DIY / Organize: New Shelves!

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Ever feel like there is too much mess in your life and you just need to clear it all out? Well, since I started blogging, I have been going for a LOT of events. Usually for all of the events, there will be door gifts, lucky draws, or other stuff. So ever since then, I could never ever find a time where my living room was clean. 

Check out the pile of stuff at my living room

Usually I hate inviting people to my home because of the mess. So now some of you know why I don't want you all to come to my place. hehe ;)

Curious to know how I got it all sorted?
Want to get new shelves but don't know where to go to?
I even review two hypermarkets of their shelves! hahaha.
Continue reading ba :)

So my mom and I were free the other day and we were determine to get SHELVES ASAP to restore sanity to our home. haha. We went to Giant first :)


Mirror || RM29.90

FYI they got amazing full length mirror too. Might just get one of these when I am back. Sound damn vain eh? Well a girl gotta have what a girl gotta have right? :P

So remember the messy above? Mom felt that a shelf might not solve the problem. So she thought of getting Metal Racks!?@! hahaha. Crazy right? Well you gotta love a mother's heart.

It was huge! FYI the prices are there :)
Thank goodness we didn't get it or else my study room would have looked like a factory instead! hahaha

Shelf || RM170 +

Shelf || RM160+

Look closely at this shelf! We were upset la that it was RM160, Our budget was below RM120 for each shelf. So we thought why not check out the neighboring hypermarket?

We went straight to the shelves department which was a floor above the food department. And guess what we found? THE EXACT SHELF for RM119 <3 It was a hallelujah moment. I was sure I heard bells too when I saw it. Hahaha. Drama queen ain't I? :P 

So it was confirm lo, we had to get it.

Shelf || RM119

FYI mydin does NOT provide delivery or assemble services. You gotta make sure you drove a car that can fit the shelves. Good thing we drove the Saga out. If not we couldn't have fit it in the Atos. Hahaha.

It's 35KG heavy :/

Make sure to also bring your father or boyfriend or any guy la when you are getting this. My mom and I was so so-poh and it was just us both. Thank goodness for the mydin guys to carry the shelves to the counter. And yes, we bought 2 SHELVES. That is 70KG wei! I had to drive my car to the entrance of mydin and some guys along their way was kind enough to help us. My mom said they help us because of me, and I was like no la, they are nice people, that is why they helped. But yeah. So after that the question was, who is going to take the shelves off the car and assemble them? Thank goodness for Facebook and fast people responding. hehe. One of my friend volunteer to help and he manage to carry the shelf on his own without any help! That is 35kg wei!

We had to empty our guest room for my friend to help assemble the shelves there.

More event shizz and some of sis' fashion stuff

 At this point, I am gonna let the pictures do the talking alright? :) FYI you would have known about all of this if you have been following my twitter. Follow already? If not, go follow now! hahaha.

Laying out all of the items from the box

Checking the manual and the counting all of the items

Apparently, we were short of 4 of these small nail thingy? 
Hopefully the shelves won't drop.
TSK TSK MYDIN. Why you steal our stuff? :(

After 2 hours and 40 minutes, still stuck on the first shelf   *.*

At the 3rd hour, the first shelf is complete! :D

Continued the second shelf on the next day :)

After 40 minutes, on the second shelf

And all done after an hour and a half!
Yayers! It was then my job and ME alone, to clean the shelves and place all of the stuff to it's place.
Sis was in college, so yeah. Lucky her. haha

I was thinking who should take which shelf. 
In the end, decided to take the left one cause it's nearer to the study table :D heh.

First Phase

Second Phase
Third Phase

Can you spot a difference between the second and third phase? :)
If you guess the baskets, then you are correct! Go eat a cookie. hehe
Got these babies at Daiso for RM5 each.
It was a perfect fit to my shelf and everything is at a place now :)

Final Phase

Check out my world map yo. hehe. It's actually a huge piece of cloth. Got it at a DIY Sewing shop in summit. They got a lot of cool designs there. Finally got it all frame up <3

See the how beautiful is my house now la <3
Hopefully I won't mess it up again. hehe.

Oh my beautiful shelf

FYI, I joined a DIGI Contest recently and 
it would mean the world to me if you could VOTE for me <3

So yeah, all the best getting organised people!
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