Food: Restaurant Kwai Sun (SS15, Subang Jaya)

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Every Sunday after church, the big question of the afternoon would be, where should we eat? :) Most of the times we always just wander around SS15 or around USJ. Usually we always wait for one another to decide where to eat and most of the time it takes for every for us to choose.

This is a rather long post, it happened on the 9th March 2014. Anna and I was suppose to go out for lunch with a few other people la from 365. But, the restaurant we were suppose to go to close and they all left us in the end. Pfft. Seriously hate people who FFK after promising, but what ever la :)

We ended up going to the nearest restaurant that we can find. And it was none other than Restaurant Kwai Sun! :D Good old faithful Chinese Hawker Stall / Food Court <3

Same row as KFC if I am not wrong :)
They are apparently super famous for their fired kuay teow and popiah. But instead of ordering them, I went right ahead and order some China Nooddles. Somehow I got a thing for China Noodles. Love how it is always so fresh and yummy <3 Besides that, I never knew that going to that restaurant would allow me to bump into some iconic people. haha. I could be dramatizing but gosh, you should have seen me that day. Was just so happy until I could crack my cheeks from smiling too much. heh.

Teman for lunch, Anna! <3

Be prepare for jakun and some fan girl-ing in this post. haha.

Curious to find out what happen?
Continue Reading for more information ;)
Well let me being to when we first enter the restaurant. hehe. Just like a typical Chinese hawker foodcourt, we had to first find our seats before choosing from which store to order our food. As I was looking around for places to sit, I notice that there was a long pink hair dude seating with a girl also with long pink hair. It then took me a few seconds to realise that it was the Leader of An Honest Mistake (AHM) and his girlfriend there. HERE is one of my favourite song for AHM <3

FYI I am a huge fan of them, love their songs and I could actually sing along to their songs. I know it that well. Haha. Somemore I watch them play live at least twice already and I got their album too okay. haha. Sound like a hardcore fan right? :P Anyways it was such a coiencidence bumping into them. Just nice he stood and was looked at my direction. I think he remember seeing me before at his gig or what ever (I sounds damn perasan now. haha) but I said Hi and said I am a big fan of your songs. Hahaha. He was like, thanks! :) Left after that, didn't want to disturb them eating.

As I ordered my China Noodles, which was amazing btw! I totally forgotten what I ordered but I remember it was RM5 :)

 How it looks like...
China Noodles || RM5

 After ordering my noodles, I bump into a few of my BFM colleagues there. It was funny because I knew where they were interviewing people in the morning and didn't expect to see them again at lunch time. Oh what a small world. This was during the first week of water rationing and lots of restaurants in SS15 closed. I guess everyone decided to just go to Kwai Sun. haha. 

After getting back to my seat and waiting for my dish and Anna's dish to arrive, we notice that opposite us was a familiar face. Well, it was more like I noticed it first and told Anna. Hahaha. Anyways, it was an aunty and at first I thought it was some church aunty but as I looked closely again, it was none other than MAMA JIN. hehe. 

Went up to her after our lunch and when she finish her meal too :) She was so sweet la. Despite she was with someone, she asked, "HUH? You wanna take a picture with an aunty like me? Somemore I looked horrible now leh. haha.". After hearing that, I was like, "oh sorry aunty, actually I dont mind but if you don't want I understand". She then responded, "nevermind la, since a pretty girl like you ask, lets take a picture". She was just so cute and sweet la. Just how I imagine her to be.

Our picture together
So cute la mama jin. haha :) If you haven't watch her at ABUDEN, HERE IT IS :)

So YEAH, that was my random Sunday lunch adventure. hehe. There are many more random sunday lunch moments. Wish I can post them all but gosh, if only time was on my side. Got so many more food post all in the draft. Ah I need to move faster. hehe.


Restaurant Kwai Sun
Jalan SS15/4E, Subang Jaya

GPS: N 03 04.69
E 101 35.26


IN A FEW HOURS, is my doctor appointment where they are gonna reveal my second scope biopsy report. Please pray for me. Honestly this entire journey of entering in and out of the hospital is emotionally draining. Kinda scare on what they are about to tell me. Is it CANCER or is it fats?! Be sure before telling me ): If you got no clue what I am saying and you wanna know, click here.

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