PLOG: Frustration & Emoness

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This is just another PLOG.
Up to you if you want to read it.

Beware lots of rants and just things that happened to me recently
Warned you already yeah.

I wanted to put all this on dayre but I got lazy to type on my phone and I just rather do it on my laptop. Where should I begin? I ain't gonna hold back this time. To much nonsense happening.

The Pain
I had a horrible stomach pain on the way to Malacca for a church service on Sunday. And during the entire service, I was just lying in bed with my tears. The pain was unbearable. I thought it was because lied down while eating a pear. I felt a like my tummy was bloated and there was a lot of air. Kept burping but couldn't shit or fart la. The pain lasted from 3pm-7pm. I cried. I curled up like a worm. I forced myself to sleep to ignore the pain. And it work for a while. After the church service, we drove back to KL. Could still feel the pain while sitting and even standing. It was torture. Felt like a pregnant woman because I kept rubbing my tummy to try to ease the pain. Nonsense right? I guess I was just conditioned to thinking that sayanging something could make it better. Anyways psychology term there. heh. I had some heart pain during dinner too but didn't know why.

So I told my dad I wanna see a doctor. We went to the doctor nearby. Thank god it's 24-7 because it was about 10pm-ish when we got there. I was barely standing because of the pain and had to sit down. (pregnant moment again -.-) Talk to the doctor and doctor told me I got the G.E.R.D, which is Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. Sounds like nothing right? Like seriously who would know what is a G.E.R.D? I asked him what it means and could he spelled it out for me. He looked annoyed. Anyways that is another story la, he was damn sarcastic and like a joker la. It is my body and I wanna bloody know why I am feeling pain, patient rights right? HMPH. Adults. Sorry, just so many think that I am either a bimbo or what ever la. 

So from what I understand from what the doctor explained to me was, I got stomach acid trying to make it's way out to my mouth. Hence the pain as the acid ain't suppose to travel all the way up. So blah blah blah somemore, and he said oh you might have stomach ulcer too. I WAS LIKE WTC?! SURE BO? 

Btw WTC means What The Crap.

Then with sarcasm and his attitude la he said maybe and that it would be best to do a scope. I had a previous incident with my digestive system and was suppose to go for a scope but I chicken out in the end because I was scare and honestly I wish I wasn't alone la. Anyone wanna teman me? LOL. As though anyone reading this now LOL. So yeah. i am scare. YOU KNOW HOW THEY DO A SCOPE? The scope have to go down my throat and to my tummy. UGH. Scary shizz.

I got 6 medicine and had to eat it at different timing (Before meal / After meal). First time had medicine for different timing. Actually I was really scare la. And since that incident I been making an effort to not skip meals or to not eat late meals. Kinda difficult at times due to my timetable and shizz. So yeah. Eat your meals on time people.

At first at Malacca, I thought I was going to die la. It was just so pain and I don't want to relive the pain again. Ironically, the speaker on Saturday talked about stomach ulcer. Laughed at myself when I felt what he described that day. So yeah. That happened last Sunday.

I am still finish all of my medication. Got my Antibiotics left.

Just wanna highlight this la. If you see me tagging "sponsored" post on a blogpost means it's sponsored la. If there isn't any of that being tag on my blog, means it ain't sponsored lo. Common Sense right? :) I love blogging because I get to share my excited and get it 'documented'. Honestly I started blogging because of Sales and I just didn't want to keep telling other about the sales. So I just blog and leave all the details there for them to read lo :) Just like the C&K Sale. It was out of my excited and my weird love of sales that I did that. As though they will sponsor me. LOL. If I tag "Ad" only means I do it out of helping to promote something without anything in return. Some times there are events happening in KL like bazaar or festivals and I just wanna share to you all la :) So yeah. Don't always assume I get money. Blogging is fun but do know it takes a lot of work and patience. Events right, is damn tiring because you always gotta talk to people. Bought one of my friend for an event once and she was shock at how much talking you gotta do with the people around. So yeah tiring. If anyone wanna bash me about this, it's my opinion ok? Love, don't hate. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

For all thesis project in my uni, we need a supervisor. I am one of those kiasu people la. I talked to a well establish and respected lecturer of mine to be my supervisor and he agreed. He told me to email him and I did. That was November. He didn't reply me on the email and I thought maybe he is the kind that reads and don't reply. So okay lo. I email him again after my exams at January. Still no reply. I called his office at February, so gam he wasn't arround. FYI January-March we had our sem break. So when I went back to class this week. I met him at his office at Tuesday and talked about our discussion and reminded him that he is my supervisor. He was shocked and say that I didn't email him. I told him I did and he check his email, he found all of my email. But in the end he told me he can't be my supervisor anymore because he reached his quota. He is a damn geng lecturer and I guess it just wasn't meant to be. Haih. I was so emo that day. LIKE SERIOUSLY, could have cry because most of the lecturer that is good in my topic of research are all taken.
So next week, I need to start the entire process of looking for a supervisor again and this time gotta write a proposal somemore. Seriously SHIT MY LIFE. Note, I found out about this on TUESDAY.

Supposedly Sanctuary
With so much shizz happening, FRIDAY was suppose to be a day of TGIF but no. I seriously just got a bad week la. Was on duty and well I kinda screw up, I seriously don't know what was wrong with me. I guess I was just hungry and blur because I didn't have dinner and was damn scare that the pain would return until I got so distracted. I quickly ate my dinner and it was all thanks to Elysia & Carmen for the food they brought for me <3 Felt so loved by them. Made sure that I ate at a regular pace and to finish the food as I didn't want to be hungry at odd hours and acid to come out of my mouth. So yea. Ate during the service. When people were praying and well I didn't want to sit at my duty place because the projector fan was so hot and the projector screen was just so bright. Honestly I would love others to do WHAT I DO. See they can tahan or not. I been doing this since I was 18. OMG. 18. That is 4 years. Some people I know won't even work in the same company for 4 years lo. Anyways for 4 years of being on that duty. I didn't know that there was a rule that I had to be seated there at all times. Seriously NO one said it and as far as I am concern it isn't a must. So I went back to my seat and close my eyes because the lights were too bright. I got astic btw, apparently I had it as a kid la. My dad got it too but his is worse, hence he can't drive too far at night due to the lights. Anyways the lights were giving me a headache, so go back to my seat and sit lo. Some people on stage were praying about the bus incident that happened recently and I had no idea what it was, so I googled and suddenly everyone was standing up.

Then I realized, that I did it again. I screwed up. I quickly went back to my position and resumed duty. Honestly so many people make mistakes and well I am human too. Today was just a bad bad bad day and it would have help if someone asked if I am okay since I never make mistakes.

To do my duty, I had to set up the equipment and put them back. I don't know if others know it but if they want to say something, it would be best to wait for the equipment to be kept rather than saying what they want to say. It usually takes me 10-15 minutes to set up or keep the stuff. There is so many wires and I only got 2 hands yo! So in the end, there I was keeping the shizz when everyone have left and they even left me in the dark. Had to voice out that I am still there keeping the shizz. OH MY CUPCAKES la. Give me a break. If you really want to voice out, do it at a proper timing?

We all got things to say but timing is important too. haihs. So yeah. I was the last one going out. The last person to shut and lock the doors. I am a human. Give me a chance, I bet we all screw up too. 


So yeah. Shizz that happened. Prom is in a few hours. Please stop screwing up with Jess. Jess needs a break. Jess needs some encouragement too. 

Saw this on one of my friend's facebook.

Feel free to encourage me (hehehe) or someone around you. I bet that person who receive your encouragement would have been feeling a whole lot better from their hidden crappy moments. So yeah. 
Go be NICE to someone.

It's easy and free <3
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