Event: Maybank Go Ahead Challenge 2014 Launch (GSC, Pavillion)

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Ever watch The Amazing Race, The Apprentice, Fear Factor or Running Man? Well, Maybank GO Ahead. Challenge (MGAC) is a blend of the reality programs and MORE! If you haven't watch MGAC 2013, you can watch it HERE. MGAC is an international competition with various business cases that challenges your intellect, stretches your creativity and unleashes your true potential.

This picture somehow reminds me of Hunger Games. haha

Are you ready for the challenge?

I got a chance to attend MGAC 2014 Launch last Thursday at GSC, Pavillion. And you know what? You won't believe me but I am also one of MGAC 2014 participant. haha. Curious to know whats the prize for MGAC 2014 winner? :P hehe. I will give you a hint, it's a few THOUSAND USD!

Their official hashtags: #WhatAreYouMadeOf  #MGAC2014

You curious to find out more about MGAC 2014?
Wonder why was the event held at the Cinema?

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Online: Voucha.com.my

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Love shopping online? What if I told you that you can get your online purchases for a better price with some instant voucher codes? Sounds amazing right? If you been following my blog, I absolutely LOVE shopping on Zalora because of the wonderful prices and free delivery. So imagine my surprise when someone told me that I could get more discount from my purchases on Zalora! :D

With Voucha! Voucha is a new online website that provides free voucher codes and information of ON-GOING promotions! You know how sometimes when we are busy with our daily schedule and miss out on awesome deals on groupon, lazada, fashion sites (like Asos, Pestle & Mortar, H&M) or restaurants / food panda? Well Voucha also post the latest information of all of the deals in a website. It's like reading 10 online websites at once without opening so many tabs on our internet explorer :) Sounds amazing right?

Sounds amazing?

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Food: Jek Cafe (Syopz Mall, Taylor University Lakeside)

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Hey all! Somehow during the weekend, I don't have any time to blog and I guess that should be a rest time for me la. haha. So, any of you went for the clothes buffet? :D Got any awesome buys? If you miss that post, CLICK HERE :)

While I was there, I manage to try out Jek Cafe and it was actually not bad :) They had set menu and it was a good quiet place to just rest and chill after shopping for the whole morning.

Check out all of their affordable set lunch!

Study at Taylor's and don't wanna break the bank during lunch?
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Sale: Aussino Stock Clearance Sale (Snopz Mall)

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Seriously there are just so MANY sales this weekend lo. Another one would be Aussino's Stock Clearance Sale at Syopz Mall, which is also the same place as the Clothes Buffet :)

There were a LOT of aunties & uncles when the sale started

The stuff there were unbelievably cheap, considering the brand and quality

Need some new bed sheets? Comforter?
Curious to know how low Aussino can go?
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Event: Clothes Buffet Review (Syopz Mall)

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TGIF Babes! :D It's been a while since there was a last sale right? Well need some clothes and got a budget?! Go to Syopz Mall (Taylor University Lakeside Campus) for Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet! :D Details of the event are all found HERE

Love how they decorated the photobooth area :)

Check out my buys! I manage to stuff 7 Items in my bag!

How many can you fit? ;)
Continue reading to find out more about the event and the stuff found there :)

OOTD: Tai Tai Pokka Dots

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Weird name eh? I showed my friend my instagram picture of the this outfit and she was like, "Whoa, so DATIN wei." So yeah, hence the title :) 

Studs, Pearls, Dots and a Smile. 
Somehow they just complete every outfit :)

This was an outfit I wore sometime this week to uni. Wasn't feeling like wearing much colour out and it already looked like it was about to rain. So hence the colour :) This outfit is easy to pull off and well easy to suit both day to night events :D

Check out THAT Face

Oh! You can even go to the mall after your classes in with this look. 
FYI notice anything different about me? hehe.
Do read to the very end for the bloopers of the this OOTD. haha.
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DIY / Organize: New Shelves!

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Ever feel like there is too much mess in your life and you just need to clear it all out? Well, since I started blogging, I have been going for a LOT of events. Usually for all of the events, there will be door gifts, lucky draws, or other stuff. So ever since then, I could never ever find a time where my living room was clean. 

Check out the pile of stuff at my living room

Usually I hate inviting people to my home because of the mess. So now some of you know why I don't want you all to come to my place. hehe ;)

Curious to know how I got it all sorted?
Want to get new shelves but don't know where to go to?
I even review two hypermarkets of their shelves! hahaha.
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Food: Cafe Madeleine (Sunway University)

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Hey all! Just want to say thank you for all those who have been calling and texting me <3 I really appreciate all of the stuff you all said to me <3 And I ain't gonna be gloomy anymore. Been feeling better since then and have been thinking of looking at my hospital stuff positively.

Anyways it's been raining a LOT recently! Yesterday was the worse lo. It rained so heavily until I didn't dare to walk to my car after uni. It was scary! I had to wait for an hour for the rain to stop. haha. FYI if you are studying in Sunway, you will know that it's a miracle to get a good parking. So I always park pretty far.

Instead of walking in the heavy rain, 
I decided to just wait it out while enjoying a good hot caramel latte :)

Mmmmmhmmmm <3

Btw all picture below are taken with my Olympus E-PL5 :) The picture above was from my S3 :)

Stuck in Sunway University and just wanna go somewhere for an incredible hot drink?
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Food: Burger Factory (SS15, Subang Jaya)

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Last Sunday, a bunch of us went to The Burger Factory at SS15 after Easter at church. Where is this place? It's at the heart of SS15, super near to Coffea Coffee. Can you believe that I have not been there since they open? I guess there wasn't anyone that jio me to eat there and most of my friends went there already. But thank goodness, I finally got to try it!

That big ass signboard you can't miss! :D

Btw all pictures were taken with my Olympus E-PL5 <3

The BURGER there was huge! Couldn't even get it all in a bite.
PS. I made a good burger model right? hehe.

Wonder what burger this it? 
I'll give you a hint, it's the same burger as what I ordered ;)

Curious to find out what kind of burgers they serve there?
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PLOG: Hospital Visits (Part 2)

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Lots of people have been asking how am I and why am I always going to the hospital. Thank you all for asking <3 But honestly it's a long story but just a summary, doctors found a lump in my stomach that could become Cancer  in 5-10 years if not treated. If you got more questions, read the PART 1 first then ask me la. A little tired of answering everyone and honestly I wish this was just a nightmare I can wake up from.

I know it's not like I am dying right away but to go through this entire process of procedures and hearing the biopsy report from the doctors is draining me emotionally. Sometimes just thinking about it makes me cry because I never expected myself to have a lump or to use so much of my insurance at the age of 22. Honestly what if one day when I am 40 and I need it the most? What then? I also feel so bad having my family go through this with me. It's bad enough that we are all busy with our daily lives but to add another factor to it? Another burden? ): Haihs.

It's gonna be a very emotional post. I ain't even kidding. I just came back from the doctors today about my second biopsy report and I just broke down. I sound like such a kid right? Not sure why I am so emotional now. Could either be the raging hormones or just some other stuff going around in my head. Either way is, I gotta get the lump remove...

In this post, is about my second scope and the second biopsy report.
You have been warned. Go read the other post if you don't wanna be bored.

OOTD: Easter Look

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Yesterday was Easter Day! Decided to do a random mini photoshoot after church because it was my last day with that hair. Hehe. So yeah. Bye bye weirdly faded red tones hair. This post is just gonna be pictures.

I seriously have no idea how some people can pose for the camera and make it so tumblr / look-book material. haha. I guess there are skills involve. Need to learn some of them, I look a little awkward but oh wells. That is just who I am :)

Curious to see how some of the pictures turn out?
Want to know where I got some of the stuff I am wearing?
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Food: Restaurant Kwai Sun (SS15, Subang Jaya)

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Every Sunday after church, the big question of the afternoon would be, where should we eat? :) Most of the times we always just wander around SS15 or around USJ. Usually we always wait for one another to decide where to eat and most of the time it takes for every for us to choose.

This is a rather long post, it happened on the 9th March 2014. Anna and I was suppose to go out for lunch with a few other people la from 365. But, the restaurant we were suppose to go to close and they all left us in the end. Pfft. Seriously hate people who FFK after promising, but what ever la :)

We ended up going to the nearest restaurant that we can find. And it was none other than Restaurant Kwai Sun! :D Good old faithful Chinese Hawker Stall / Food Court <3

Same row as KFC if I am not wrong :)
They are apparently super famous for their fired kuay teow and popiah. But instead of ordering them, I went right ahead and order some China Nooddles. Somehow I got a thing for China Noodles. Love how it is always so fresh and yummy <3 Besides that, I never knew that going to that restaurant would allow me to bump into some iconic people. haha. I could be dramatizing but gosh, you should have seen me that day. Was just so happy until I could crack my cheeks from smiling too much. heh.

Teman for lunch, Anna! <3

Be prepare for jakun and some fan girl-ing in this post. haha.

Curious to find out what happen?
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Event: My Life is Like Broadway Musicals (DPAC)

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Hey all! Happy Easter Day! I went for a musical last month and gosh did it blew me away! FYI do check out my previous post of this event for more details :) The reason why it took me so long to blog about this was because I couldn't find any of the pictures taken from the musical until recently. I bought my camera for the event but I didn't know I couldn't take pictures. 

If you ever go for a fancy musical, don't bother taking out your phone or camera unless you wanna be embarrass and be told to put it away. hahaha. 

So yeah, all I wanted to do was silent my phone but also kena. haha. Anyways I found the pictures of the musical, so the pictures without my watermark was taken from KDU University College Facebook Page. Anyways back to the musical review :)


I went for the musical's last show at 30th March, 8.30pm, it was located at Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC). David and I waze the place but ended up being late for the musical because waze and google kept bringing us to the wrong places. Besides that, we also took so wrong turns, so we ended up at Kepong by accident. haha.

Chloe, I & David, after the show

The musical is performed by students from KDU Performing Arts as their final year project. Most of them aged from 18-22 years old. So far I went for a few musicals I my life and somehow they were all perform by foreigners. This was my first show where I got to watch young local talent live :) And gosh was it amazing! Definitely refreshing seeing lots of the young new potential ones. Can't wait to see them perform again. 

The Cast after the show

Curious to know what they perform or how the musical went?
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PLOG: 8 Years Long and A Choice

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Definitely by far one of the hardest thing I had to do. Even ended up in tears. Choices in life, not sure if this was a right one but it's what I had to do....

It's another lengthy PLOG. This is after all a blog to just talk about life and what ever happens. 
Read if you want or just skip and check out the other stuff on the page :) <3

Not sure where to begin this but yeah. It has been an amazing 8 years journey of being a CL. Honestly, this is gonna sound lame but ever since I joined the youth ministry, I had always wished to be a CL. I guess at the age of 13, it seemed so prestigious and well part of the popular group. Sounds so vain right? Well all these came to reality when I was appointed as a TM the very next year. I was excited and all so bubbly for my first duty as a TM. 

Little did I know that with great power comes with great responsibility. Sounds so cliche right but honestly I was a little naive. I didn't know much and I wasn't really ready. But you know what? I took up the challenge and even though I wasn't really qualify, I still did it because there was a need and well, I would want to serve my best in any given opportunities.

During the time of being a TM. I lead, I council, I listened, I cared and I loved every single one of them. This continued even when I moved and became a CL myself at 19 years old? Honestly I forgotten. But from when I was 14-18 years old, the time, my love, my thoughts and my worries were all given to them, to all of the girls and even to those that are currently overseas studying. 

I don't know if they realize how much I gave them and even the tears I shed for them during disappointments or heartaches at miscommunication situation. I got hate, talked back, ignore and all of the other shizz you can think of during my service of both a TM & CL. I went through it all. The same for being a CL. It's like a whole cycle again. Being there as a friend, a listener, an advices, an older sister or a mother. I really love all of them. And sometimes it is tiring and draining. Sometimes, I just rethink if I am qualify for this role.

Recently I started going for events, I know this is a little side track, but I do enjoy going for them. Blogging is like my new found hobby and my part time job. Honestly I feel like I found my thing. Others might be playing the guitar, drawing, cosplaying or singing? Well this is mind and I do find it hard to balance both being a CL and blogging. With the events and ensuring that I am fulling my role as a CL was like being pulled from the left and right. I was stuck in the middle.

I am just a 22 year old and I am experiencing life at a time. Sometimes I am viewed as a bad example and words travel fast. The things I heard and the things that are being said, stabbed like a knife to the heart. But I knew that they weren't wrong. It was what I did and it might not have been a good example to them especially to the younger ones since parents don't like their kids going out all the time and I guess I might be the opposite of them.

The constant expectations. My daily life. Shizz happening with me. My health. My family. My friends. My family. I guess with everything that I have on my plate and I review them all, it's time to let something go. After 8 years of service, I realize maybe I am not cut out for this role especially with what an example I have been. I don't want to influence them or to push them away from growing with the lifestyle that I am living... Don't get me wrong, I ain't saying what I am doing is bad, just that most conservative parents might not agree with it. 

My dream for them is to be able to have a good relationship with God and to be able to be strong to face the world with the challenges that came in their way. I seen most of them pass through primary school, high school and college. Sounds like a mother right? Don't get me wrong, I don't regret this journey and I do feel that it was an honour to have been chosen to be someone to help guide them.

I am just sorry that I could not continue the journey. It was definitely by far one of the hardest thing I had to do. I even ended up in tears. It wasn't a plan for me to share it with you all today but I guess it was time. To those that I scared with my tears and my crackly voice, sorry, that is the only time you will ever see me cry. I don't cry in public and I just don't know what came over me. It's funny how our body would speak what the heart has to say the most.

Choices in life, not sure if this was a right one but it's what I had to do

Food: Peppercorn (SS15, Subang Jaya)

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This was a while back when I still had my pretty bangs. Now my bangs are just some curtains covering my forehead ): Anyways, Saturday mornings are like the morning breakfast session with the girls. Sounds so tai tai right? haha. Usually it's hard to find good breakfast hangout with reasonable price and usually on Saturdays, we would be having our breakfast together around 9am. And most restaurant are still close then ):

Ever had a problem finding a good place with breakfast spread?
But thank goodness for good o' Peppercorn Cafe.

It's the same row as Salmon Steak House

The three of us.
Missing Nuraini from this picture ): Seriously missing my bangs. hmmm.

Curious to find out what their breakfast set is like?
Continue reading for more information :D

Food: Chuup (Damansara Jaya)

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Hey Yo! You know out of all of the stuff I post on my blog, food is my ultimate favourite one to write about. Hehe. No matter what kind of food I take, be it western, korean, japanese or even italian, there is always a special spot for Malaysian food. Especially NASI LEMAK <3 Hehe. Direct translation of that if you dont know, is FAT RICE. HAHA

Pronounce as 'ch-oop', like chuup coka-cola
Ever play that game before? :P hehe.

There is a rather new restaurant in Damansara Jaya. Been a while since a new cafe open there. After the nuffnang x herbal essences party on Sunday (before my second scope), Amelia and I went around PJ food hunting. Guess we got a little bored of Subang's food. hehe. Since this was nearby and I saw pictures of their restaurant on FB before, I thought, why not la? Plus I was craving for nasi lemak and I remember people raving about it on their instagram and status.


Curious to find out if they serve the best nasi lemak?
Continue reading to find out! <3

Event: Ninetology Livery x Air Asia (Sepang Aircraft Enginering)

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Last month, I got a chance to attend the launch of Ninetology Livery ( the colors or designs that are used on a vehicle) on Air Asia Plane at Sepang Aircraft Engineering. Sound cool eh? hehe. It was super cool la. Got a chance to act like a "jakun" so close to a plane. It's my first time ever having so many planes up close during an event.
Ninetology Livery on Air Asia Plane

First time driving so far away for an event! Any pilots here dreaming to go to Sepang Aircraft Engineering? :P When I posted a picture of me with the plane on facebook, one of my pilot friends were like, "EH HOW DID YOU GET INTO THAT PLACE?" Honestly, I didn't know that other pilots couldn't enter to this place unless they were given authorization. haha. Feel so special to get a chance to see the place and to also cover the event. hehe.

The plane and I 

Curious to find out what else happened? 
This post would be thrilling read for all you TECH Lovers!
Continue reading for more information!

Event: Nuffnang X Herbal Essences Neo-Gal Party

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Feel like I am damn 'rajin' now. Haha. Just attended Herbal Essences Neo-Gal x Nuffnang Party today! :D Enjoyed it so much and it was my first time really experimenting with my new camera <3 Ironically Amelia got a new camera too. So there was a LOT OF SELFIES taken at the event. Teehee. Those pictures without my watermark, belongs to her yeah :D

Curious to know what happen?
Continue Reading for more pictures and shizz :D

Ad / Event: Clothes Buffet (Syopz Mall)

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We all know what a FOOD Buffet is right? But do you know what is a CLOTHES BUFFET?! This is one of the most anticipated event of the year! There was the first and second installment of the clothes buffet and the crowds were crazy!

Curious about how to participate in this wonderful event?! 
It's like a sale with a fun twist to it. hehe.
Here is a hint: It has something to do with Zip Lock Bags
If you can zip it, you can keep it!

Continue reading for more information :)

Food: Meteora Cafe (USJ 9)

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Feeling hungry at this hour? Been getting a little sien to drive all the way to SS15 now just to get some coffee or just to chill with my friends. The hassle of driving all the way there, getting stuck in the usual night jam and finding parking...UGH. So kinda glad that there is a NEW COFFEE PLACE AT USJ 9 :D Hehe.

Know where is Murni USJ 9 Discovery? :)
It's right opposite it!

It's actually one of the biggest cafe I been too so far. It's about two shop-lots long? Super spacious and I could actually imagine families coming here to just chill for dinner or some supper :)

They even got a baby chair! So babies can come here too :D

They got coffee shizz, pasta, BURGERS & Churros!

Continue reading to find out more about this place <3

PLOG: Hospital Visits (Part 1)

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This is gonna be another post log about my recent hiatus from blogging. I know it's been a week since I blog but gosh, I just wanna get this off my chest. Been very upset with myself that I am a little disorganized lately.

Today the doctor told me that,.....................could develop to CANCER )':

So if you wanna find out what happen to me, continue reading.
If you want la. It's super ranty. 

Event: 360 Kuala Lumpur ( KL Biggest Bazaar!) Review

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Hey all! So how was your weekend? Did you manage to go to one of the biggest bazaar of all time?! :D Here are some of the pictures I took at the bazaar. Overall, it wasn't what I expected, I guess this is my first time seeing so many vintage and hispter stores unite in a place. 

And gosh! YOU should have seen the people that turn out for the bazaar! They were all so hispter looking. Could notice the shoes that are trending at the bazaar were Dr Martens shoes. If only I was richer la then I would have got myself a pair of them. Oh wells, it's expensive to be hipster la. I wonder how they afford it. haha.

So do click continue reading to see the what the bazaar had :)
There would be more pictures than words. 

Wish I could be detail in which store was which, but there were just too many to note all of their names down ): I can remember the stores I purchase my stuff from. So if you notice me talking about a store more the the rest, it's because I bought my stuff from them :D

Oh check out my haul from the bazaar! <3

Event: 360 Kuala Lumpur - KL Biggest Bazaar! + GIVEAWAY

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Event: 360 Kuala Lumpur - KL Biggest Bazaar! + GIVEAWAY
Duriana, a new Malaysian mobile marketplace app for all things beautiful from quirky vintage finds to pre-loved and brand new fashion. They will be organizing one of KL's biggest bazaars, 360 Kuala Lumpur on the 5-6th of April. This will be their first major bazaar event, which is a joint collaboration with PINTUmERAH, the annual organizers of the Kuala Lumpur Vintage Festival -KLVF!

I was suppose to go for the vintage festival but was somehow busy.

This time I ain't gonna miss this event! :D

Anyways, not sure what to do this weekend?

Come and join me in attending this biggest bazaar ever organised!

Continue reading for more information of this event!

The bazaar promises to be a two-day gathering of the city's best vendors, covering a wide range of categories for shoppers of all types from quirky vintage collectors to discerning fashionistas. I saw on their Facebook Page that there would be some of KL's socialites / fashionistas will be attending the event! Hopefully I can spot some of them out. hehe. I will also be attending this bazaar! Talk about one of the biggest bazaar ever leh! How can you miss it?! :D hehe

Did you know that Duriana will be awarding hourly rewards to guests who download their app at the bazaar entrance! They are currently doing a giveaway for a Polaroid CAMERA! <3 WTC right? Go download their app now!

Remember the bazaar will take place this weekend, 5-6th April!

Can you believe that there would be a special giveaway to all of you <3 See la how much I love you all. hehe. Of course thanks to the bazaar for giving this to you all too :D The first x100 readers to come to our media registration booth and say "Bloggers@360" will receive a special Duriana non-woven tote bag. Do also click 'attending' on their event page.

Duriana X JessyTheKLChic Giveaway!

Vendors at 360 Kuala Lumpur 2014 are a spectrum of categories from fashion to pre-loved to handcrafts and accessories to a wide mouth-watering selection of food vendors. Spot any of your favourite shops? hehe. Find my favourite in bold :P

Ride The Lightning | D'Estrella | Donkey Bundle | TheplainKL | Milk & Coffee | The Kooky Project | Us Faminnile | Moon E Store | Tin Tin Toy | Project Swissify | ArKe Crafts | Anonymous Store | LUSUH SHOP | 6T's Boutique | Urchins Bovverbrigade | SpectVintage | MJ | Krabat Store | Modern flashback | Purple Back Room | Epcay Accessories & Trading | Vintage in Love | Caboose Store | Medium Rare Store | Feather Catcher | B.Joux1990 | Houseofpandora | Lexi Seven | A&A | Trio | Escape Artist Collective | Aphrodite Glow | Whimsical Lane | ARTfested | ByLiliRose | Local Handmade | Keith and Jerry | Treasures India | Emmagami | Raudhah SS Enterprise | Chachabutik | Peace Libero Clothing | Paparazzi Apparel | HIjabisquee | Fred Jack Perry | The Hype Street | Arayna Suitcase | Tous Jours Malaysia | Ardour | MyShawlz | Eighty One Closet | Le Neama Shop | The Sister's Project | Khayla Wardrobe | Little Gracies | Miss independent by Nash Azedan | Terbang Concept | Wonderism | Streetfabrack | Wakabeez | Snow Collection | Binqareem | Element_Zone | Chantek Stylish | Plus Minus & Co. | Twinkle Lola | I've Got Dibs | Switchbladekl | Fashion & Deco by AZ-N, fndbyazn | Kamekkitakcollection | Yanacollection91 | Past&Present Boutique | Chiq Fliq | Babymstyle | Candy Mindani | Melova Store | Nabila Izzatty | Alinazr | My Tira Miss You | hijabulous hassanah | Dzarra Exclusive | Adda Collection | Empayar Kaki Lima | Gerobok Usang | Kita | lxrsMY | Repvblic Apparels | Universe Limited Co | Fashion Forward | Tish_Galore | Mambang Clothing | Hoodlum Co. | HUDA by Tie Dye Kingdom | Milktee | Plusplusup | Elyeyostore | JL Uniqclothes | Daulay's Boutique | Majesticqissybelle | Gloria Closet | Hail21nameless | Precious & Colours | Like a Sunday Online Store | Zhannaboutique | Ank Wonder Emporium | iFashion | aLesha WardRobe | Plastik Jernih | SheerLoveCouture | Simply Luna | Royale Grill | Pecheww Corner | Cherry Bakery House | Sunsetglamz | Xoel's Bites | Whip | Gimme Shelter | Queenbucket | Omnomnom by Sarah Munir | Ale Berrie | Dulce 666 | ChoctopbyChedora FOOD | iheart Dessertss | Rojak Buah Special Mak Esah | Bittersweet Treats | 9tologycasing | Glam Cases | Miaka_Lisa | Baby NekJah | Iconic Works | FOREVER + AVA | Salam Canvas Shoppe | KGA-Tech | Calacara | That2tattoo | Desiderata Magazine | True Touch Solution | Puzzle Planet | Misai Sipmsia | Rizqi Classiq | Essential Beauty House | Walauweyhconceptstore | Appetit Online

Here is a sneak peak of the place:

For those who don't know how to go, just waze Zouk!


Location: Lanai Mantic, Jalan Ampang
Time: 11am-9pm
Date: 5-6th April 2014
For more information

Give me a holla when you see me!

Don't forget to get your secret gift when you reach there :D <3
Jess is an adventurous Malaysian girl with a soft spot for food, shoes and all things romantic. She loves fashion and traveling too. Diversity excites her, therefore she would tend to try out everything she gets a chance to ✌ [It's Jessy] (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-03f5fetL2yM/VcjMybyGvRI/AAAAAAAAk_Q/HSNlhlRdbRI/s1600/11428132_938657246181010_1642264289_n.jpg)