Sale: Follow Me Warehouse Sale (Subang Jaya)

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This sale is more towards Skin Care Products, Make Up and Hair Products. They even got men's facial wash! If you haven't heard of Follow Me, where have you been all your life la? Like seriously they are one of the most famous brands to me when I was a kid. They were like the DOVE of today. Haha. Anyways yeah. They got a warehouse sale! Wasn't planning on checking it out until my sister told me that we are out of shampoo and ask me to get some. LOL.

The Follow Me Warehouse Sale

Honestly, this place the stuff found here is AMAZING. One of the cheapest WAREHOUSE SALE I have ever gone to lo. I used RM34 ONLY for 6 Perfumes, 2 Hand Cream & 2 Shampoo!

WTC moment man.

My Awesome Haul

Curious to see what else they got?
Continue Reading to find out!

PLOG: Frustration & Emoness

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This is just another PLOG.
Up to you if you want to read it.

Beware lots of rants and just things that happened to me recently
Warned you already yeah.

I wanted to put all this on dayre but I got lazy to type on my phone and I just rather do it on my laptop. Where should I begin? I ain't gonna hold back this time. To much nonsense happening.

The Pain
I had a horrible stomach pain on the way to Malacca for a church service on Sunday. And during the entire service, I was just lying in bed with my tears. The pain was unbearable. I thought it was because lied down while eating a pear. I felt a like my tummy was bloated and there was a lot of air. Kept burping but couldn't shit or fart la. The pain lasted from 3pm-7pm. I cried. I curled up like a worm. I forced myself to sleep to ignore the pain. And it work for a while. After the church service, we drove back to KL. Could still feel the pain while sitting and even standing. It was torture. Felt like a pregnant woman because I kept rubbing my tummy to try to ease the pain. Nonsense right? I guess I was just conditioned to thinking that sayanging something could make it better. Anyways psychology term there. heh. I had some heart pain during dinner too but didn't know why.

So I told my dad I wanna see a doctor. We went to the doctor nearby. Thank god it's 24-7 because it was about 10pm-ish when we got there. I was barely standing because of the pain and had to sit down. (pregnant moment again -.-) Talk to the doctor and doctor told me I got the G.E.R.D, which is Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. Sounds like nothing right? Like seriously who would know what is a G.E.R.D? I asked him what it means and could he spelled it out for me. He looked annoyed. Anyways that is another story la, he was damn sarcastic and like a joker la. It is my body and I wanna bloody know why I am feeling pain, patient rights right? HMPH. Adults. Sorry, just so many think that I am either a bimbo or what ever la. 

So from what I understand from what the doctor explained to me was, I got stomach acid trying to make it's way out to my mouth. Hence the pain as the acid ain't suppose to travel all the way up. So blah blah blah somemore, and he said oh you might have stomach ulcer too. I WAS LIKE WTC?! SURE BO? 

Btw WTC means What The Crap.

Then with sarcasm and his attitude la he said maybe and that it would be best to do a scope. I had a previous incident with my digestive system and was suppose to go for a scope but I chicken out in the end because I was scare and honestly I wish I wasn't alone la. Anyone wanna teman me? LOL. As though anyone reading this now LOL. So yeah. i am scare. YOU KNOW HOW THEY DO A SCOPE? The scope have to go down my throat and to my tummy. UGH. Scary shizz.

I got 6 medicine and had to eat it at different timing (Before meal / After meal). First time had medicine for different timing. Actually I was really scare la. And since that incident I been making an effort to not skip meals or to not eat late meals. Kinda difficult at times due to my timetable and shizz. So yeah. Eat your meals on time people.

At first at Malacca, I thought I was going to die la. It was just so pain and I don't want to relive the pain again. Ironically, the speaker on Saturday talked about stomach ulcer. Laughed at myself when I felt what he described that day. So yeah. That happened last Sunday.

I am still finish all of my medication. Got my Antibiotics left.

Just wanna highlight this la. If you see me tagging "sponsored" post on a blogpost means it's sponsored la. If there isn't any of that being tag on my blog, means it ain't sponsored lo. Common Sense right? :) I love blogging because I get to share my excited and get it 'documented'. Honestly I started blogging because of Sales and I just didn't want to keep telling other about the sales. So I just blog and leave all the details there for them to read lo :) Just like the C&K Sale. It was out of my excited and my weird love of sales that I did that. As though they will sponsor me. LOL. If I tag "Ad" only means I do it out of helping to promote something without anything in return. Some times there are events happening in KL like bazaar or festivals and I just wanna share to you all la :) So yeah. Don't always assume I get money. Blogging is fun but do know it takes a lot of work and patience. Events right, is damn tiring because you always gotta talk to people. Bought one of my friend for an event once and she was shock at how much talking you gotta do with the people around. So yeah tiring. If anyone wanna bash me about this, it's my opinion ok? Love, don't hate. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

For all thesis project in my uni, we need a supervisor. I am one of those kiasu people la. I talked to a well establish and respected lecturer of mine to be my supervisor and he agreed. He told me to email him and I did. That was November. He didn't reply me on the email and I thought maybe he is the kind that reads and don't reply. So okay lo. I email him again after my exams at January. Still no reply. I called his office at February, so gam he wasn't arround. FYI January-March we had our sem break. So when I went back to class this week. I met him at his office at Tuesday and talked about our discussion and reminded him that he is my supervisor. He was shocked and say that I didn't email him. I told him I did and he check his email, he found all of my email. But in the end he told me he can't be my supervisor anymore because he reached his quota. He is a damn geng lecturer and I guess it just wasn't meant to be. Haih. I was so emo that day. LIKE SERIOUSLY, could have cry because most of the lecturer that is good in my topic of research are all taken.
So next week, I need to start the entire process of looking for a supervisor again and this time gotta write a proposal somemore. Seriously SHIT MY LIFE. Note, I found out about this on TUESDAY.

Supposedly Sanctuary
With so much shizz happening, FRIDAY was suppose to be a day of TGIF but no. I seriously just got a bad week la. Was on duty and well I kinda screw up, I seriously don't know what was wrong with me. I guess I was just hungry and blur because I didn't have dinner and was damn scare that the pain would return until I got so distracted. I quickly ate my dinner and it was all thanks to Elysia & Carmen for the food they brought for me <3 Felt so loved by them. Made sure that I ate at a regular pace and to finish the food as I didn't want to be hungry at odd hours and acid to come out of my mouth. So yea. Ate during the service. When people were praying and well I didn't want to sit at my duty place because the projector fan was so hot and the projector screen was just so bright. Honestly I would love others to do WHAT I DO. See they can tahan or not. I been doing this since I was 18. OMG. 18. That is 4 years. Some people I know won't even work in the same company for 4 years lo. Anyways for 4 years of being on that duty. I didn't know that there was a rule that I had to be seated there at all times. Seriously NO one said it and as far as I am concern it isn't a must. So I went back to my seat and close my eyes because the lights were too bright. I got astic btw, apparently I had it as a kid la. My dad got it too but his is worse, hence he can't drive too far at night due to the lights. Anyways the lights were giving me a headache, so go back to my seat and sit lo. Some people on stage were praying about the bus incident that happened recently and I had no idea what it was, so I googled and suddenly everyone was standing up.

Then I realized, that I did it again. I screwed up. I quickly went back to my position and resumed duty. Honestly so many people make mistakes and well I am human too. Today was just a bad bad bad day and it would have help if someone asked if I am okay since I never make mistakes.

To do my duty, I had to set up the equipment and put them back. I don't know if others know it but if they want to say something, it would be best to wait for the equipment to be kept rather than saying what they want to say. It usually takes me 10-15 minutes to set up or keep the stuff. There is so many wires and I only got 2 hands yo! So in the end, there I was keeping the shizz when everyone have left and they even left me in the dark. Had to voice out that I am still there keeping the shizz. OH MY CUPCAKES la. Give me a break. If you really want to voice out, do it at a proper timing?

We all got things to say but timing is important too. haihs. So yeah. I was the last one going out. The last person to shut and lock the doors. I am a human. Give me a chance, I bet we all screw up too. 


So yeah. Shizz that happened. Prom is in a few hours. Please stop screwing up with Jess. Jess needs a break. Jess needs some encouragement too. 

Saw this on one of my friend's facebook.

Feel free to encourage me (hehehe) or someone around you. I bet that person who receive your encouragement would have been feeling a whole lot better from their hidden crappy moments. So yeah. 
Go be NICE to someone.

It's easy and free <3

Sale: Charles & Keith | Pedro | Flow | Victoria Secret Warehouse Sale (SSTWO Mall, PJ)

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NOT a sponsored post. I blog about this because I love shopping and I don't want you all to miss it lo <3

Girls, THIS IS THE SALE OF THE YEAR. You have no IDEA how long I been waiting for this sale! I been to their first Charles & Keith Warehouse sale 3 years ago when I was 19 at Sunway. Thank god this time they had their sale in an aircon location. You got no idea how torturing it was for their last sale. Anyways enough of reminiscing of the past. I bet you all are as excited as I am :D

I went for their sale yesterday and their parking was better than the last sale since this time they have it in a mall. I parked at level 1, so I was lucky and went straight to their sales outlet. I went around 4-5pm, and ohmygosh, there were so MANY PEOPLE THERE. Guys, Girls, Uncles, Aunties, Kids, basically everyone was there la. I even saw grandmas there. Honestly at the shoes area you gotta push your way to walk around, so I suggest and hope that those with kids won't bring them there. It ain't safe for them and it's just gonna give you more work to watch them while hunting for your perfect shoes <3

Sale of the Year

I manage to bought a pair of heels (RM69) and a cutch / small bag (RM59) from them. Told myself not to buy anything anymore but gosh it was soooo worth it! I see some people going for rounds after their purchase with 5 bags in their hands yesterday. So make sure you visit them ASAP to avoid disappointment la.

Love Charles & Keith or Victoria Secret product?
Always wanted to get them but they are always over your budget?
FRET NOT. Stuff here are all from RM25-RM129.
Continue Reading to find out what they have in store for you <3

Event: VU Philanthropy Bazaar (Sunway University)

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Hey all, how is your morning so far? I thought that I got class at 8.30am, so I rushed like a mad woman to university but guess what? Class only starts at 10.30am. Feel so dumb right now, so I thought why not blog about an event happening at university now? :)

 Picture Credits: VUBC Facebook Page

Sunway always have various of bazaars happening from different department. This event was organised by Victorian University la. Honestly it is one of the most interesting event so far. I love the variety of the vendors and how organise the event is. Definitely one of my favourite bazaar from Sunway University <3

 Picture Credits: VUBC Facebook Page

 Picture Credits: VUBC Facebook Page
Bored in university and don't know what to do?
Go a long break before your classes?

Continue reading to find out more about the Bazaar! 

Event: Freshel All-In-One-Gel & Ambassador Announcement Press Event

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Hey all! How's your week so far? :D Hope that it's bearable :P Anyways remember the past post of the private Freshel event? Before that I had a chance to go for Freshel had a press event, where they announced their new ambassador for Freshel and the official launch of their All-In-One-Gel. Was lucky enough to be invited for this event by Veronica! :) Thank you btw <3 The event was held at Saujana Resort Spa. First time going to the 'spa' location and gosh the place was so peaceful and zen :D

The first thing I saw when I got to the 'spa'

Oh and another thing! Yu Heng, Malaysian singer, is the ambassador for Freshel Malaysia. You gotta check out her songs! She got the most amazing voice ever la! Gosh, just so good! :D

Yu Heng with Freshel's product

During the event, it was a very intimate time for the media to listen to Yu Heng and to understand about Freshel's products.

Curious to find out what Yu Heng shared with us?
Continue reading for more information :)

Taiwan Food Store (Section 14, PJ)

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It's been a while since I did a food post. So here it is! I actually got a LOT of food post for you all but they are all on draft state now. hahaa. Been really busy with the start of class and events. So yeah. This post is super random la.

My dad, sis and I were around Section 14 (Near Digital Mall) yesterday for a seminar. Really good seminar that teaches how to reach your full potential if you...... (Go see my twitter for the answer. heh) and other stuff. Anyways, so before the seminar, we were busy looking for food and well we got lazy and just decided to go for the 'medan selera' (Food Court) that was next to Digital Mall.

Cute right the cow cartoon?

Saw this cute store at the middle of the food court and decided to check it out. Saw that Star Newspaper actually reviewed them and thought okay la should try this store since STAR also got review them :D

Curious to find out what food they serve?
Continue Reading to find out more :D

Ad: Line Shopping

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Hey! Have you all been noticing how people are talking about LINE SHOPPING on facebook or instagram? Well I saw A LOT of my friends been posting shizz about line shopping and how crazy cheap it is la. There was once where I saw fourfeetnine posted a picture on instagram that someone got an incredible deal for a CASIO CAMERA at only RM14.52~! 


So I decided try it out la and guess what happen? I ended up scatching my head and just thinking how do I download Line Shopping App. Stupid me lo.

After an hour, I finally knew how to do it.

So I decided to do a small tutorial on how to get LINE SHOPPING on your LINE APP :D
Continue Reading to find out how! :D

Online: Shopping With Ebay (Camera Bag)

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Happy Friday everyone! :D I know that my blog been flooded with sponsored post recently and well I am really thankful for all of them la :) So this post ain't a sponsor post but something that got me excited! :D

I bet all of us know EBAY right? It's like the mother of all internet shopping. I been shopping on blogshops and new local online portals but never once bought anything from EBAY. And I thought why not give it a try lah? :D I know it's super random of me suddenly shopping with EBAY but actually I been wanting to buy a camera but shit my life la, it cost RM1,500 - RM2,000 ): 

Super expensive right? While researching for the best camera online. I suddenly suddenly stumble upon camera bags and then it lead me to ebay la. So I was looking through all of the bags and saw that eh, there were some that are pretty chic and stylist lo. It doesn't have to look like those reporters or photographers that carry.

There were actually MANY cute designs to choose from! <3

And yes this bag is actually big enough to store A CAMERA and PHONE!
CLICK continue reading for more details :)

Event: A Date with Yu Heng & Freshel (Royale Coffee House, Petaling Jaya)

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Last Thursday, a few of us lucky bloggers manage to have a chance to have a private session with Yu Heng ( A wonderful chinese singer! <3 ) and Freshel (Japanese Brand that aims to help busy women who wants to beautiful, sounds so sweet hor? That is Freshel's Concept). We got a chance to listen to Yu Heng's beauty tips and know more about Freshel's new All-In-One-Gel :D

Here is the lovely Yu Heng with all of Freshel's products

Our meal of the day. haha.

Thinking of finding a new skin care brand?
Curious to find out what Yu Heng talked about?

Continue Reading this post for more information :)

Event: My Life Is Like Broadway Musicals (DPAC)

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Hey Yo! Remember the time when High School Musical first came out? Gosh, I can still remember everyone in high school was going crazy about Zac Efron. It was after all his first debut and gosh did he mesmerize everyone with his songs. I think that ought to be the only time when I actually enjoy continuous singing and dancing during an entire movie.

Do you remember your first musical show?

Of course that wasn't my first musical. I think Sound of Music was my first musical la :) Oh Julie Andrews. Amazing woman. Anyways it's been a long time since I watched a musical show. The other times I did watch it live was by foreign Musical Productions. 

Next week there would be a musical show in town!
My Life Is Like Broadway Musicals

I bet the suspense is killing you eh?
Curious and want to know what is the show about?
Continue Reading!

Event / Ad: Move Your Body

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I'm gonna talk about the 8-letter word today, EXERCISE. Painful hearing it eh? Haha. If you read my previous post about my life growing up as a fat chick, you can easily guess that exercising wasn't one of my favorite activity as a kid. 

Honestly even now it isn't. 

But after getting teased at for a long time and wanting to be healthy at 15 years old, I thought why not? So I started exercising and eating healthy right after PMR. The results were only seen after a year when I lost 10kg

Let me give you a short flashback to how it was for me.
Curious to find out?
Continue reading and expect something at the end of this post!

Event: Furla Launch (Pavilion) + Giveaway

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Good afternoon everyone! It's a Monday! :D Hope all of you are doing well :) I am finally sick-free. Been down for the whole weekend but was still busy with some events. So stay tune for more fashion post <3

This event, Furla, was the launch party held early this month. Furla, an italian brand, that finally launched 2 outlets in Malaysia! :D

I just absolutely love their candy bag design

Carinn, Teman of the night!
Thank you so much for the invite babe :)

FYI notice the title above? Stay tune for a GIVEAWAY! :D
Super easy to win! Even a 12 year old can do it ;)

Curious to see what happened at the event? Who went for the event? What other designs Furla got?
Continue reading for more information :)

PLOG: 1 More Week Until Internship is Over

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Hey all! Wondering what is a PLOG? Well its just an update term la. Post + Log = PLOG lo. Hehe. Anyways I might be out for a while, maybe the entire weekend. Am currently sick and OMG, feel like my brains are about to pop out anytime soon. It hurts so much. But do continue to stay tune to the blog as a giveaway is coming up soon :) <3

This was yesterday at 7pm

Feel like the haze ain't gonna go away for any time soon.
Please drink a lot of water and stay healthy. 

Anyways, if you been following me on twitter and instagram, you would know that I did something to my hair this week :D Hehehe. Go follow me now if you haven't! :P Heh. Wanna see it?

Curious to see how is it like?
Continue Reading to find out! :D

Sale: Tanks for 5 x Peep Clearance Sale (Empire Soho, Subang Jaya)

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A little update before I start with this post
Hey All! :D I just want to say THANK YOU for all those who join my giveaways on my blog and on my facebook page <3 Just wanna say that the previous post got too many people joining and I wish I could give you all something! But don't worry I got another giveaway coming up soon on my blog! :D And yes I just created my facebook page today at 12pm! :D hehe. Hope that you all can help support and like my page :D

Anyways this sale review is NOT sponsored kay. Both Tanks for 5 & Peep are two of my favourite online blogshops. I still remember when they first started and I was instantly one of their loyal shopper. I would always click on their page at least every week once. hehehe.

Both Tanks for 5 & Peep collaborated together to have a sale at one spot for all of us! :D They got 2 prices for their items which are RM5 & RM10! Crazy cheap right? When I was there, I spotted a few of my favourite things and compile it all for you all to see <3

Here are my ultimate favourites from the bunch :)

So do continue reading to find out all of the awesome stuff you can find there!
Only RM5 & RM10 for each item!

Event/Beauty/Giveaway: KOSE Sekkei Lotion Mask

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So remember from my last post where I said that I would be posting a lot of event post? Well here is one of them J Thank you Nuffnang and Kose for this invite KOSE LOTION MASK Workshop Event!

Note the picture and the title says GIVEAWAY
It’s been a while since I had one, so make sure you read to the very end 
to find out how you can win some goodies! J

Hope that all of you have heard of KOSÉ J If you haven’t, KOSE is a Japanese bestselling skincare and cosmetic brands include SEKKISEI, SEKKISEI SUPREME, SEIKISHO, ESPRIQUE, BEAUTÉ de KOSÉ, INFINITY, ASTALUTION, MOISTURE SKIN REPAIR, JUNKISUI and more. Growing up I have always seen KOSE in department stores and it’s amazing that now I can share with you my experience with KOSE <3

Want to know how to win KOSE SEKKEI LOTION MASK?
Curious about how good the lotion is?
Continue reading to find out! J

Sale: Marry Merry Warehouse Sale Review (Kuala Lumpur)

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Updated 20/3/2014:

Happy Shopping xx

Hey all, so this week I managed to catch another warehouse sale! Is it just me or is there just a LOT of sales going on now. If only, money can grow in my purse now. hmph. Oh wells.

Anyways, if you haven't heard of Marry Merry, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? It is one of the brands that carries formal dresses, prom dresses, wedding dresses and etc :)

They are having a WAREHOUSE SALE! This is actually my first time hearing that they have a sale, usually I only go for Nichii or Kitchen. Hope that they will have a dressingpaula warehouse sale soon :D hehe.

Want to find out more about the sale?
Want to know what dresses they got there?
Continue Reading for more info <3

Food: Tryst Cafe (SS15, Subang Jaya)

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It's a Monday night and here I am craving for some Vanilla Latte and hot pancakes. *drools* What do they call this? Midnight cravings? It's not mignight yet but I guess that term shall do. Gosh. Seriously hungry now. Got half my mind thinking to cook maggie or to run to TRYST! :D

I been there for 2 times already and I just wanna go back again!

Just look at that heavenly pancake <3

Why I wanna go back? 
Continue reading to find out why :)

Place: Floristika (Bangsar)

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Hey all! :D Sorry for the short MIA. Been going for a LOT of events lately, so do expect more event posts soon! :D Anyways Women's Day was last week on Saturday, how did you all celebrate it? The place that I am currently intern at decided to celebrate it a day early on Friday! :D Had to go get 50 GEBRAS for all of the ladies in our office.

YOU will never believe how much I paid for 50 GEBRA! Can you take guess? I asked this to a lot of my friends and they said RM150-RM200. But guess what?! It was only RM45! :D hehe.

Wanna find out details of where I bought the flowers and what other flowers they got there?
Continue Reading to find out! :D

Sale: RSH Sports Warehouse Sale 2014 Review

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So yesterday I was a really really CRAZY event day. I went to Freshel's Private blogger event, RSH warehouse sale and Furla's official launch event. I will blog about the other events soon! So stay tune kay! :D

This is like the 2nd sports warehouse sale I am blogging about this year. I guess there is just so many cheap shoes around. Hehe. I am a HUGE fan of RSH Warehouse sale and I have to say, that this year I am impressed with the shoes and sports equipment! <3 As always this sale carries all of the famous sport's brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok and etc :) 

Love love love the high top shoes!

Need some sports stuff? 
Continue Reading to check out the stuff they have at the SALE! :)

Movie: The Journey

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It's been a month and five days since The Journey have been released in cinemas nationwide. Everybody and I mean EVERYBODY have been raving about this movie. Before Chinese New Year people were talking about it, during Chinese New Year people were talking about it and EVEN after Chinese New Year people were still talking about it!

So after listening to the various reviews of this movie from friends, family and even Hitz.fm, I finally got to watch the movie today after work. The lovely part of going to the cinema was, I got to drag my mom and dad to go with me. Felt so happy because it's the first movie we have watch together since I can remember <3 As we enter the cinema hall it was half packed! Considered good for a weekday movie at night and especially since it's a Malaysian movie. There were all kinds of people there, Chinese, Malay and even Mix. It was a wonderful sight to see everyone enjoying a chinese film movie together. I was quite surprise that I would be watching this in the cinema too because I considered myself a banana but thank god for subtitles :D

From Left: Frankie Lee, Ben Pfeiffer, Joanne Yew & Director Chiu

Anyways on to the movie! I have been hearing mix reviews of the movie. Those who loved it cried their eyeballs out and those who thought it was alright went meh the entire time :/ Want to know what I think about the movie? Continue reading to find out! :D

Do watch this trailer before you continue :)   

Want to watch a longer trailer? CLICK HERE :)

KEPO: Oscars 2014 (Fashion, Results, Funny Shizz)

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So today is the Oscars Award! Did you all catch it LIVE? Heard of the winners yet? Well, I got in at office this morning and all of the girls were busy checking out what did some of the stars wore. Some were drop dead gorgeous while some was looked like they changed in the dark.

This morning

I thought of compiling some of the fashion pictures taken at the Oscars along with the results of the winner at all of the categories. Guess WHICH MOVIE won 6 OSCARS!?!

Do check it out! :D 
This is like the lazy guide to the Oscars :)

Noticed that every year there is a trend at the Oscars?
Can you guess this year's trend? ;) hehe

Food: Good Friends Cafe (SS15)

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Good morning! Before I show you guys another awesome food hideout, I just wanna say thank you for dropping by. Sounds weird right? Anyways yesterday night at 10.45pm I just notice that my blog hit 50,247 views. It was ironic because at noon time I told my friend I hope I can hit 50,000 this march. At noon, it was only 49,788. Really from the bottom of my heart thank you :)

Anyways, back to the food post now :) A bunch of us girls went to Good Friends Cafe at SS15 for breakfast at Saturday (notice that I am now blogging about recent stuff now?) Hehe. So I heard of this place thanks to a friend, who absolutely love them when they were based in Ara Damansara. They shifted to SS15 two months ago and gosh, the place looked incredible. Felt like I had took a portal to some cozy cafe in UK. I just love how they had a lot of bricks and vintage feel to the place.

Do Continue Reading to find out more about this cafe! :D

Craving for some good breakfast/brunch?
Thinking of trying something new?

Food: Ichi Zen Japanese Restaurant (First Subang Mall)

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Can you believe that it's already MARCH?! Sometimes I feel like I am living life without realising how fast time is moving. Hahaha. Makes no sense eh? Don't worry, sometimes I don't get myself too. 

Anyways! It's been a long time since I did a FOOD post :D And I thought since it's a Sunday, lets do a post about JAPANESE FOOD! Salmon to be more specific. Hehe. Somehow one can never have too many Salmon :P

Remember my last Ichi Zen post?

Well, I went to Ichi Zen again last month but this time at their Subang Jaya Branch with mummy dearest for dinner. Was craving for Salmon that time. 

Thinking of where to eat tonight?
Do continue reading to find out more about their DINNER SET :)
Jess is an adventurous Malaysian girl with a soft spot for food, shoes and all things romantic. She loves fashion and traveling too. Diversity excites her, therefore she would tend to try out everything she gets a chance to ✌ [It's Jessy] (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-03f5fetL2yM/VcjMybyGvRI/AAAAAAAAk_Q/HSNlhlRdbRI/s1600/11428132_938657246181010_1642264289_n.jpg)