Event: Maybank Go Ahead Challenge 2014 Launch (GSC, Pavillion)

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Ever watch The Amazing Race, The Apprentice, Fear Factor or Running Man? Well, Maybank GO Ahead. Challenge (MGAC) is a blend of the reality programs and MORE! If you haven't watch MGAC 2013, you can watch it HERE. MGAC is an international competition with various business cases that challenges your intellect, stretches your creativity and unleashes your true potential.

This picture somehow reminds me of Hunger Games. haha

Are you ready for the challenge?

I got a chance to attend MGAC 2014 Launch last Thursday at GSC, Pavillion. And you know what? You won't believe me but I am also one of MGAC 2014 participant. haha. Curious to know whats the prize for MGAC 2014 winner? :P hehe. I will give you a hint, it's a few THOUSAND USD!

Their official hashtags: #WhatAreYouMadeOf  #MGAC2014

You curious to find out more about MGAC 2014?
Wonder why was the event held at the Cinema?

Continue Reading to find out more!

I shall talk about the launch before I describe more about MGAC 2014 :)

Got my CEO look before the event. haha. #macamyestapibukan

The ushers and red carpet all ready for us

Lots of university club representative were invited for the launch 

At the Press Conference

It was revealed that this year had 50% increase of applications as compare to last year and that this year's MGAC 2014 would be like no other!

Remember I said that the event was held at the cinema? Well, before they officiate MGAC 2014, all of the guests and media went into the cinema hall for a special screening of the recap of MGAC 2013 :)

I, Alvynna and Joel with our popcorn before the 'MGAC Movie Launch'

About the MGAC
The Maybank GO Ahead. Challenge first started at 2012. The programme was developed wholly in-house by the Maybank Apprentices to seek for the right potential, energetic talents to be part of the organisation. The challenge holds a lot of different challenges that would push participants out of their comfort zone. Most of the participants were pushed to their limits and most of them found out what they are capable of. Honestly, it was exciting yet scary watching the recap of MGAC 2013 in the cinema during the launch of the event. I could feel the anxious feeling from the participants while watching the show yet also feeling pumped up to face these challenges if I were place on the spot. 

Let me give you an advice if you are planning to join MGAC 2014, wear comfortable shoes on the day itself and have a LOT of sleep the week before the final selection! You will be running a LOT. haha.

MGAC will also want their participants to always be on their toes with current business strategies, along with skills to present their ideas to a room full of senior executives. Sounds like challenging? Don't think too much, just JOIN NOW.

THIS is a free competition. No registration fees require. Just YOU. What do you have to lose? You will never know what you are capable of unless you TRY IT YOURSELF. LOL. I sound super gangho now. heh. :D

The Challenge is now open to final-year students and recent graduates from 14 countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and United States of America) from across the world where Maybank has significant presence 

 Lots of money there! :D

We were greeted by Joey G after the video

A speech also by Nora Abdul Manaf, Group Chief Human Capital Officer of Maybank 

All of the VIP for a group photo

Wanna know more?
Watch this teaser of MGAC 2014


Interested? Wanna sign up now? CLICK HERE. 
The application period is still open until 14th May 2014.
For More Information | Website | Facebook |


Below are some of the pictures taken at the event :)

With Alvynna

Joey wanted to test out my new camera with a selfie :D

With Patricia and Joey :) Super perfect couple la.

With Reiko, Alvynna and Lisa

Full ootd with Alvynna :)

With Joanna <3 Glad to see the Sunway Clan there too :D

With the one and only, Christopher Tock

With Reiko and a photobomb Lisa behind. hehe.

All of us

Some fun snaps with Maybank photobooth

Go register now for MGAC 2014!

If I can pass through the first round, I bet you all can do better than me. Though I am studying psychology, it could either be a disadvantage or an advantage to me. You will never know unless you try right? Besides those that are currently looking for a job, I strongly encourage you to join this, as you will get a chance to network with many high flyers during this competition. I got a thing for business related events and conferences (I know I don't look like that kind of girl. hehe), so joining this Maybank challenge, I hope to push myself further and beyond my potential. If I don't get in, at least I know I tried :)

FYI, I joined a DIGI Contest recently and 
it would mean the world to me if you could VOTE for me <3

Anyways, all the best to y'all about to join soon!
And who knows, we might be on the same team if we made it through to the final round. LOL.

Have a good week ahead!
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