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Hey all! :D Sorry for the short MIA. Been going for a LOT of events lately, so do expect more event posts soon! :D Anyways Women's Day was last week on Saturday, how did you all celebrate it? The place that I am currently intern at decided to celebrate it a day early on Friday! :D Had to go get 50 GEBRAS for all of the ladies in our office.

YOU will never believe how much I paid for 50 GEBRA! Can you take guess? I asked this to a lot of my friends and they said RM150-RM200. But guess what?! It was only RM45! :D hehe.

Wanna find out details of where I bought the flowers and what other flowers they got there?
Continue Reading to find out! :D

So I had to use WAZE to locate this place because I had no idea where it was. After driving for 30 minutes from my home, I finally reached to my destination! :) The place is at the corner of the road. Honestly I missed the building by a bit. The parking was fairly good at 8.30am. But after that time, I think the only way to park is to double park :/

Can't really see the name of the place here. 
It was both too bright and the sign could have been a little worn off.

The first thing I saw when I step in

Fertilizers and small plants

More Small Plants and Large Vases

Cutesy Pots and Watering Pots

So cute and colourful! 

Yellow Pot || RM10

Huge Vase / Pot? Hahaha
Felt like they got the zen collection of pots here.

More fertilizers and watering pots

So they got 2 floors!
I only went for Level G because I was rushing.

Here are some of their ready flowers / plants with a message on them that was ordered by their customers

Example of some of the flower arrangement they can do

Elegant vase/pots

Some of the ready bouquet of flowers
I know there is a 'no camera' sign but I ain't zooming into the flowers and I bet this post would bring them more customers. 
hehehe <3 You iz welcome Floristika. haha.

Mini Garden Holder || RM373
They got 6 pots and they are able to be hung on the wall
Hence you can save space and make your wall look more green-friendly :)

Newly arrived flowers, waiting to be kept in their places

Add On stuff for your flower arrangement
Guys this ought to be WAY better and CHEAPER than other floweriest 
because this place is a wholesale :D

Their Orchids

To those that wants to do their own flower arrangement on their own, Floristika got a section that sells ribbons, wrappers and baskets. Talk about getting it all done at a spot. LOVE LOVE LOVE some of the flower wrappers I saw. If only I had some creativity juice in me. Hahaha.

Everything is priced affordable
The basket on the other hand, some was priced at RM34. Not sure if that is cheap or not, since I never bought baskets before. haha.

I entered to their FLOWER AREA. It was like entering into A GIGANTIC FRIDGE! It was so bloody cold man. I didn't see the temperature they set but after being inside for 15 minutes, I couldn't stop shaking!  But I guess freezing my butt off was worth it because all of the flowers were so pretty!

Assorted Flowers || From RM13.90 per pack

Cherry Blossom (L) || RM100

Anthurium || RM2.40 each

Tulips || RM22.80 per pack

Roses || RM23.50 - RM39.90 per pack

Honestly, I feel like the roses was damn worth it lo. Super cheap! Guys now have no reason to say that flowers are expensive! Hehehe. Give us flowers everyday <3

Carnation || 20 for RM10

Baby Breath || RM20.80 per pack

Gebra || RM9 FOR 10

Small Orchids || RM 5 per pack
Bought the Purple one back to office since there was extra money to the Flower Budget. TeeHee

Rose Petals!

In movies when ever the boyfriend or girlfriend want to decorate the place, I would see them manually pealing each petal. With the help of Floristika, I bet its way cost efficient :)

All 50 Gebras with me :D

Hope that this is helpful for those who are looking for affortable place to buy your flowers. They open daily and they do provide delivery services with a fee la :) So get ready to hunt down the perfect flowers for Chinese New Year, Valentines Day, Mother's Day, Date Night and any other day you just wanna la :D hehe.

Btw do know that this place is SELF-SERVICE. So if you want your flowers, you take what you want and bring them to the counter :)


No. 16, Jalan Liku, Off Jalan Riong, 59100 Bangsar
(Near NST Building)

Tel: 03-2287 6113

Operating Hours: Daily 8am-9.30pm


Happy Shopping!

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