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Any Jack Neo fans out there?

You know what? Growing up as a kid, the movie I can say that I watch the most was 'I am not stupid' and 'I am not stupid 2'. I was a HUGE fan of the movie and love how it was so relate-able since everyone had expectations of kids to always do well in their study. Besides that, I also watched other Singaporean movies. The most recent Singaporean movie I watched was 'Ah Boys To Men'.

The nationwide screening of "The Lion Men" will begin on 27th of February (Tomorrow)

So yesterday, I was invited to attend a private movie screening of Jack Neo's new film, "The Lion Men". Imagine my how happy I was to be able to see the cast and watch their movie with them in the same hall! I was one of the few lucky bloggers who was invited for this event at GSC Gold Class One Utama. Thank you so much Yihui for this opportunity! <3 Teman of the night was Amelia!

I start off with the movie review, then the event review okay? :)

All of the invited guests. Can you spot me? :)

Watch the trailer here!

Do continue reading to find out more of the movie and what happen :)

Movie Plot:

Shi Shen vs Mikey

Shi Shen (Tosh Zhang) is the top performer in the Tiger Crane Lion Dance Association. However, he feels restricted by Master He (Chen Tian Wen), as he has a traditional perspective. Shi Shen decides to start his own Lion Dance Association which has a fusion of hip hop dance crew led by Xiao Yu (Eva Cheng), martial arts and cheer-leading with lion dance moves. Mikey (Wang Weiliang) is trained to be Shi Shen's successor. However, he has a huge fear of heights! Things become worsens when both Mikey and Shi Shen fall Xiao Yu.

Master He discipling the Tiger Crane Lion Dance Association

Xiao Yu and the rest of her dance crew

Shi Shen and his flamboyant hair.
Seriously can't stop laughing at his hair during the entire movie!

Sounds a little 'kuah jiong' (dramatic) right? This movie generally revolves around lion dance, romance and friendship. Think of it like Step Up but replace the dances to lion dancing. It was really unexpected to have something like this for Lion Dance. It was really cool to see how much you can evolve lion dance to become. In the movie, there would be 3 main lion dance group battling out to be the very best lion dance troupe.

Tosh has his first on-screen kiss with Eva Cheng
The entire cinema hall gush out with tiny scream. I was one of them.
Hehe. Tosh fan here ;)

Wonderful lion dancing skills!

It was a little long for me. But besides that I really admire the amount of lion dance training gone through for each of the actors! Yes they went through training for it. They had to train for 3 months to prepare for the movie. At the last lion dance battle in the movie, it took the entire crew 5 days to shoot for that 20 minute long battle. 

The boys all getting in sync with the drum beatings

The one thing that was unexpected was how much development the movie's lead actor turn from Shi Shen to Mikey. I enjoy watching him show his character's vulnerability and how he slowly grows out from it. His character was potray out so well that I actually wanted to side with Mikey to be the one that gets the girl and succeed over Shi Shen in the movie! 

Would definitely give out a thumbs up to WeiLiang!

 Besides that, do expect some animation transformer like in the movie along with some famous superheros. I shall not say more and do check out this film when it is out in the cinema! :D

Huat ah! Go watch now!

Do check out their FB Page too!

Event Review:

Yihui, Amelia and I before the event :)

Those who were invited had a chance to talk to Singapore director Jack Neo and fellow actors Tosh Zhang, Wang Weiliang, Maxi Lim, Noah Yap during the private session.

From Left: Maxi Lim, Noah Yap, Jack Neo, Tosh Zhang & Weiliang

Check out Weiliang's expression. Haha.

We had 2 sessions with them, before and after the movie.

I was a huge fan of Tosh since 'Ah Boys To Men' Movie, so it was just a surreal moment to meet him. hehe. His other fellow actors from 'Ah Boys To Men' which also star in 'The Lion Men' are Wang Weiliang, Noah Yap, Maxi Lim and Charlie Goh.

Tosh & I <3 

Sampat who forgotten how to take a proper picture
He is super tall btw! I was wearing a 5/6 inch heel that night. So yeah. So Tall!

Noah Yap and I
He had the most fans waiting for him outside of the cinema

It was a wonderful to be able to understand some stuff of the movie from the director, Jack Neo himself. I asked a number of questions and he was so nice to answer them all during the blogger/youtuber session.

It was cute to see how well of all of the guys show their friendship during the session. Especially Maxi Lim and Wang Weiliang when they shared about their on screen butt moment for the lion dance. Curious to find out what butt moment? Go watch the movie :P hehe.

They greeted the all halls which had screening of "The Lion Men."
Some aunties were screaming, I LOVE YOU JACK NEO.
While the other girls cheered for Noah and tosh! :P

FYI, the red effect was because of my red phone case. Sorry for the horrible picture ):

Jack Neo & I

Maxi & I

Last but not least, Weiliang & I :)

Was happy to meet with Chloe again :) Another fellow blogger.

OOTD of the night
Dress : Kitschen
Shoes : Phat Culture

Am really thankful for this event and can't wait for more events with Singaporean Movie Screening. Well, as promise by Jack Neo, he said he hope to see us all again and would invite us again for his next movie. hehe.

With the boys of The Lion Men :)

Go watch the movie! Hope this was informative for you all
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