Event: Nuffnang X Herbal Essences Neo-Gal Party

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Feel like I am damn 'rajin' now. Haha. Just attended Herbal Essences Neo-Gal x Nuffnang Party today! :D Enjoyed it so much and it was my first time really experimenting with my new camera <3 Ironically Amelia got a new camera too. So there was a LOT OF SELFIES taken at the event. Teehee. Those pictures without my watermark, belongs to her yeah :D

Curious to know what happen?
Continue Reading for more pictures and shizz :D

The event was to showcase a new launch product from Herbal Essences and to have an enjoyable pink afternoon with some of the famous bloggers (Jane, Nana, Cheesie, Four Feet Nine, Bobo & etc)

It was held at the Signature, The Roof. Amazing place. My second time here again. Love their entire Sky restaurant concept but gosh, if only the phone signal and lighting could be better. Thank god for my new camera or all of the picture would have suck big time. haha.

The location

The booth to decorate our goodie bag. haha.
Forgotten to take a picture of my beautiful bag. oh wells.

Signature Restaurant iconic decorative lights <3

Decos filled with pink and purple shizz <3

Even the snacks were all pink! :D

Teman of the event

The other half of Signature Restaurant
Can you spot the duo there? :) Shall reveal who they are later on!

Check out the balcony before doing anything.

And of course a selfie is much needed since we are after all at the top of the building :D hehe.
Look damn awkward hor? I didn't realise how short my skirt was. haha.
Don't judge yeah ):

Amelia & I

Su Li, Su Quan, Me & Amelia

There was A LOT OF ACTIVITIES TO DO at the event. It was like a girly afternoon pamper time and a great reunion with everyone! :D It's been too long since I have seen everyone wei. So glad to have met them there. If only I could have talk and snap pictures with everyone but we were all scatter around doing our shizz. Some was busy taking pictures with the photobooth, while some decorated their cupcakes, made hairbands, did temporary tattoos, used hairchalk or wait in line for free manicure! <3

Manicure Station

HairChalk Station

Decorate-Your-Cupcake Station

Decorate-Your-Hairband Station

Decorate-Your-HairClip Station

There was a lot of glue guns ready for the hairclip and hairband stations but gosh, there were so many people and I was lazy to wait, just so I could to do more work by decorating. Ain't nobody got time for that. hehe.

Temporary Tattoo Station

So guess which activities did I do? Hehe. If you guess, all of it, wrong! haha. I wish I did all of it but missed out on the diy shizz and just did the ones where others would service us. hehe. Sound like such a princess right? It was a Sunday Afternoon after all. Ain't gonna be doing any work at a party! :P hehe. 

First Activity! Get a Tattoo! ;) Temporary la.
Nice or not? :D

Amelia posing as always. hehe.

Us when it's done!
I did another one at my ankle. Looked super hispter. hehe <3

We head to the photo-booth next! :D
Super love the last picture! <3

hehehe :3

And of course, Manicure was a must! 
But before that, lets take a selfie. haha
Time well spent lo, since we had to wait 15-20minutes in line for the manicure

Feel like I look damn aunty, need to start wearing contacts again ):

Check out the amount of people around 4pm-ish. "Banyak" woi!

The only blur picture I have with Carmen at the event ):
As always she look damn chic :D hehe. 

After doing all the activities that doesn't need any effort (hehe), there were some performances all lined up for us!

Charis & Christian Performance
Didn't know that they would be performing here. First heard them sang together at a youtube video by Instill, HERE. Their song starts at 3:42 :) But watch la the entire video, it's super heartwarming.

At the event, they rocked the stage. So talented la both of them <3

Even though there were some problems with the mic, they still sang effortlessly :)
Check out their Youtube channels :)

Played with my camera settings when they were getting ready to perform. 

Not bad right Olympus? <3 hehe.

Known Christian since High School and gosh, so happy to see where he is now flying high :)

Glad to have met Charis again since the other event. 
Always so bubbly and friendly :D

Aiyo this is funny la. Who would have thought that the world is THAT small.

Bet he don't remember this, but I will never forget how Daryl tortured me and my friends during high school sport house practice. We all would be marching under the blazing sun every Tuesday (if I am not wrong). Haha. Go Rumah Kuning! :) Funny how we would cross path again. Small world. Small world.

SKYWARD Performance
Next up was the brothers from The Ming Thing. Seriously love their "More Than" Song. Wish that they would create more originals. Go listen to it at their youtube channel, HERE. Of course nothing could beat the acoustic version of the song :)

Learn that pink and blue lighting don't go well together when you take pictures.
Can't wait for more tutorial stuff from the sifu again :D

Can never go wrong with the classic :)

Famous Bloggers Interview with Emcee
The emcee, Linora, asked them about their beauty regime and etc

Can you spot your favourite blogger? :D

Cheesie is my favourite. Was so happy to see her in person but sadly she left right after her makeover ):
Wanted to take a picture with her but I guess it just wasn't meant to be. haha.

Makeover by 76 Style
There were 4 lucky people who got makeover from 76 Style. The two I remember was Cheesie and Jane. The other two were some lucky attendee :)

Check out the crowd of girls around the makeover demonstration! :O

Amelia in the mist of the crowd. Check out the dude next to her. hehe.

The girls getting their hair makeover :D

Loving Cheesie's blue hair!

Here is the other lucky attendee

Jane Chuck got her flower braid

That was sort of the last performance of the event. Took lots of pictures after that.

Testing my selfie skills with my cam. Failed miserably. Shall stick with my phone for selfies -.-

The crowd around 5pm?

Chloe, Amelia, I, Su Quan & Su Li

Li Chuen & I
Happy to have a chance to bump into her again. The last time we met was at a food review which I have still yet to post ): Shall do it after my scope ): *scare*

Amelia and I
My thigh looks weird. LOL

With Chloe and Amelia

Random shot by Amelia
I seriously need to stop smiling so scarily )':
Later got more wrinkles. zzzzz

Lance & I
Somehow my camera wasn't idiot proof. Couldn't get the colours to stop messing up the picture.

Lance trying out with my camera thinking he can fix it but it's still the same. LOL.

Another picture, but this time with Amelia's camera.

Took more pictures at the photo-booth again <3

More random pictures! :D

With Linora
Can't believe that she remember where we met. haha. What were the odds, that we would have met again at another Nuffnang event? hehe Can't wait to work with her one day ^^ Hopefully the opportunity will come by :)

Jane, DJ for us as the end to the event.

Seriously enjoyed myself to the max and you know what? Imma ready for my scope! :< It's at 14/4/2014, 9am. Hopefully nothing is wrong with me la. Don't understand what I am blabbering about? Read HERE.

Once again thank you Nuffnang and Herbal Essences for an incredible afternoon :) <3

Balloons make everything prettier <3

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Have a good week ahead!
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