Event: The Big 100 Party (Page 2, Publika)

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Can't believe that it's already the 11th of Febuary! Don't you feel like time is passing by so quickly? Anyways I wanted to blog about this event LONG long time ago. Somehow I just didn't have the time until now after work. Oh gosh work. Hope none of you are falling ill after Chinese New Year. Somehow I been sick a number of times already ):

Anyways back to this event again, this was way back at December last year. haha. 28th of December to be exact at Page 2, Publika. Got to be one of the lucky few to attend this event. 

Picture Source: The Ming Thing Facebook Page
Try and spot me :P

This event is to celebrate both The Ming Thing and Dan Khoo's 100,000 subscribers on their youtube page.

Picture Source: The Ming Thing Facebook Page
The entire crew of  "This Is Why" webseries :)

Continue reading to find out more about the event :)

Serious, I been coming to Publika way to often now. 
Wish there was more events held in Subang instead. heh. 
Until now I still can't get use to their weird parking system ):

Took this picture a while back hence there wasn't any of my logo on it.
This was at the bottom entrance of Page 2. FYI you gotta take the stairs/escalator up to enter Page 2.

Page 2 is famous for their TV deco on their wall.

We had dinner from Page 2, Nasi Lemak if I am not wrong. haha. Everyone that was there was randomly placed around the restaurant. So we sat with strangers. It was a little awkward at first but once Ming Han & Dan came up the front and start the event everyone got to talk to each other and it was like a mini gathering la for those who love the youtube channel with the fellow youtubers.

The place was very dark so excuse some of the blur shots of the event.

 They both introduce and thank everyone for coming.

Almost everyone was there! Who am I talking about? Well almost all of the Malaysian youtubers were there and so did some of the Singaporean Youtubers. Jinnyboy tv, Grim Film, Germani, The Ming Thing, Tree Potatoes, Night Owl Cinematics and etc. Shaun Lee, Dennis Yin, Ernest and other bloggers were there too.

Both Dan and Ming Han talked about how much they appreciate everyone for supporting them and they also talked a little about youtube. After their speeches, the event continued with games.

After the dinner, the event started with games.

The games was kinda interesting and different la. It was to show us how difficult it can be to act/create videos. So they got some of the guest of the events to help make sound effects for dennis and ming yue as they were acting with the help of Ming Han as the narrator of the story.

Picture Source: The Ming Thing Facebook Page

Round two was the guest of the event acting while some of the youtuber/comic designer create sound effect.
Sher was my teman of the day and look there she is in front acting in a Harry Potter story. haha.

Picture Source: The Ming Thing Facebook Page
Youtubers Unite!

That was pretty much what we did for the night and we took some pictures as well la.
Was so excited to see the Singaporean youtubers! 
Never actually expected for them to be there lo :D

You know what? It ain't easy making videos. Haha. I bet some people would be face palming now. But seriously, it ain't. I know it looks fun and all but I can't imagine all of the retakes of videoing to get the perfect scene for the video then it's countless of sleepless nights editing the videos and making sure that it is perfect.

I got a little starstruck la when I saw some of the youtubers for the first time. It was so often that I only saw them on my laptop/phone screen and seeing them in person is just a reminder that everyone is human. They were how like anyone would act la. Sure they were more outspoken and more energetic but in the end, if you were to smile to them, they would smile back. Same goes to if you were to talk nasty things about them, they might feel hurt. Until now i can't understand why would people want to say unnecessary mean things online. If you wanna give your opinion, sure give it but is it necessary to say it in that manner?

Been seeing a lot of hate comments on various places online. Haihs cyber bullies. Don't hate but love la :)

So yeah. Enough of the rambles.

I was a happy girl :D

IF you haven't subscribe to The Ming Thing or Dan Khoo, WHAT cha waiting for? :D
Can't wait to watch other webseries from them :)

Btw watch this mini vlog of the entire event :D
Find me <3

See ya soon everyone!
Go watch their videos now! :P
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