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This ought to be the fastest blog review I ever written so far. I just got back from the cinema about 10 minutes ago and well, after watching the movie I know that I just had to blog about it la.... Okays I am getting ahead of myself now. So, thank you Nuffnang for these free premiere movie tickets. Teman of the night was none other than Laura :D We rushed to MidValley in a flash because everything was in such a rush. Why la is all of the event always so far?

Even the poster is so scandalious.

Anyways back to the post, Endless Love. It's smart to launch such a title with a Nicholas Sparks kinda trailer and also air it on the same week as Valentine's day. Such a good gimmick la. Always the same shizz every year. So anyways this movie is based on the book. Forgotten who is the author and after watching the entire movie, I can't believe that it was based on a book. To quote on what laura said after the movie, "This ought to be the easiest script ever written". I couldn't agree more with her. EVERYTHING in the MOTHER of all cliche scene was there! Like what the crap man!?

Watch the trailer here.

Okays, let's do 14 cliche checklist

1. Poor boy falls in love with rich girl. check.
This is seriously the must have for any love story la. From Taiwan to the Koreans, they have perfected the rich vs poor love chemistry. haha.

Honestly la in real life, what are the odds that this would ever happen? Some more this guy in the movie, his role was to become a is a mechanic lo. Oh, movies full of nonsense.

2. Bad poor boy falls in love with nerdy rich girl. check.
Honestly this sends out a terrible message to all nerdy girls lo. It kinda makes them hope and dream for their bad boy to come and sweep them off their feet. I know, because a nerd girl here still hoping for her badass guy to come in his badass bike. hahaha.

handsome hor? ;)

3. Poor Bad Boy have anger issues. check
Dad: "He hits people. Look at what he did to me?"
Girl: "That's okay because our love is stronger than that."

FYI this is not word for word. How can I possibly remember everything but the main thing is she don't care about his anger issues.

As I hear that while watching the movie, seriously? Like seriously? haha. Damn Naive la the girl. OKAY, it is your first relationship and first love and all, but seriously?!

4. They fall in love the moment they laid eyes on each other. check
My hair stood when this scene appear. Seriously I don't know why but why was both the girl and guy's acting so awkward at the movie. I really didn't feel like they love each other at all. Laura said that it was lust because every moment they laid eyes on each other they would make out continuously and that's it man. No more talking, just quiet awkward stares, breathing and then kissing again.

It's funny you know because the story is both of them have been in the same high school for years and they never once spoke to each other but the guy liked her all this while. So coincidentally, he was working as a valet boy at the club house she goes to and right after graduation they talk for the every first time when she drop her year book and he picked it up for her.

The moment they both picked up the book, they eyes met and it looked like they were about to kiss but as usual the dad interrupts. haha.  

Suddenly the guy, girl and the guy's best friend go on a car ride and the girl was at the front passenger seat while the guy was driving. As he was driving (it was a convertible car), the girl's dress flew higher on her thighs. The guy notices and SMILES. WTC man. Then the girl notices his smile because of her dress and SHE SMILES BACK. So pervy la the both of them. Mind you this is their first outing together. 

If this ever happen in real life then I got nothing to say man.

5. They have sex on the 2nd time they meet. check
EVERY MOVIE. Every movie this would happen. I could imagine some guy saying, "well that escalated quickly" during the sex scene. Of course Malaysia being Malaysia, it was censored. It was an awkward display of both taking of their clothes themselves and then suddenly they were on the floor covered in the bed sheets.

You know what?! The disturbing thing about this scene was that they did it in the girl's father's study room floor. Seriously, as the scene from the mom and dad going to sleep in their room, it was then cut to the scene raining and the guy climbing in the ground floor window and then you know la. They did it next to the fire place. CLICHE to the max man.

6. Before they have sex, it rained and it drench them. check
Some how or another after it rains in the movie, the couple will always be bound to have sex. Guess it's because of that whole transparency between them that made it happen. Get it? Seriously WTC. FYI it was the only rain scene in the whole movie. haha.

7. The girl's dad disapprove of the guy because he is not good enough for her. check
The guy is not planning to go to college. Blah blah blah. The dad ain't happy la and worry that he can't provide for her needs, etc.

8. The girl's dad got issues. check
The girl had an older brother but died. She, her other brother, mom and dad was sad about this but the dad took it the hardest to move on. During the whole movie, the dad completely revolve around his dead son la. He ignore his other two children's interest and desires in life. Everything have to be his way and only his way.

Oh the dad cheats his wife too. Guess who caught him with his mistress? None other than the guy lo ;)

9. When things were to get messy between the couple, the guy's ex shows up and the girl think that he got back with the ex. check
Guy's ex sit next to the guy at the restaurant and the girl sees them. Geng Geng Geng. Drama happens. Girl cries and run off.

Guy explain to the girl that it was nothing. Girl don't believe. Guy got tired and turn his back to walk away.

Girl screams, "Are you going to walk away now?"

BLAH BLAH BLAH. Girl runs hysterically (FYI she will run a lot in this movie. The way she run is running la. It's like she is running for a sprint race or something)

10. The girl got into a car accident after their 'fight'. check
After she runs to her car and cries as she drives.......... BANG! ACCIDENT. 

Laura saw it coming and we both jump in our seats (or I did la) because of the loud sound effect.
I couldn't stop laughing. haha.

11. The girl's dad seriously hates the guy and don't want them to ever meet again. check
Girl's dad got a restraining order on the guy for his daughter... Blah blah blah they don't meet because don't wanna get sued... What the crap right?

Girl goes to college. Got a boyfriend there. Guy works for his dad and got back with his ex but couldn't have sex with her. Blah blah blah.

During this whole time they won't call each other because they were worry the girl's dad would check and send the guy to jail. BUT I was thinking la, there is FACEBOOK or whats app. They can talk to each other in so many other methods, so that the girl's dad won't know.

Haihs, Movie Logic.

12. After being years away from each other, they still love each other and make out immediately when their eyes meet. check
So right, despite the fact that they both got current gf and bf, it doesn't matter because when they laid eyes at each other at the airport again... They only loved each other.

NONSENSE. Felt like vomiting. Super geli lo. Pity the other current gf and bf of the two.

13. After some heroic stunt from the guy, the girl's dad likes him now. check
Some how the girl's house (MANSION btw) got caught on fire (Always one la). The girl's dad was stuck in the house trying to get all of the dead son's belongings. The guy goes in to rescue the girl's dad. Shit happens but in the end they are save because the dad and guy made it out la.

All this happen while the fire fighters were waiting for the two to come out. The fire fighters were basically shaking leg for the two to run out. Seriously Movie Logic here.

14. The girl and guy live happily ever after and they talk about their endless love. check
So got approval from dad, the girl and guy traveled around america during the girl's college summer break. And they laid on the grass looking at each other with those eyes, while she talk about their endless love


Funny shizz right? Laura and I couldn't help but to laugh from the beginning to the end. I think I laughed so much until my stomach hurted from it all. It was funnier than some of the comedy shows I watched lo. 

Anyways this is based on what I think about the movie.

If you need a good laugh on valentine's day with your buddies watch this!

If you are planning to bring your date for this movie, I don't think you should laugh because it just might be tear-filled touching for them. So don't make fun of them or else something horrible might come along.

I totally had a good time and well, yeah. Who knows, maybe I am just some sad single 20's girl laughing away because some of this reminds her of how stupid you can be with your first love or maybe just maybe, this movie was just damn funny :P

Have a wonderful lovey dovey week you all!
Please for the love of all single people, don't PDA too much in public or facebook kay?
Give us some room to breathe ;)
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