Sale: Follow Me Warehouse Sale (Subang Jaya)

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This sale is more towards Skin Care Products, Make Up and Hair Products. They even got men's facial wash! If you haven't heard of Follow Me, where have you been all your life la? Like seriously they are one of the most famous brands to me when I was a kid. They were like the DOVE of today. Haha. Anyways yeah. They got a warehouse sale! Wasn't planning on checking it out until my sister told me that we are out of shampoo and ask me to get some. LOL.

The Follow Me Warehouse Sale

Honestly, this place the stuff found here is AMAZING. One of the cheapest WAREHOUSE SALE I have ever gone to lo. I used RM34 ONLY for 6 Perfumes, 2 Hand Cream & 2 Shampoo!

WTC moment man.

My Awesome Haul

Curious to see what else they got?
Continue Reading to find out!

Just wanna tell you all this first, I got my perfume for RM2~! Hehe.

All the best parking. They did NOT provide any parking space. I parked at the road side and was scared for the safety of my car as that place is a warehouse area and LOTS of trucks always drive by the area ):

Found out about the sale because I always pass by this factory for my church service :) The location is a little hard to find even for Subang people. So I edited my church map and help highlighted this warehouse sale for you all! :D Try and waze / foursquare this place. It just might turn up :)

Click the picture for a larger view

OMG before I forget, MAKE SURE TO BRING ENOUGH CASH. They don't have any credit card / atm machine. The nearest ATM machine is the petrol station. So bring your MONEY :) I didn't bring and had to call one of my aunty to rescue me. hehe. Thank goodness she works nearby. hehe :P

The Sale

Don't go into their office yeah, which I almost did. hehe. Just be alert on the signs la :)

They got a LOT OF PRODUCTS. I thought it would be shampoo only. LOL bimbo girl. Anyways they got Serums, Eye cream, Cleanser, the entire beauty shizz la. BB CREAM, CC CREAM and etc. They even got deodorant!  

The crowd

There was only 30-35 people at 4pm. Including staff might be 50. It wasn't crowded at all and there wasn't a line. I think it's because the location of the sale is at such a secluded area and not many people heard of the sale.

NUTOX Oxyfusion Pore Refining Cleansing Water (150ml) | RM5

 Damn cheap right RM5?!? 
BTW I don't know the prices for all the products but most of the stuff there are from 
RM2 - RM25 ONLY!

NUTOX Night Mask | RM10


Youth Set (Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer) | RM8

Handcream & Perfume in a box | RM5

Perfume | RM2

Do check the expiry date for these products before purchase :) <3
Be a smart shopper!

BTW for the perfumes and serum, got some aunties go to the sale and left with BOXES in their hands!
Talk about hardcore shopper.

The sales lady there was so cute, told me RM2 perfume so cheap can use as your air freshener also! WAHAHAAHA.

Infinity Cleanser | RM10

Mousse Cleanser | RM 10


This ought to be the best deal there!
They got cleanser, toner, moisturizer, BB cream and MAKE UP REMOVER!
Still thinking if I should go back to the sale and grab these. It's just so cheap la!
I usually purchase my BB cream for RM24 and this entire set is RM25! WTC man. haha.

More NANO Products

NANO Night Mask & Cleanser | RM15

CC Cream | RM15
It comes in two colour! :D

Alaisyah Products. ALL RM3~!

Sence Perfume | RM5
This used to be the most commonly used perfume back in high school :)

Sence Kit (2 Perfume, 1 Body Spray and 1 Make Up Bag) | RM15
 Feel like this would be super good congratulations you study hard present to any girl <3

Men Kit | RM15
Forgotten whats in it but I think it's Cologne with cleanser? Haha. I forgotten. It didn't appeal to me. If I got a boyfriend I think I would pay attention to the guy stuff at the sales lo. hehe.

Just like the Pedro | Charles & Keith Sales, imma sorry for not paying attention to the guy's stuff. haha.

SHAMPOO (325ml) | RM5
The reason for going for the sale. I got both of them because they smell heavenly! Can't wait to use it soon <3 hehe. 

They got A LOT of stock la. 
Just don't go on the last day and complain to me that they got nothing left <3


Follow Me Warehouse Sale
Location: 10, Jalan TP2, Taman Perindustrian UEP Subang Jaya, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Date: 28th - 30th March
Time: 9am - 5pm  (According to the staff)
Tel: 03-8023 3308

Do comment and let me know your haul! <3

Here is my Haul. hehe.
For RM34, I could buy 10 items. What about you? ;)

Happy shopping and have a blessed Saturday! <3
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