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Good morning! Before I show you guys another awesome food hideout, I just wanna say thank you for dropping by. Sounds weird right? Anyways yesterday night at 10.45pm I just notice that my blog hit 50,247 views. It was ironic because at noon time I told my friend I hope I can hit 50,000 this march. At noon, it was only 49,788. Really from the bottom of my heart thank you :)

Anyways, back to the food post now :) A bunch of us girls went to Good Friends Cafe at SS15 for breakfast at Saturday (notice that I am now blogging about recent stuff now?) Hehe. So I heard of this place thanks to a friend, who absolutely love them when they were based in Ara Damansara. They shifted to SS15 two months ago and gosh, the place looked incredible. Felt like I had took a portal to some cozy cafe in UK. I just love how they had a lot of bricks and vintage feel to the place.

Do Continue Reading to find out more about this cafe! :D

Craving for some good breakfast/brunch?
Thinking of trying something new?

The restaurant is after 99 Speed Mart, same row & before Chili Pan Mee, Snowflakes and ChatimeThey don't have a huge sign, so if you are not careful, you might miss it due to all of the cars blocking their wall sign. It is located directly opposite the empty car park before Asia Cafe :)

Here is their side signage 

Currently they are open from morning until the evening
But from mid March onward, they shall be opening their cafe for dinner time too! :D

The Entrance

Love the whole glass setting on the outside. It just makes you wanna enter to check out the place more :D

The Interior

The Stage

They got open mic night where people can come and check out some local talents! So far most of them sing. The open mic night would be host by Winnie Ho.


Love how they place some vintage stuff at the corners of the restaurant :)

Play Area

Who needs board games when you got a foosball :D Love the idea that they got a place for kids to run here to play instead of running around the restaurant.

The Counter

A beauty ain't it? Love the way they designed it to be so cozy AND look at their coffee machine thingy (Sorry I don't know what are they called)

Found these cuties in the display. 
Forgotten how much they were ):

From Left: Scones (RM4), Batik Cake (RM3) & Passion Fruit Cake (RM8)

They also got more homemade stuff to bring home! <3

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies (RM12)

From Left: Soy Sauce (RM22), Passion Fruit Jam (RM15) & Sarawak White Peppercorn (RM10)

The Menu

Their Breakfast/Brunch Special

I love how their menu looked very magazine like. Everything was really creatively done and so eye catching :)
The Table Setting

They serve free water too and best of all, for all you phone addicts, they got free wifi! :D While waiting for the others to arrive, I ordered first. Btw we reached at the restaurant by 9.15am, EVERYTHING was spontaneously planned :D

The Good Breakfast (RM18)

This is my meal. Kinda reminds me of Antipodean but minus the hash brown ): I love the eggs here as compare to anywhere else, it was flavourful and I could taste the butter, salt and pepper. Tho at some parts of the egg I could taste too much salt, I guess some of the salt landed at one corner. But the mushroom were incredible <3

Latte (RM9)

Kish and I ordered their latte. Kish absolutely loved it! FYI she is a very hard eater to please. She drinks her coffee sugarless and until now, I just can't do it. Somehow for this drink, I put my usual 2 teaspoon of sugar in it and it was still bitter. That just shows how strong the coffee is. Nevertheless, Latte is my current weakness.

Breakkie Waffle (RM14)

Amelia had this. Its waffle with strawberry, nanka /jackfruit, cream and passion fruit jam! <3 Sounds like an amazing combo right? Wait till you try their waffles! You would return for more. It was soft and easy to chewy. Gosh wish I can be more descriptive on this but it was just amazing la. I love waffles as compare to pancakes, so I might be bias. Amelia said she loved this too :P hehe.

Mushroom & Cheese Burger (RM15)

Next up was nuraini's dish. I didnt try this at all so I can't say much. But when it arrive to the table it smelled heavenly and Nuraini finished her burger without any hesitant. However she did pass me all of her salad. heh.

P.E.T (RM14)

Can you guess what P.E.T stands for? I just guessed it. hehe. Potato, Egg, Tomato! I hope that is what it is suppose to mean la. Kish loved the potato and well I didnt eat much of this also, so you be the judge of it.

My latte and I <3

Verdict: 7/10
The only thing that made me not give this place an 8 was the prices. But honestly, the food was incredible. I guess it was due to the herbs and the quality of food used for the dishes. Would definately return for their lunch dishes and dinner dishes! :D hehe. Btw all of their staff there are super friendly! :D

The girls and I definitely had a wonderful catch up time. Would definitely recommend this place for those who wanna have a reunion with friends or just chilled here on a lazy weekend morning. hehe :)

Btw some of the pictures here were taken by Amelia with my phone.
She was sitting at the spot with the best lighting :P Thanks babe <3

The Breakfast Club
Kish, me, Amelia and Nuraini! <3

One last awkward picture of me. hehe.

This wasn't a sponsored post yeah. 
I just love blogging about food and well I had a wonderful time here with my friends :)


Good Friends Cafe
15 & 17, Jalan SS15/8A,
Subang Jaya, Selangor

Tel: 03-5613 1415

Have a good week ahead!
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