Event: Clothes Buffet Review (Syopz Mall)

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TGIF Babes! :D It's been a while since there was a last sale right? Well need some clothes and got a budget?! Go to Syopz Mall (Taylor University Lakeside Campus) for Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet! :D Details of the event are all found HERE

Love how they decorated the photobooth area :)

Check out my buys! I manage to stuff 7 Items in my bag!

How many can you fit? ;)
Continue reading to find out more about the event and the stuff found there :)

I reached Taylors at 9.30am and gosh, there wasn't any parking! ): Had to park really really far and walked under the hot sun. Hopefully it would be better for you all la. Make sure to BRING AN UMBRELLA! The sun can kill you wei :/ FYI there is a bazaar outside of the Clothes Buffet. So if you are waiting for your session to start, might as well check out what the bazaar got :)

Scroll down for more details about the bazaar :)

Entrance of clothes buffet (Next to Starbucks)

Preview of the clothes found in the clothes buffet!

I was hoping to go for the first batch, which is 10am. You know what they say right? Be the first to get the best stuff. Sadly there were too many people, so I went for the second batch instead. The wait was bearable, so don't worry :) 

Registration / Purchasing Tickets at 9.45am

Ready, Set Go!

I felt so KAN CHIONG (Nervous) watching them,
race out to get what they want in 15 minutes.

I even took a video of the first batch. There is a TV displaying how much time you have left during all of these chaos. hahaha. Enjoy the video.

Hope you know what to do after seeing this. haha.

Us before going in! :/

My sampat face, it was too early in the morning for me. ugh
Fyi they will write your time session on your bag :)

THE MOMENT OF TRUTH (Clothes Buffet)
Honestly la, I was super nervous and I feel like it would be something like the amazing race when I dash into the place and grab what I could. But since I been to warehouse sales a LOT. I develop a habit la, I start from the end and work my way back front. I will use both hands and just scramble around the box to see got anything nice. If i like it I will hold it. Once I got all of the things I like, I scan through them again and then only fold it. I finish everything in 13 minutes and my bag was zipped! :D hehe. I had 2 minutes of just staring at other people being so KAN CHIONG. I even witness a few girls rip their bags apart :/ FYI if your bag breaks, you have to pay RM20 and start over with what ever time you have left. Sounds scary eh?? Hehe. It was worth the experience la. I never tried anything like this and felt the adrenaline pumping my entire body. hehe. So go try and experience it. Oh all of the clothes there are kinda small. Around size XS-M. So most of the stuff I got today will be for my sister or whatever la. I think I could wear about 1-2 items out of my 7 items I fit in :)

Beat that! hehe. Show me or comment la how many items you get to fit in your bag. I wanna know!
Btw the haul details will be at the END of this post :)

Us again with our filled up bags :)

Happy me. hehe.

You see the pictures la. I won't be explaining much since it's pretty much straight forward :)

LOTS OF BIKINIS at the bazaar

Earrings, Necklace and Masks in a box for RM10 ONLY!
REGRETTED not buying this ): 
Anyone can buy for me when you are there? <3


Bag of love was there too :)

Pink n Proper got a special promo for their swimwear! 50% OFF!

Food or skin care? :P

Furla keychains :D

Go for the bazaar and actually ask for the price la. I didn't. Stupid right? I wanted to save money, which I did but gosh, feeling so much regret now. lol. Oh wells, guess we can't have everything in life. Well, don't hesitate when you are there. Who knows, they might give you more discount if you are lucky :)

Gonna let the pictures do the talking :)

7 items in a bag

3 Dresses

2 Leggings

1 Top

1 Cardigan

The Entire Haul
I can't wait to wear the floral dress with my new cardigan lo. Felt like those two were my best buy.

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Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet  
25-27th April 2014 
10am - 6 pm 
Syopz Mall, Taylor's University Lakeside Campus


Anyways have a good weekend ahead!
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