PLOG: Hospital Visits (Part 1)

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This is gonna be another post log about my recent hiatus from blogging. I know it's been a week since I blog but gosh, I just wanna get this off my chest. Been very upset with myself that I am a little disorganized lately.

Today the doctor told me that,.....................could develop to CANCER )':

So if you wanna find out what happen to me, continue reading.
If you want la. It's super ranty. 

Hospital Visits
Bet the CANCER thing caught your attention right? 

31/3/2014 - Admitting for a scope
Well if you want more updates from my last post of my hospital visit, do see here at my dayre la. That was my experience first night ever in a hospital. Even missed History of Psychology Lecture for this ):

Did an ultrasound

My Room

The Toilet

Outside View

I went for the 4 beded room. 
Not sure why there was only 2 beds but yeah. It was RM98 per night.
Not bad la. No TV yeah. 3 meals provided with 2 big water bottle.

1/4/2014 - Scope!
[11PM - 7AM]
I am going to be honest la. Everything moved very fast on that day. Felt like I was experiencing an unpleasant dream, so don't expect me to go so much in detail. I was very tired after my scope and just wanted to sleep all day long. Too bad I had class the next day.

This was my staying and being admitted in a hospital. I didn't have a pleasant sleep that night. Not because I was scare but it was all of the other factors in the hospital. I had a roomie and during the night she would have nightmares. I could hear her moving about on her bed and sleep talking some stuff. Wanted to help get her up and tell her it's just a dream but I didn't even know her name (due to the different timings we enter the room and the visitors that came visiting us). So yeah. Felt that it was inappropriate for me to wake her and she got her sister by her side the whole time :) 

Btw thank you so much for all those who came visit me, call me, text me, fb me, whats app me and etc <3 You all made me feel so special and loved. Honestly I expected no one to care la, so imagine my surprise <3


Was awake by a nurse at 4AM IN THE MORNING! She came to check my temperature, heart beat and took blood out from me for some blood test. I was like a zoombie and wasn't ready for anyone to poke needles at me. Talk about ungodly hour. Wished that they would have let me know before hand while I was still awake, instead of barging in and waking me up to grab my blood. OH wells.

Was awake at that time as I had to get ready for the nurses and the doctor to examine me before my scope, which was booked at 9AM. I had to fast from 12AM until my scope was over. My tummy made a lot of noise the entire night and it was worst when breakfast for my roomie came. Could smell eggs and other shizz. Was practically drooling at the other side. haha.

Doctor finally came and visited me and got me prep to go to the other building of the hospital for the scope. They made me sat on a wheelchair and there was someone ready to push me all the way to the 'scope area'. heh. Felt like a datin, I didn't even need to walk. I was in my hospital gown then, everyone gave me way and I sat like a baby waiting to reach the next destination.

Me in my gown
Do note that if u ever have to wear a hospital gown, the strings ought to be at the back.

Saw a lot of people wearing it either ways. 
I asked the nurse and she said I wore it the right way :D

They made me lie on the bed and wait for my turn to do the scope. There were 4 people in the room where I was. It was like a scene of Grey Anatomy at the ER ROOM. 3 was asleep and another one was waiting their turn to do a scope. So there I was, just watching the nurses walk by and mom by my side. Moments later a nurse came by and asked me if I had read A LIST OF THINGS THAT COULD GO WRONG DURING A SCOPE. I was like WTC! Why are you showing me this minutes before my scope!? Why didn't you show me this yesterday? Anyhow, I read them all and the worst I saw was PNEUMONIA. I was so scare and just told the nurse to take the list away. haha. I am a chicken at this shizz. Told my mom I love her and the nurses pushed my bed into the 'SCOPE ROOM'.

The 'Scope Area'

Morning face

Saw my doctor there and they started their shizz on me la. The doctor sprayed something on my tongue and my throat, so that I would not feel anything when they push their camera down my throat and to my intestines. He missed my tongue and sprayed my teeth. haha. The spray was super effective for my tongue but OMG. During the entire time of the scope, I could feel the pain of the tube thingy down my throat. It HURT SO MUCH. I wanted to vomit it out. Kept gagging and wished for it to be over ASAP. And guess what? In a few minutes, it was over. The entire thing took about 10-15minutes? 

10-15MINUTES = RM500++ | To those are wondering how much a scope cost ): Expensive eh. So take care of your body and get insurance! If it wasn't for insurance, I wouldn't have done this la.

SO yeah, during the entire time, I couldn't believe that I was wide awake la. All of my friends kept telling me that I wasn't awake etc and they had drug me but wanted me awake during the procedure. So yeah.... When I got out of the room and met my mom again, the first thing I told her was, IT IS SO PAIN, MY THROAT HURTS SO MUCH NOW...

She just kept saying oh. oh okay. Apparently I was talking gibberish and she couldn't understand anything that I was saying. Guess the spray took away my speech for a moment. 

The next thing I know, I knocked out and slept. I guess it was from the drug and it was a much needed sleep. Slept so well until the nurse woke me up. They placed a tag on my hand saying 'fall risk patient'. hehe. And it was true la. When I got down from the 'scope area' bed and on to my wheelchair, I couldn't balance myself. Got back to my room and waited for food to arrive. I WAS SO HUNGRY. LIKE SERIOUSLY SO HUNGRY. Was kinda scare that my GERD would appear and kept telling the nurses to give me some food. But they told me that I can't eat right after my scope. So after 30 minutes? I drank some milo. Waited patiently on my bed for food to arrive.

Fall Risk.

FOOD HAS ARRIVED! Could have hug the nurse who brought my porridge. It wasn't much but it's still food! haha. The doctor came in to check up on me and he told me what he saw la.

Glorious FOOD

Apparently he found A LUMP at my stomach. He said that it's nothing to worry about as it could be fat (I was like whatttt -.-). He kept saying it's nothing to be alarm about and told me that it's best to get a biopsy done on the tissue that he took from the lump. I WAS SCARED AND THINKING WTC the entire time he talked about my lump. And I think he knows how afraid I was because I was just giving him my shocked face. So he set an appointment for me to see him on the 9/4/2014 to review the biopsy of the tissue from my lump.

Did you know that it takes about 4-5 hours to discharge from a hospital? That's including the documents signed, insurances details and payment settle. SO LONG! haha. Slept right away when I reached home.

9/4/2014 - Understanding that LUMP

Booked an appointment for 10.10am but only got to see the doctor around 11.30am. Guess all of the doctors are busy and follow Malaysian timing. hmmm.

So remember the C word I wrote above? Here it goes:

Doc starts by saying, Jessica what we found from the Tissue Antral Biopsy is rather weird. 
I was like whatttt? I thought you said it's nothing to worry about? 
Doc: Well, from the report of the biopsy, it is inflamed from mild - moderate and usually it shouldn't be like that.
I don't understand, what do you mean?
*Shows me a diagram of the human body. Points at the stomach and Intestine*
Doc: There are 3 stages in.......

The diagram he drew for me.

I am at the Dyspepsia (Moderate)
*the moment he said CANCER I JUST WENT BLANK*

I honestly was just shocked that he said cancer. That was the LAST thing I would ever expect myself to have. He said if he doesn't do a more detail check, then it could develop to cancer in 5-10 years. I literally pout because suddenly i wonder, could i get marry or get kids if I am at this shape. WTC LA CANCER. Haihs. So he said he want to do a more detail scope to know how far of the lump is it found it my stomach as the last scope only saw it at the walls of my stomach? So yeah. I am gonna be doing it on the 14/4/14. What a wonderful combination eh? haha. Super damn scare wei. Hopefully it's nothing serious they find at the next scope. Plus this scope is going to be around RM3.5K. Seriously thank goodness for insurances. Hope that all these shizz isn't a waste of money. haihs. FYI the lump is not related to the constant sharp pain I am having. So yeah.

The type of scope I am doing

My Biopsy Report
Anyone understand this shizz? Medical students?! <3

I wanted the Original copy of the Biopsy Report but the nurse gave me a copy. I wanted the original to show proof and what if I need another doctor's advice? I really wished that the nurse that was helping me would have been more alert. Not quite sure if she is a nurse or the doctor's PA but gosh was she blur.

She gave me a number a paper and told me to pay my doctor consultation fee. As I was walking to the lift, I notice that she didn't give me my biopsy report. So I went back and requested for it.

She: Oh sorry I forgotten
Me: No worries.
Got the copy of the biopsy report
Me: Erm the doctor told me earlier that I could have the original biopsy report. Could I have that instead of a print out copy?
She: I gave that to you last week. PLEASE go home and check.
*I was like what the crap? Last week? Last week the report wasn't even done la. You hungry until you mixing up documents is it?*
Me: No. I didn't. I think what you meant was my blood report. I want the biospy report. The one that the doctor showed me today.
She: Aiya, it's with you. I am certain I gave it to you the last time.
I stared to see if she know that she made a mistake and just said, OK and walk off.

The waiting area to see the doctor


Seriously why so blur? haihs. On another side of that, hospital got good food at their cafeteria wei. Don't laugh. It's not a food review. Just make sure you try it la if you got a chance too :)

Fish set | RM18
I didn't finish this if you were wondering. It was too much.

Their cafeteria

Anyways, I hope you all have a good and healthy week.
Hopefully everything will be alright >.<
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