Event: My Life is Like Broadway Musicals (DPAC)

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Hey all! Happy Easter Day! I went for a musical last month and gosh did it blew me away! FYI do check out my previous post of this event for more details :) The reason why it took me so long to blog about this was because I couldn't find any of the pictures taken from the musical until recently. I bought my camera for the event but I didn't know I couldn't take pictures. 

If you ever go for a fancy musical, don't bother taking out your phone or camera unless you wanna be embarrass and be told to put it away. hahaha. 

So yeah, all I wanted to do was silent my phone but also kena. haha. Anyways I found the pictures of the musical, so the pictures without my watermark was taken from KDU University College Facebook Page. Anyways back to the musical review :)


I went for the musical's last show at 30th March, 8.30pm, it was located at Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC). David and I waze the place but ended up being late for the musical because waze and google kept bringing us to the wrong places. Besides that, we also took so wrong turns, so we ended up at Kepong by accident. haha.

Chloe, I & David, after the show

The musical is performed by students from KDU Performing Arts as their final year project. Most of them aged from 18-22 years old. So far I went for a few musicals I my life and somehow they were all perform by foreigners. This was my first show where I got to watch young local talent live :) And gosh was it amazing! Definitely refreshing seeing lots of the young new potential ones. Can't wait to see them perform again. 

The Cast after the show

Curious to know what they perform or how the musical went?
Continue reading for more information :)

KDU Assistant lecturer Gabbie Ngoh, wrote and directed the production, aimed to help expose the students to the “real world” of performing arts. It was beautifully done if I can say so myself :) It was really professionally done and honestly I couldn't see any flaws in the entire transition of one scene to the next. 

My Life is Like Broadway Musicals revolved around a typical love triangle, of William (Played by Fazry) torn between two girls,  Catherine (Played by Chong) and the domineering antagonist Gina (Played by Yap).

Shall leave the pictures to do the talking now :)


Watching the musical brought back fond memories of many of my favourite iconic musicals like Les Miserables, Grease, Hairspray, and High School Musical! Hehe. It's been SO LONG since I heard a song from HSM :) They even had PoP! Goes My Heart from Music and Lyrics. If you love the musical movies that was listed, then you would have love this! It was refreshing la watching malaysians take up the role and sing to their best. At first I was a little worry that they couldn't pull of the songs but by the second song, I couldn't take my eyes of the stage. 

I wonder where is the video that they film it! If I could find it, I will post it here alright? :)

Missed this scene ):

Looks like a drama queen right?
Somehow she reminded me of The Journey's actress. 
Sweet, innocence and yet strong aura from her acting :)

One of my favourite scene from the boys, they stole my heart at this scene.
Their acting, song and dancing were amazing. Could be the next Malaysian boyband if they want. haha.

Cutesy dance and singing of pop there goes my heart.

Les Miserables scene

Love their outfits and dance coordination

I wish there was more pictures of the props of the stage as there was one very interesting scene where they place the colour boards and stood behind posing with the lights shinning their shadow to the crowd. Photographer why you no take that scene? Hahaha.

The funds that the musical raised to charity, RM10k wei!

After the musical, my camera is finally out and ready to snap away! :D 
All pictures taken with my Olympus E-PL5

Ending speech that got bombarded with the entire cast of the musical
Couldn't hear what the asst. lecturer was trying to say but oh wells. Over already. haha.

Shery Chong (19), Fazry Santaroena (19), Shelty Yap (21) & Others

The cast and crew of the musical

Manage to take a picture with one of the cast
The rest was just everywhere with their friends and family :)

Met Lucy there as well, she was the helpful usher of the musical :)

Chloe and I
Think that we are the only two bloggers that were there. haha.

Chloe, I and David

They had some special guest that came and supported the show. The only one I knew was Amber Chia, and the rest I couldn't spot or recognise them. haha.

The overview of DPAC
Can you see the reflection of the ceiling lights at the window? :D hehe.
Cool picture right? hehe. People should just hire me now and be their photographer ;)


David photobombing everywhere ><

FYI DPAC is in Empire Damansara, so if you wanna go there, waze Empire Damansara instead! 
Don't be like a noob and end up in Kepong like us. haha.

Took some pictures at Empire Damansara <3

Feel like this place would be an awesome photo shoot location <3
 Pretty right?

Don't know if any of you feel like your photography skills is the best and when you let other people take your picture it just turns out.....not as nice as how you took it for them. I go through that ALL the TIME ):
Sad case right? This time I got pictures to proof it!

Left: David took the picture | Right: I took the picture

 See what I mean? Hehe. David don't be angry when you see this. Joking ni. hee :D
Anyways amazing musical from the local scene. Seriously can't wait to see more of them again :)

FYI, Don't forget to VOTE for me at the DIGI competition I join.

Happy Easter Everyone!
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