Place: Shaka Ukulele Club (1 Utama Mall, Bandar Utama)

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Was walking around 1 Utama Mall the other day with my friends and I stumble upon this amazing UKULELE shop! :) Usually it's so rare to find pretty design Ukuleles in malls or even some music store.

Imagine my astonishment when I saw this store carrying pastel colour ukulele or beautiful wooden crafted designs on the ukulele <3

This store is near F.O.S Outlet

Reason why I am so fascinated on ukulele now is because a few of my friends want to get them but don't know where to get them. The cheapest ukulele this store sells is RM 99, while the most expensive is RM 2K. The most expensive one is due to the type of wood used. So yeah. Oh! All of the ukulele comes with a bag :) Some even got some promotion now!

Ukulele display in this picture are from RM 99 - RM 350

Want to see more of their designs?
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Shop: Jessabella (Setia Alam, Shah Alam)

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Finding clothes online can sometimes be difficult especially when you are of a certain size category. Honestly, since I was in high school, it has always been difficult for me to find clothes that fit me and actually look nice. Since I was kinda overweight and I think I kinda still am. lol.

I stumble upon Jessabella's online blogstore when I was about 16 or was it 17? Anyways it was heaven for me because for the first time I actually had a chance to fit into the clothes I see and like from the website. Ever since then, I been a loyal customer and some my clothes comes from them. So imagine my happiness when I discover last month that they finally have their own store! I was like a kid that found candyland. hehe.

Jessabella clothes ranges from L-XXXXXXXL
Yes you saw correctly! They even got clothes until 7XL.

They still run their online blogshop actively and they do have many stuff available, both online and at their store. It's my far my favourite affordable Malaysian plus size shop :) Took my cousin to visit the store last month because she needed some new pants for university. And gosh, the journey was FAR but worth it. Seeing all of the clothes and their size label made me feel like I belong and didn't had to be worry about not finding my size. From blouses to maxi dresses and even blazers! They have it all!

Do bring enough amount of cash! CASH ONLY :)

Sneak preview of the store

Find it difficult to find clothes that are pretty and fit you? 
I got the same problem too until I found this store <3
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Food: Miam Miam Cafe / FRANCO (1 Utama, Bandar Utama)

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Hey all! It's been a week or maybe longer. I am sorry was at Bangkok then in and out of the hospital. Shall update more about those two things soon! :) 

But first, here is a food post of a French Japanese restaurant at 1 Utama :)

Heard about it's existence from instagram. Seriously, it should be a crime for those who upload food pictures on instagram at night. Lol. Anyways I thought of trying out here since everyone raves about their french toast. Came here for dinner a month ago and now I finally got a chance to blog about it :)

Their Glorious French Toast
Can you hear the angels singing? lol.

Drooling at the sight of this?
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Food: Signature Cafearo by Yves ( 1Shamelin Shopping Complex, Cheras )

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A few weeks ago I got a chance to visit Signature Cafearo by Yves in 1Shamelin Shopping Complex for a food review, all thanks to Isabel :) It was an easy journey there as always, Waze was my guide. Just make sure you look out for Old Town White Coffee when looking for the inside entrance of the restaurant, it's at the ground floor of the mall.

Outside entrance of the restaurant

Honestly I LOVE  restaurant that serves an all rounder and that was found at Signature Cafearo by Yves :) They got Asian and Western main dishes. Besides food they also served AMAZING Coffee, Unique Fruity Drinks and even dessert! <3 Sounds too good to be true right? They even got various healthy salads that was even raved upon by Peter Davis (Click Here) ! :)

Preview of the food found from the restaurant

Looks amazing right? Curious to know more about the restaurant?
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Plog: Awkward/Terrifying Encounters No Girl Should Go Through Alone

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Hey~! Can't believe that it's Monday already. Been wanting to blog sooner but somehow one I seem to have a series of unfortunate events last week. Haha. Sounds so dramatic eh? It's not really. 

Some of the stuff that happened to me recently are somewhat hilarious and only a 'jess moment', that's what my friends like to call it la. It's so 'jess' that something like that could happen. 

So there is 3 incidents this pass month and I will try my best to be as detail as possible to remember what happen. 3 incidents that could either make you laugh, shiver or worry. As I am typing this now, I am some what disable? Currently on my left hand, only 4 fingers are available to use. Shall tell you about that later.

Lets just say that this post involves a car, policeman & terrifying gangs in cinema.

Hope none of you gone through these encounters

OOTD: The Blues

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It's been raining a LOT recently and it's sorta difficult to choose what outfit to withstand the rain. This outfit may not be practical to some people that are always going out and about but it was perfection for me. I wore this blue outfit to a restaurant launch and even braised through some rain.

I don't know about y'all but I hate getting puddle splash on my feet and legs. Hence I got the long skirt to protect my legs and the shoes to protect my feet.

Plus the jacket keeps me warm on a chilly day.

Just another OOTD post. 
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Cook: Easy Cheese Tortilla

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First time doing a cook post. haha. I guess there is a first for everything right? Recently my mom and sister been making wraps / tortilla for me for breakfast or supper. hehe. It's super easy to make and it only takes 15 minutes to do it! :D So I decided to try making my own and it turned out not bad lo :D

Everything on the tortilla skin


Hungry at this ungodly hour?
Want to try making some easy homecook supper?
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Fashion: Jaspal Spring & Summer 2014 Collection & How To Get A Good OOTD Pose

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 Edgy, Bold, Prints and Luxurious SS'14 Collection

It's May and last month was Fashion Week. I was lucky enough to attend to various leading brands fashion show and one of them was Jaspal. Shall blog about the fashion show events later. I wanted to try something different this time. Instead of showing you the clothes from the fashion show, I shall just blog with their catalog SS'14 collection. Their Spring & Summer 2014 collect look absolutely AMAZING and to SPLURGE for! Fyi, I will also do a little list on how to do a good Outfit of the Day (OOTD) picture.

Not sure if you notice much of Jaspal Clothing but this ought to be the first time where I have a strong urge to just buy all of their new season line. It was a modern fusion with the 50's & 60's Hollywood Glamour.

There is even tips for those FASHIONISTAS on how to take the perfect LOOKBOOK OOTD :P 
Curious to know what is Jaspal's SS'14 Collection? 
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Event: KakaoTalk Bringing You Together-Gether (The Gardens)

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So on the 19th April 2014, Kakaotalk had their a Youtube Bringing You Together-Gether event at The Gardens. Amelia was one of the few lucky ones who score passes to this event. Guess who was her teman? hehe <3 Thank you Amelia :) Actually I didn't know about this event until Amelia kept telling me about it and I thought why not and just go to see what was lined up for Youtubers at the event lo :) Thanks Amelia!

The crowd at 2pm

We arrive right on time as when they say it would start but apparently we were suppose to arrive around 1.30pm to register ourselves. Dear Amelia didn't know about it and we came in at 2pm with lots of people already filling up the entire place and we end up way behind. Oh wells. haha. Thought that we would be the oldest there but it turns out that aunties also turn up for the event and some looked way older than us :D Good to know that there are all ages of fans to the youtubers.

Oh for this event, Zalora collaborated with KakaoTalk. So all of the outfit you see the youtubers wearing at this event is from Zalora :)

Photo Credits: Amelia

Curious to know how some of the youtubers started out?
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Food: Han Woo Ri (Taipan, Subang Jaya) - New Lunch Set Menu!

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So I don't know if you know this, but I absolutely LOVE Korean food. So far, the best place in Subang that got good korean food, service and pricing ought to be Han Woo Ri. You can see my last post of them. Hehe. Since then I been their fan and there was even an entire month every Sunday, where I went to their restaurant for lunch. LOL.

The interior

Been craving for Korean food all this time and finally got to have some on Sunday. hehe. Oh it's MAY people. Gosh time pass by so fast. They just open another outlet at Damansara Uptown and they got opening discount for both lunch and dinner time! So those that are around there, can get awesome korean food without travelling all the way to Subang. heh. They got a new menu too, with some new dishes.

Got a chance to try Bossam thanks to Han Woo Ri <3

Craving for some korean food? Want to eat like the koreans? :D
Just look at that glorious PORK :D hehe.
Oh I didn't wear make up for this lunch. So yeah, see my pimples. heh. :P

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Plog: Hospital Visit (Part 3)

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Hey y'all! It's been 2 weeks and a half since I update my hospital plog details. Honestly, it's kinda depressing updating this. Kinda constantly makes me feel like something is wrong with me. Yes I know something is wrong with me physically but I guess I am just in denial? Still feels like this is all a nightmare.

Confuse on what I am taking about? In a nutshell, I got a LUMP in my STOMACH. Read Part 1 & Part 2 of Hospital Visits for more details. Hehe. This feels like a drama series somehow. Haha.

Anyways, I went to the doctor at University Hospital on the 24th May 2014. This post will just recap what the doctor there told me and details on the REMOVAL of my lump appointment :/ Besides that, I will also answer some common asked by everyone and hope that I answer them correctly at the end of this post :)

Preview of the 8 Commonly Asked Questions:
1) What happen to you ah?
2) What is the lump?
3) How did you get the lump?
4) How and Why did you find the lump?
5) Does the lump hurt you?
6) Are you going to die because of lump?
7) Is the lump related to your stomach pain?
8) When are you getting the lump remove?

Curious? BTW there is a picture of my lump at the end of this post.
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