Food: Miam Miam Cafe / FRANCO (1 Utama, Bandar Utama)

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Hey all! It's been a week or maybe longer. I am sorry was at Bangkok then in and out of the hospital. Shall update more about those two things soon! :) 

But first, here is a food post of a French Japanese restaurant at 1 Utama :)

Heard about it's existence from instagram. Seriously, it should be a crime for those who upload food pictures on instagram at night. Lol. Anyways I thought of trying out here since everyone raves about their french toast. Came here for dinner a month ago and now I finally got a chance to blog about it :)

Their Glorious French Toast
Can you hear the angels singing? lol.

Drooling at the sight of this?
Continue reading to find out what other dishes they serve!

The entrance
It's the same row as TGIF :)

Love their lighting at the front of the restaurant

The interior
It was a mix of retro and current hipster trend with all of the metal chairs and cutesy floral cutlery holder :)

Teman of the night!
Sweet cousin diana <3

As always I took some pictures of their menu
Check out which dish that is available for your future visit there! :D

Their Macha Drinks are a MUST order!!
Almost every table had one except us ): Shall order it next time :)

Love the cutesy cutlery setting
It's the little things of the restaurant that people usually remember.
*Hint hint* Advice to all those wanting to start a new restaurant soon.

They serve FREE WATER too
So all those who are like me that are only willing to spend for the food, ask for the free water! :P

Us while waiting for the food to arrive

Have to say that the tables in the Miam Miam are kinda small. So once the people next to us left, we combine their table with ours and it felt way better and more space for our food.

And then our food arrive! :D Our desserts came before our main course! ): Do note that each dish takes about 15-25 minutes. Check with your waiters!

The Holy Grail of French Toast
Kinda spam taking pictures of it :D

French Toast || RM 16.80
Everything was just perfect. Definitely one of their best dessert dish in the place! Even looking back of the pictures make me want to run back and order some.

Cream, syrup and toast = the perfect combo

Next up was PANCAKE! <3

This ought to be the fattest & prettiest pancake I ever seen in my life. haha. 

THIS baby is covered in caramel syrup and decorated with dark chocolate at the bottom. It's SUPER SWEET. So all those with a sweet tooth would definitely love this dish. The ice cream had a soft taste and help neutralized the entire dish :) The yellow thing there is banana if you don't know. I went wild with the pictures again. Continue to drool :P

Caramelized Banana Pancake || RM 19.80

Here is a size comparison
It ain't that big la but it's super duper filling!

After getting full and bloated from our desserts, our main dish arrive. LOL.

Souffle De Nuage || RM 28.80

Name sounds super fancy right? It's actually baked egg rice. Souffle itself got lots of eggs. So imagine steam soft eggs at the top and then rice, cheese, ham, vegetables and mushrooms at the bottom. That was what this dish was filled with. I even got a video of it. Go check it out. This dish is equally as famous as the french toast. I see a lot of pictures of this dish on instagram. This is worth ordering but do note it can be share with 2-3 people. When we reach this dish, we were so full and couldnt finish it ):

Here is the video

Here is the size comparison
My face LOL.

The inside

Enjoy your date/reunion meet ups/dinner! :)

Miam Miam Cafe
Lot 146, G Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, 48200 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Tel: 03-7731 8923
Monday - Sunday 11:00 - 22:00


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Have a beautiful night ahead <3

UPDATED - 12/10/2014
It's been 5 months since my last visit and so far it's still the same as I remember it. Service is good and the wait wasn't long. Went there before an event during the week with Suquan. She ordered some pasta that I forgotten. hehe.

 This was the pasta she ordered.
It's very flavorful. At one glance it reminded me of rojak. I do love the sesame dressing sauce. It was amazing. This dish can be shared by two person yeah. As always, their portion are slightly bigger than average.

Suquan and I

It's been 5 months. Yes I know I gained weight. haha. 
Anyways hope that you all have a pleasant food adventure and hope this update helps :)
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