Confessions of an Awkward Girl: Car Accidents

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I just got a cup of coffee to calm myself down. Why do I need it? I guess coffee is my comfort drink, after drinking a cup I get relax la. Give me a vanilla latte and I will love you forever :)

So why title this blog post 'Car Accidents'?

Ever got into a car accident??
Not sure what to do?

This morning I woke up bright and early and left my house at 7am feeling excited because I got a long day ahead and well, I was happy la. Saw the jam and thought okay, maybe I can avoid it if I go through the housing area. I did. And the next thing I knew as I was waiting for the road to clear waiting for the front car to move, my entire car jerked to the front. Apparently the car behind me banged me.

I got upset. How could you hit a car that is station? I checked out the car behind with my rear view mirror, it was man on the phone while holding his steering wheel. Now I got pissed. I signal to the left of the road and gave him space behind me for him to park his car too. As I waited for him to pull his car at the side, guess what he did.

He drove off.

Curious to find out what happen after he drove off?
Continue reading this post.


Still siting in my car, I was just shocked at what I saw. I thought this kind of shizz only happened in movies and not in Subang Jaya. Maybe I just had a feeling that all Subang Jaya people are sweet and responsible people. I never encounter anything like this whenever I was driving in KL. So I was shocked la when this happened just nearby my house.

The next thing I knew, I started my car again and tried to catch up to him with all of the traffic on the road. After 10 minutes, I caught up with him. I tried my best to get his attention, so I honked and flashed him and I signal to the left. He complied. 

Through out this whole time catching up with him, I thought of what I want to say and to give him a piece of my mind asking him how could he have left after hitting a car. I glance my car for damage and went straight to his car. As I went to the front passenger side, and ready to let him know how irresponsible he was, I saw his kid there looking right back at me.

His kid was about 9-10 years old? He looked confused. Suddenly looking at the kid, I just lost everything that I wanted to say and I tried my best to talk calmly. I suddenly felt horrible and decided not to make it such a big deal. I guess kids are my weaknesses. Just one look at the little kid all dressed up in his uniform and I just forgotten what to say or do.

Suddenly I realized, that the man is even more irresponsible, driving while talking on the phone and leaving after hitting my car. I told the man, 'Uncle, you banged my car just now. How could you have left without saying anything?'

Uncle: Oh I did? I didn't know?
Me: How could you not know that you hit a car? And with your kid here?
Uncle: I really didn't know. I really didn't know.

This whole time he was siting in his seat and looked confuse. I was upset that he didn't came down and took time to look at my car. 

I saw his kid again and thought ugh, I am late for work and I don't have time for this. So I just looked at the uncle and said, 'Uncle, You got a kid in your car. Please be a safe driver and don't talked on the phone while driving. You could have another accident!'

Uncle: Okay. Sorry yeah.

He drove off. 

I checked my car again, feeling dissatisfied because he didn't looked sorry for his mistake and guilty at the same time for making his kid a little scared.

Then I realized, I got a few marks on my car and the paint came off. No there wasn't a dent but I felt like I should get some compensation for my car la. It's not even a YEAR old you know! I got it around August 2013!!! I tried my best to catch up to him and I did. We end up talking at the end of his kid's school. I waited until he dropped off his kid and to let him know that my car had some damages la.

Uncle: Oh got marks ah?
Me: Yes. Even you have some marks on your car.

Uncle came down from the car.

Uncle: So how?
Me: See this, this is the damages you caused my car.

I point at the picture I took with my phone and showed him. I did that for my parent to see for them to let me know how much I should collect from him for compensation 

Uncle: *Looked at the picture* Aiyo that can be fix with polish.
Me: *I got angry* 'Uncle you banged me and you can see it at your car, the marks is there.'

Uncle looked at his car and said, 'no lah that is from my previous accident'
I was shocked and thought, 'gosh uncle how can you say that and HOW many other car have you hit unconsciously?
Through out the whole time, he didn't bother coming over to my car and just to look at my damage. I realized that I was really late and would have to face traffic on the highway. So I just left him and reminded him to drive safely. 

As I was driving, suddenly everything that I wanted to say came to me and I got angry at myself that I left without getting any compensation for my brand new car D: I did get his number plate but I feel like it won't make much different now.

It's either that I am NAIVE or plain STUPID la. But if I can go back to the situation I would have done it differently. Sometimes when we are at the situation everything just goes blank in our mind. I bet all of us gone through accidents and just wonder what should we do?

Victim (It ain't YOUR fault)

If you can take a picture of it with your phone or remember it and QUICKLY write it down.

If you are not sure how much you should ask for after an accident, just take down his NUMBER. YOU can always contact them back afterwards.

Well, if you are someone like me, or below 25, I think you should ask for your parents advice. I am still 21 la and well, I don't get accidents, so I really don't know what I should do. Haihs. Seriously, I don't know to call myself naive or just stupid. hahaha.

Just go report it to the police along with his number plate, number and if you can, his IC NUMBER.

Well this is what I will do next time.

The One at Fault:

1. Say Sorry
2. Try your best to compensate


So yeah. PHEW. Feeling much better now after writing it all down. Gosh. I hope I WILL remember this if I get into an accident. Sometimes when you are in the moment and all by yourself, you just forget what to do.

I wish you all a wonderful THURSDAY ahead and PLEASE DRIVE SAFE
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