move, my entire car jerked to the front. Apparently the car behind me banged me.

I got upset. How could you hit a car that is station? I checked out the car behind with my rear view mirror, it was man on the phone while holding his steering wheel. Now I got pissed. I signal to the left of the road and gave him space behind me for him to park his car too. As I waited for him to pull his car at the side, guess what he did.

He drove off.

Curious to find out what happen after he drove off?
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Confessions of an Awkward Girl: Ups and Downs

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Expectations. Dreams. Hopes.

Somehow, looking back, everything just seemed so majestic.

JUST when I thought that everything was falling into place and suddenly doors are opening up, reality slaps me back at the face and reminded me where I should be. Gosh. Why do I even try? Feeling crappy now. I know it's been a while since I blog. Been caught up with sleep, work and a new random job offer. But yeah, reality slaps me back to my space.

Guess it's just reminding me that I shouldn't be leaving any time soon. If only I can control how I feel now. Hate feeling so crappy in the morning.

So here is another segment of the awkward girl. 

So, I wanna do an update post la. Since January, what has happen? LOTS.


I was in Hot Magazine! :D It was a small picture of my face but bigger than a few other pictures la. hehe. Proud moment. You know as a kid you always wish that your face appear in the magazine? I guess that kid in me is just jumping for joy. Anyways I am only in the magazine as the attendees of an event. Remember the Guess event with the America Next Top Model?

Well, Hot Magazine did a story of it in their January Issue. I wish I got a copy of it lo. Amelia was the one that let me know about us being in the picture :)

Attended quite a few events. About 10 to be exact :) Am really grateful for all of the invites. Hopefully as time passes, this would still remain and be consistent.


Everyone always think that attending events are so glamorous right? Well I was one of them who thought that way. Honestly it is lah, but sometimes going for events is tiring. Constant need of socializing, driving to a super far event (most of the time it's in KL), paying for expensive parking ): and blogging about the events after.

Still sounds fun? Hahaha. Honestly lah, I think if without my extrovert personality, I would have given up on all events. Because, seriously, you constantly need to network at different events to know people and to get others to know that you are a blogger.

I still remember after my first fashion show, I got to know someone from a magazine and been in contact with them since we get to always bump to each other at events. I remember my first big scale launch event, I got to know someone from a pr from a famous make up brand and the list goes on. Events after events, opportunities came flying.

A lot of people always ask how do I get invited for events? Well, networking and constantly making it a need for me to meet new people :) Honestly I love doing it. So, it ain't much for me. Those who want to get notice or get invites for events? I just told you my secret. Go wild now and talk to everyone la. hahaha.


Been doing some odd jobs recently. No I am not broke, just suddenly there has been a lot of offers thrown at me and I thought why not? :) Did/doing a few blog/facebook campaigns. Had a big job offer in regards to film for a tv series but they decided to go with someone with more experience.

Oh wells, LIFE. Actually, I was already happy that they even thought of me for the job :)

Who knows what would the future brings right? :)


Not sure if you all noticed it but there was someone who talked trashed on my blog. Apparently that person was impersonating another blogger and well drama lah. I don't really wanna go too much into it, because you all can actually check out what happen on this post.

What struck me when all these things was happening was me thinking that, no matter what we are doing, there would always be others out there who wants to rip others reputation apart. I really don't get what pleasure they get from talking nonsense of others and putting them down. Seriously, we are all adults kan? Whats the point of doing that? In the end, it just shows how pathetic one can be to try to put others down.

So yeah. It happened in high school. College. Uni and I guess even in the blogging world. hahaha.

Scary shizz right? Just make sure you got good friends to catch you when you fall. That's what I got and I thank God for each and everyone of them everyday :) <3

So yeah, I guess that pretty much sum up my January and a little bit of my February. We all go through our ups and downs.

I saw this on facebook and it's pretty much how I believe life is.

This post is just a summary of the first month and a half of 2014. Don't worry I ain't depressed or sad. It's just life la. There are bound to have ups and downs. If you are at any shitty point in your life, just remember that we all have 90% of the power, to turn our situation around to how we want it to be :)

Hope that you all have a beautiful week ahead!

Movie: Endless Love

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This ought to be the fastest blog review I ever written so far. I just got back from the cinema about 10 minutes ago and well, after watching the movie I know that I just had to blog about it la.... Okays I am getting ahead of myself now. So, thank you Nuffnang for these free premiere movie tickets. Teman of the night was none other than Laura :D We rushed to MidValley in a flash because everything was in such a rush. Why la is all of the event always so far?

Even the poster is so scandalious.

Anyways back to the post, Endless Love. It's smart to launch such a title with a Nicholas Sparks kinda trailer and also air it on the same week as Valentine's day. Such a good gimmick la. Always the same shizz every year. So anyways this movie is based on the book. Forgotten who is the author and after watching the entire movie, I can't believe that it was based on a book. To quote on what laura said after the movie, "This ought to be the easiest script ever written". I couldn't agree more with her. EVERYTHING in the MOTHER of all cliche scene was there! Like what the crap man!?

Watch the trailer here.


Event: The Big 100 Party (Page 2, Publika)

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Can't believe that it's already the 11th of Febuary! Don't you feel like time is passing by so quickly? Anyways I wanted to blog about this event LONG long time ago. Somehow I just didn't have the time until now after work. Oh gosh work. Hope none of you are falling ill after Chinese New Year. Somehow I been sick a number of times already ):

Anyways back to this event again, this was way back at December last year. haha. 28th of December to be exact at Page 2, Publika. Got to be one of the lucky few to attend this event. 

Picture Source: The Ming Thing Facebook Page
Try and spot me :P

This event is to celebrate both The Ming Thing and Dan Khoo's 100,000 subscribers on their youtube page.

Picture Source: The Ming Thing Facebook Page
The entire crew of  "This Is Why" webseries :)

Continue reading to find out more about the event :)

Advertorial: Maybank2u Pay

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I am not sure about you all but do you ever find buying things online difficult? Especially if it isn’t COD (Cash on Delivery), it is a little confusing for me as there is so many different sites that we have to open to confirm the payment process.

Picture source: Computer how stuff works 

Thankfully, Maybank2u came up with a solution for both shoppers and owners to blogshops. There is a NEW payment facility called Maybank2u Pay for small and home businesses conducting transactions online. 

Picture Source: Zulseffort 

Continue reading to find out how! :D

Event: Journey To Intimacy (Valentine's Day Special)

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So there is about 8 more days to Valentine's day. I bet so people are scratching their brains on what to do on that day. I heard that some guys have started planning for the perfect valentine's day for their dates since January. Some even got the florist numbers on speed dials just in case! Haha.

Picture Source: Google

On the other hand, some girls are prepping some homemade shizz (Food? Chocolates? Knitted stuff?). I sound like bitter eh? Then there is the single group like me where I would be filling my valentine's day with work and may one or two episodes of some korean drama. haha. Every year the cycle stays the same.

Picture Source: Google

Couples trying to fill each valentine's day with lovely memorable outing for each other and 
singles trying their best to stay sane

Instead of doing the usual shizz, why not do something different?

What you may ask? 
Continue reading and you might just take a journey to learn how love each other better

Food: Tokyo Kitchen (One CIty, USJ)

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Food: Tokyo Kitchen (One CIty, USJ)
Hey you all! How was your Chinese New Year? I wish I could enjoy more of the wonderful break. I bet everyone is back to classes or work already eh? I got back to my mundane life yesterday. Oh life of an intern. haha.

Anyways, before I got back to work I got to try TOKYO KITCHEN! Heard one of my friend raving about and luckily they just open a branch at One City Mall <3 It was like fated for me to go there. hehe.

Craving for some Japanese food?
Want to enjoy good ambiance with your friends?

Check out this cool shizz

Read more for more details :D
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