Event: KakaoTalk Bringing You Together-Gether (The Gardens)

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So on the 19th April 2014, Kakaotalk had their a Youtube Bringing You Together-Gether event at The Gardens. Amelia was one of the few lucky ones who score passes to this event. Guess who was her teman? hehe <3 Thank you Amelia :) Actually I didn't know about this event until Amelia kept telling me about it and I thought why not and just go to see what was lined up for Youtubers at the event lo :) Thanks Amelia!

The crowd at 2pm

We arrive right on time as when they say it would start but apparently we were suppose to arrive around 1.30pm to register ourselves. Dear Amelia didn't know about it and we came in at 2pm with lots of people already filling up the entire place and we end up way behind. Oh wells. haha. Thought that we would be the oldest there but it turns out that aunties also turn up for the event and some looked way older than us :D Good to know that there are all ages of fans to the youtubers.

Oh for this event, Zalora collaborated with KakaoTalk. So all of the outfit you see the youtubers wearing at this event is from Zalora :)

Photo Credits: Amelia

Curious to know how some of the youtubers started out?
Continue Reading for more information :)

Photo Credits: Amelia
While waiting for the event to start, let's us take a selfie. hehe

Okays before I start, I just want to say that I am writing this to how I remember the event. If there is anything untrue or miswritten, just let me know by commenting at the bottom :)

The Ming Thing was the first Youtuber Group

Anyone here don't know who they are? Somehow when I first heard of The Ming Thing (TMT), I thought they were some Chinese speaking youtube group because of 'Ming' as their name. Sound so racist right? Haha. Well, for those that don't know about The Ming Thing, check out their VIDEOS HERE. My favourite video from them is Your Accent Come From Where & This Is Why Web Series :)

So if you don't know, the reason why they are call The Ming Thing is because the Ming brothers started the Youtube channel and along came Bryan and Raffi. Ming Han and Ming Yue are indeed brothers. Can you guess which is the older one? Haha. To be honest, when I first started watching their videos, I had no clue that they were even related. I guess it's sort of like Jacq and I, both personality and looks are way different, so I guess it's hard to tell unless you know their names! :D So yeah. They talked about that after they introduce themselves on stage. Bryan and Raffi are the ones in charge of filming and slowly getting in front of the camera too. Raffli was HILARIOUS on their recent upload of Cheer Auditions, GO WATCH! :D 

Ming Han, Ming Yue, Raffi and Bryan

Besides that, they also premiere their new video to all of us. Everyone laughed like crazy as it was so relatable and well it's the reality and expectations of a relationships. I bet the couples could especially hint this to their partners. TMT also talked about how they are back from their hiatus period and that they will be more consistent in uploading their videos :) Besides that, TMT also emphasized to those who are thinking of starting a youtube channel, to just start now without waiting for the perfect time. So all you aspiring youtubers, you heard the man! Just do it! Don't wait :D

Next up was The Grim Film

Somehow I forgotten why are they named The Grim Film but it first started by both Jared and Roy. Their first video was The Long Distance. Not quite sure if you all have watched it before, but when it was first uploaded I remember replaying it on Youtube a LOT. It was the first time I watch a 'bittersweet' kinda video on Youtube? You know how most of Youtube videos are quite hilarious and funny, well theirs were thought provoking and emotionally beautifully written la. Somehow at the end of their videos, I would always wanna run to my love ones and say I love you. I guess sometimes videos like that show us how lucky we are to have people around us to love us. So yeah :) Oh, they also mention that Roy is no longer with them, but they do have Hassan now in charge of videography, while Wei Chen is currently the one in charge of marketing for The Grim Film :)

Jared, Hassan and Wei Chen

Believe it or not but Wei Chen and Jared are brothers! Guess 'siblings' are like the new partners to start a youtube channel eh? :) Besides that, they also mention that they are currently filming a new video for Mother's Day, inspired by their own Mother's story. So stay tune to their channel, HERE :)

Joseph Germani was next

When his name was called up, you should have listen to the amount of girls screaming his name. It was like the entire room was his fan club. haha. All them young girls. hehe. Joseph talked about his solo video-ing experienced and how he didn't quite thought through about his Youtube name? He talked about how how he first started as a youtuber and his first meet up with Dan Khoo. The way he describe it was hilarious, apparently Dan Khoo asked him to collaborate and to act in his video. The first thing Dan told him was to strip down for the video. Which caught Joseph off guard but that was apparently the first of the many videos that they have collaborated together. Joseph then talked about his first video with JinnyBoyTV, where we acted as Ah Wing and he had to even cross dressed. It's funny how youtubers meet. haha.

Joseph talking about his youtube experience

Next up the emcee asked him a series of questions regarding Monchichi. So Joseph explained that Monchichi was all Lareine's idea. How the chorus of Monchichi was actually her victory song after she wins a game. Forgotten what game did they played? It was one of those online games la, either DOTA or Counter Strike. So yeah. That's pretty much it :)

The emcee even asked him to show Monchichi dance moves. 
I recorded it, so enjoy! :D

Oh did I mention that everyone in the hall sang along to Monchichi too? haha.
Check out his other videos HERE :)

Dan Khoo was next! :)

Dan talked about how he first started Youtube but gave up later and focus in college? Back then he had less than 20 people following him for a couple of years. Then when he started back at Youtube he used Dan Khoo Production as his new account. Kinda wonder, what is his old account name but he said, he won't be sharing that information with anyone. haha. So since then he collaborated with a lot of other Youtubers. Currently one of his highest viewed video is BANANA with Ling Big Yong and Dennis Yin. To those that don't speak mandarin but are chinese can relate to that video the most. I know I could relate to it since I am a banana myself. haha.

Last picture of the event

Shortly half way through his speech, Amelia and I had to run off as I had a speech to make somewhere else. Was kinda disappointed to leave because I wanted to hear the what Jin and Reuben had to say lo ): Oh wells.


Apparently they showed and talked about their new video, The Rose. For more videos of JinnyBoyTV, CLICK HERE! Do check out Abuden & Only in Malaysia! Amazing videos :) That's all I know what happen after we left. Besides that, all of the Youtubers also played games with those that came to the event. Some of the attendees got to score some KakaoTalk Toys home. haha.

Photo Credits: KakaoTalk Facebook Page
Everyone at the event!

That was pretty much what happened at the event :D

Photo Credits: Amelia
One last selfie of that day :)


The Ming Thing
The Grim Film
Joseph Germani
Dan Khoo Productions

KakaoTalk Malaysia
Zalora Malaysia

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Have a good day ahead everyone!
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