Food: Burger Factory (SS15, Subang Jaya)

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Last Sunday, a bunch of us went to The Burger Factory at SS15 after Easter at church. Where is this place? It's at the heart of SS15, super near to Coffea Coffee. Can you believe that I have not been there since they open? I guess there wasn't anyone that jio me to eat there and most of my friends went there already. But thank goodness, I finally got to try it!

That big ass signboard you can't miss! :D

Btw all pictures were taken with my Olympus E-PL5 <3

The BURGER there was huge! Couldn't even get it all in a bite.
PS. I made a good burger model right? hehe.

Wonder what burger this it? 
I'll give you a hint, it's the same burger as what I ordered ;)

Curious to find out what kind of burgers they serve there?
Continue reading lo :)

Seriously I think if there was an award for burger restaurant signboards, 
bet they will win first place. heh.

Glass doors. Oh how quint. hee

Interior Designs

Somehow they got the whole barn/diner/country feel in the restaurant. Felt like I was in sound country music video location :)

There weren't any place downstairs, so we went up!

They got two sections upstairs, open air and aircon. Guess where we sat? I'll give you a hint, it was freaking hot that afternoon. hehe. 
So this was right behind me :)
Outside balcony

Burger factory is NOT SELF SERVICE. They got waiters coming at your order with just a BUZZ away :) I was so used to the whole self service thing, that I almost went all the way down just to order my burger :P So so-poh right? hehe.

The Buzzer with table stuff

Interior sticker decoration with all of their burger names

The Mene

There were just too many selection and if only I was a guy then I could have ordered two burgers. haha. It's a halal place btw, they serve chicken, beef and veggie burgers :) If you add on the set combo (RM6.90), you will get fries and A BOTTOMLESS DRINK!

Our Bottomless Mountain Dew
Even the table was also so country :P

Shall tell you later how long we waited for our burgers to arrive
Hawaiian Burger + Drink + Fries || RM20.80

Meet The Chic Burger || RM13.90

I can't comment anything about the other burgers that my friends ordered because I didnt get a chance to try it. Oh wells, I was actually struggling to even finish my AMERICANO Burger. Weird name right? Each time I think about it, I feel like I ordered coffee instead. hehe

The burger looked small because of the big basket holding it. You can't see it from the pictures because the burger wrapper was blocking it. Like I said earlier, it was HUGE. The patty was bigger than what I expected. Americano burger is beef patty btw :) I love the fact that my burger came with an egg. Burgers are perfectly complete that way. hehe. Though everything was big, kinda wished that their patty wasn't dry la. Felt like it was a little overcooked. Love their buns though. If you know me, burger buns aren't usually my thing unless it taste super fresh, soft and tasty. If not, usually i will just forgo the bun and aim for the meat. Weird right? ;)

Americano + Drink + Fries || RM18.80

Just look at that juicy meat!

Another burger modeling picture. hehe. 
Spot the girl behind, craving for my burger ;) FYI that's how you eat the burger at burger factory. With your hands! Just remember to wrap it with the wrappers first :D

Whatever w Beef || RM9.90
Trust me it looked bigger than that but I didn't want to take too many picture of poor david's food.

Why you ask? Well take a long guess on how long we waited for our food to arrive....
15 minutes? 20 minutes?

Nope, it was 35-40 minutes long!

The last time I waited so long for a burger was at Burgerlab wei. I honestly don't like waiting for my food. Especially on a Sunday afternoon because I hardly take breakfast on Sundays. So yeah. I asked my other friends that went to burger factory before, if their service was slow or not. And they said it wasn't slow. I guess we came with the entire subang weekend crowd ): 35 minutes was just too long for me. Sure we chat, took pictures and stare at each other but I could have been doing something productive with my time.

It would be awesome that if a restaurant realise that they might take a longer time to prepare their meal, they should inform the customers first lo. I saw a lot of restaurants that done it before. Maybe if I was told earlier about the wait, then I wouldn't have quite mind. There were a lot of HUNGRY FAMILIES there with kids there. Pity the parents needing to tell the kids the food is coming soon but it wasn't. HAHAHA.

Below are the pictures we took while waiting for 35 minutes and more. 40 minutes was because David's burger came the last percisly after 40minutes from our order time. 

I counted the time based on our order time and checked my phone when the food arrive 
Just in case you all were wondering.

Our poker faces. hehehe
 Carmen <3
 Ely and our cute phone covers. hehe
The end.

So which matters to you more? Speed of food delivery or food? Honestly, I won't mind coming back here again but not during the weekend. Maybe on a weekday la :) hehe.


The Burger Factory
A13, Jalan SS15/4D, Subang Jaya, 47500 Petaling Jaya. 

Tel : 03-56129992 

Opening Hours: Daily, 12pm-12am


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Happy food hunting! :D
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