Event: A Date with Yu Heng & Freshel (Royale Coffee House, Petaling Jaya)

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Last Thursday, a few of us lucky bloggers manage to have a chance to have a private session with Yu Heng ( A wonderful chinese singer! <3 ) and Freshel (Japanese Brand that aims to help busy women who wants to beautiful, sounds so sweet hor? That is Freshel's Concept). We got a chance to listen to Yu Heng's beauty tips and know more about Freshel's new All-In-One-Gel :D

Here is the lovely Yu Heng with all of Freshel's products

Our meal of the day. haha.

Thinking of finding a new skin care brand?
Curious to find out what Yu Heng talked about?

Continue Reading this post for more information :)


Freshel's full product range

Freshel Extra Moisture Range
Fight signs of aging and rejuvenate your skin

Freshel Moisture Range
Pump up your skin and deeply moisturise

Freshel Whitening Range
Unveil fairer, brighter and more translucent skin

Freshel Cleansing Range
They got cream, lotion, gel, foam and etc in their cleansing range
Their cleansing lotion works in many ways! It's a make up remover, pore cleanser and facial wash! :D

Freshel's BB CREAM Range
I love the fact that each of these BB cream got different function for our skin. So if I want to get one of Freshel BB Cream, I would get the whitening one because I notice that I got uneven skin tone ): So yeah, different people got different needs :D This is one of their star product! <3

Freshel BB Mineral Powder (10g) | RM59
Freshel Mineral BB Cream EX Thick & Moisturizing (50g) | RM67
Freshel Mineral BB Cream Moisturizing (50g) | RM67
Freshel Mineral BB Cream Pore Cover (50g) | RM67
Freshel Mineral BB Cream UV Whitening (50g) | RM67

Freshel's Lift Cream
Would love to try this one day! Yu Heng kept raving about how thankful she is of this product because it helps her with her dark eye circles. Besides that, the product also helps to make skin radiant and moisturize. 

More Freshel products
The one on the right (white container) is their other STAR product which are ALL-IN-ONE-GEL

" All-In-One-Gel: It’s a lotion, essence, emulsion, cream, and a makeup base in a jar! Put this on after washing your face and you can be out of the house in minutes. " - Freshel's Facebook Page

All of the products can be found from Watsons, Sasa and Parkson!
Go get yours today! <3

Event Location
We all had a chance to have breakfast buffet at Royale Coffee House <3 The food was alright la but yay to free food! :D Was seriously so happy when they told us on that day itself! Its been a while since I had a good spread of breakfast dishes. hehe. Anyways check out the pictures below la. This post is mainly about the event anyways :D


Until now, I couldn't believe that I only took one plate from the buffet.
DIET? I wish, I was just immerse in the event that I forgotten to go back for more food. Haha.

My food and I <3
 FYI I was rushing so I didn't apply any foundation on, just some eyeliner :(

We were the first few bloggers to arrive! :D

A few selfies before the event starts :D


We listened to a Freshel Presentation of their products

Whitening Gel vs Whitening UV Gel
The presenter showed us the different texture of their products fitting the areas we want to fix

Yu Heng posing with the products :)

Yu Heng talks about how difficult it was for her to find a skin care brand 
that could cater to her sensitive skin

She highlighted that her T-ZONE area would always get oily. She emphasizes that Freshel has been an incredible product that she has been using. Her favourites are the Freshel's whitening all-in-one-gel and Freshel's BB Cream

Manage to take some pictures with her
She looks absolutely adorable la :D

She even signed a Freshel book for me. haha.

Kinda wish that she sang during the Freshel event. I just absolutely love her voice! <3

Tired face after an event. hehe.

Group Photo <3
Photo Credits: Chency

Overall, I enjoyed the session because I learn more about Freshel's product and the many different methods that one can fix our imperfection. I got a set of Freshel'. Do let me know if you want a review post of the products :) Hehe.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead! :D
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