Event: Ninetology Livery x Air Asia (Sepang Aircraft Enginering)

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Last month, I got a chance to attend the launch of Ninetology Livery ( the colors or designs that are used on a vehicle) on Air Asia Plane at Sepang Aircraft Engineering. Sound cool eh? hehe. It was super cool la. Got a chance to act like a "jakun" so close to a plane. It's my first time ever having so many planes up close during an event.
Ninetology Livery on Air Asia Plane

First time driving so far away for an event! Any pilots here dreaming to go to Sepang Aircraft Engineering? :P When I posted a picture of me with the plane on facebook, one of my pilot friends were like, "EH HOW DID YOU GET INTO THAT PLACE?" Honestly, I didn't know that other pilots couldn't enter to this place unless they were given authorization. haha. Feel so special to get a chance to see the place and to also cover the event. hehe.

The plane and I 

Curious to find out what else happened? 
This post would be thrilling read for all you TECH Lovers!
Continue reading for more information!

Got to the event location early in the morning. Took a wrong turn and end up at KLIA instead of the location. Damn noob right? -.-

The location

Planes everywhere

Check out all of the goodies that are waiting for us. hehe

Was under media for this event :)

As we enter the 'building' there were some maid cosplayers who greeted us
Felt like I was watching a live japanese drama. haha.

Press Conference Area

I bet all of us have at least sat on Air Asia once in our lives right? Be it travelling locally or internationally, it is one of the best local low-cost carrier. Well, Ninetology Malaysia (Local smartphone brand) collaborated with Air Asia to have Ninetology livery on Air Asia's aircraft. The livery will be seen on Air Asia aircraft for the next 18 months

Ninetology Livery on Air Asia Aircraft

Do try and spotted it before you board onto your plane. I will be travelling to two different countries this year, shall try my best to spot the plane with Ninetology on it! :D hehe.

Air Asia flight attendants

Ninetology and Qualcomm VIPs

Media crowd getting to their seats before the event begin

Emcee of the event

President for Middle-East, Africa & Southeast Asia Qualcomm, Jay Srage

FYI Ninetology devices are powered by Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM mobile processors. For all you tech lovers, Ninetology and Qualcomm goingto launch LTE smartphones by the end of April 2014! Stay tune to find out more about this exciting journey of theirs. 

CEO of Ninetology, Sean Ng

During Sean's speech, he revealed that Ninetology have reached RM 180 million in revenue with 12%  mobile device market share in Malaysia as of December 2013 and is aiming to hit their revenue target of RM 380 million by the end of 2014 due to Ninetology's expansion plans to move into the wider ASEAN market (which includes Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam). Last year, Ninetology made its first steps outside of Malaysia and Singapore when it started selling its devices in the Indonesian market.

“We have sold over 1 million units to date and have expanded into Indonesia as of September 2013, a partnership with Indonesia’s renowned singer and actress, Agnes Monica. Our devices are powered by Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM mobile processors, a world leader in 3G, 4G and next-generation wireless technologies, to continue our efforts in delivering outstanding value to our consumers, as evident by our results for over the past two years,” said Sean. 

Click HERE for to view Ninetology Green Campaign - "Smart Ecology"

“We have humanised our products, which will be the foundation for our business growth and expansion,” he continued. Ninetology states that it would strengthen its Smart Communication project this year. Some of its upcoming efforts will incorporate collaborations with content providers and to implement Cloud –based E-tracking system in devices to produce humanised devices for the public. 

Digital Media & Marketing Manager of Ninetology, Quachee

Besides unveiling Ninetology Livery, the brand also launched its “so WOW for all” campaign, which would be a year long campaign in Malaysia! Sounds so cool right?

Ninetology aims to "wow" everyone with the launch of Ninetology's latest model, the colourful U9J1 (which comes in four different colours - rave red, classic black, fuschia pink and neon green) This full fledged Android does everything a smartphone can do - with the price tag of only RM199! Damn Cheap right? Time to buy wei if you are looking for a smart phone with a budget.

The cosplayers displaying U9J1 in their hands

Even Cat-Woman and Elsa (Frozen) supports Ninetology! ;)

CLICK HERE, to view the review I did on Ninetology Phone :)

Here is how the U9J1 looks like :)
For more information of U9J1, Click HERE.

At the same time, Ninetology is embarking on a mission to engage with the mass digital community in Malaysia, with their AMAZING monthly giveaway (themed #9Giveaway) on every 9th of the month! Love free stuff? Head on to their Facebook Page for more information now! Try your luck! 

Group Picture of the VIPs & Cosplayers

Q & A Time

For more information about Ninetology and their campaigns, go to Ninetology Website :)


Below are the other pictures I took after the press conference :)

Kids, don't try this at home!

Elsa and I. hehe

My two favourite anime characters when I was a kid <3

All of the cosplayers!

Cosplayers and I :)
Seriously have no idea how they breathe as I was already sweating in my outfit. hahahaa.

The other bloggers and I
So happy to have met them all :)

Picture with all of the CEO of the event :D
Photo credits: Caroline :)

Selca of the morning
I think this was my 3rd day out since I redyed my hair.

Hope you all found this useful <3
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Have a good day ahead!
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