Food: Signature Cafearo by Yves ( 1Shamelin Shopping Complex, Cheras )

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A few weeks ago I got a chance to visit Signature Cafearo by Yves in 1Shamelin Shopping Complex for a food review, all thanks to Isabel :) It was an easy journey there as always, Waze was my guide. Just make sure you look out for Old Town White Coffee when looking for the inside entrance of the restaurant, it's at the ground floor of the mall.

Outside entrance of the restaurant

Honestly I LOVE  restaurant that serves an all rounder and that was found at Signature Cafearo by Yves :) They got Asian and Western main dishes. Besides food they also served AMAZING Coffee, Unique Fruity Drinks and even dessert! <3 Sounds too good to be true right? They even got various healthy salads that was even raved upon by Peter Davis (Click Here) ! :)

Preview of the food found from the restaurant

Looks amazing right? Curious to know more about the restaurant?
Continue Reading to find out more

The Mall

I almost missed the shopping mall because I didn't see the sign. Anyways I took this picture for you all to have a clearer understanding. I am a blur Subang Girl, so driving to Cheras was a little difficult for me since I went alone. But after going there once, the other times were like a breeze :) Get someone to help manage the direction when you are heading there! Go to the restaurant with your food buddies. Don't eat alone. Food is always better with company. haha. On to the review. Heh. Got a little sidetracked there. Oh I forgotten to mention, THIS PLACE IS pork-free :) So everyone can enjoy the goodness of their food!


Inside the Mall Entrance

You have to go through a little path on the left after you see Old Town White Coffee. If you can't find the inside entrance, you could always come in through the outside entrance too! :D

Outside Entrance

Love how the restaurant is super spacious and there was a little garden theme for their outside decorations. Somehow I forgotten to take a picture of it. 

Food display at the counter

The interior

The inside interior of the restaurant reminds me of a fusion of elegance and comfort? I LOVE their lights, how beautiful it just lights up the restaurant especially with the dangling effect. Feel like the restaurant would be perfect for birthday parties for the open space :)

THE FOOD : 3.5/5
I really love the decoration and how the food was being placed on the dish. So often a lot of restaurant forget how important that presentation of the food is as important for the food too.

Here was our menu for the afternoon :)

Vast Ocean Salmon Salad || RM15.90

I was happy when I saw the seeds in the salad. The pumpkin seeds was an amazing combo with all of the freshly sliced vegetables, they even got asparagus in the salad! <3 The honey mustard sauce helped to balance the entire meal along with the salmon. Talk about a delicious healthy guilt free meal!

Summer Angel || RM14.90

Was kinda hoping to see the dish to look more angelic because of the name but as I had a taste of the dish, I kinda understood why they named it Summer Angel. As you can see from the picture, it's a very colour dish, which I guess represent summer since during that time, colours are more strikingly bright. The reason how 'Angel' is related to the dish is because of the various fruits, raisins and vegetables found on the dish along with Signature's homemade sweet dressing at the side. Definitely a must have for those who want to get their proper vitamins in their meals.

Roasted Mushroom Soup || RM 8.90

Love how they blended the mushrooms. I know I sound so jakun now but a lot of restaurant still serves the mushroom soup from the CANS and they should be ban from doing so lo. Everything should be specially made. Lol I sound damn princess now. But besides that, the sound was good. Kinda didn't like the small bread in my soup. Prefer it to be an option for me whether I want it in my soup or not. Because by the time I drank the soup, the bread in my soup was so 'lembik' -.-

Smoked Salmon & Spinach Quiche || RM 15.90

MAKE SURE TO EAT THIS DISH WHEN IT'S HOT. haha. Just wanna let you all know first so that you would have a better food experience. Quiche, Oh how I love Quiche. Its been a while since I had Quiche and this was just heavenly, honestly if I ain't a fan of spinach but it was a wonderful combo with the salmon. Everything is always better with the salmon <3 Plus I am glad that the crust wasn't too thick, or else, it would have been super filling. It was a very good portion, enough to make one full. FYI, they got other types of Quiche as well on their menu.

Soft Shell Crab Mustard Mayo Wrap || RM 13.90

I am a huge fan of soft shell crab! This dish is perfect for one that wants to go for a lighter meal. Somehow feel that the wrap and soft shell crab was like a mexican japanese fusion dish. lol. Well, the soft shell crab was a little too chewy for me. Besides from that, everything was good, especially with the mustard mayo <3

Smoke Duck Pesto Fettuccine || 17.90

OMG. I honestly have to say that this DISH was my all TIME FAVOURITE from everything I had in the restaurant. The duck, the pesto, the sesame seeds, everything was just perfect. I wanted more of the duck but gosh, had to control myself when I licked clean my plate. Teehee. Figure of speech yeah :P

Oceanic Secret Night || RM 18.90

This stir fried pasta with olive was one of my least favourite from the bunch. Some how I just felt that this dish was too over powering of taste for me. The pasta and salmon was just too salty for my taste. My other blogger friends, loved it. I guess if you love your dish to have lots of flavors and unique taste, along with salmon, then this dish is for you :)

Soft Shell Crab + Ham Cheese Bake Egg Rice || RM19.90

Its different that this dish was not over power by the cheese. Instead it was good combo mixed with egg and the crab. Nonetheless, this dish is super filling, so make sure to order this with an appetite. The soft shell crab here was the same as the soft shell crab earlier mention. Aside from that, it's a good dish, for someone craving for a heavy dish :)

I wish, I could tell you in detail how was the desserts like but honestly, I couldn't eat anymore. So I just had the side dishes, main dishes and their amazing drinks! :D But do look at the pictures of their dessert that I took. It's mouth watering. That review day, the major hit was the coffee cheese cake! So do take note when ordering your desserts! :)

Carrot Cake || RM 7.90

Coffee Cheese Cake || RM 8.90

Bread & Butter Cake || RM 7.90

More desserts! :)
Perfect for event catering! Oh those sweeties. hehe.

Check out their Smoked Salmon & Spinach Quiche before they serve it to us :O

I ordered about 4 drinks for myself. Hence I couldn't have room for the desserts. haha.

Strawberry Fizzy || RM 6.60

This drink gives you a big sugar rush. Make sure to stir it until the entire drink is purple-ish? It was a little too sweet for me but I love how the drink's design was and the strawberry was just a perfect touch to the drink! :D

Mango Fizzy || RM 6.60
This was Chloe's drink. Surprisingly it was just perfect. Wasn't too sweet. Just nice.

Honey Cafe Latte || RM 7

I have never encounter a honey latte before so imagine my excitement when I saw this baby on the menu. It's sweet. Something like vanilla latte sweet but the honey presence was strong enough to taste it on the first sip :) hmmmm. I loved it lo. Note! I don't put any sugar in my latte.

Affogato || RM 7

This was HEAVEN. Can you tell what is that? It's Ice cream with an espresso shot at the bottom. I expected the drink to be super sweet but it was more like a bitter sweet even after stirring. The perfect coffee combo <3 There was also caramel on the top. Felt that the biscuit was redunted but perfect for visual la. Usually I don't eat the cookie they provide with the coffee. Feel that it is not needed and might just ruin the coffee. Seriously, I will RETURN for this drink <3 This drink was so strong that I end up sleeping at 4AM that day. haha. FYI super affortable wei!

Irish Cream Latte || RM 7

Here is another unique latte that I can mark off my bucket list :) I kinda expected this to be a strong coffee drink but it was more milky than I expected. Oh wells, for those that want a light latte would love this! :D

Me and my numerous drinks. hehe.

PRICE: 4/5
It was quite reasonable for the portion and ingredients given. ESPECIALLY THE DRINKS. If only I could return everyday for their coffee <3

The food all layout for us

The Chef


Got a chance to sign at the restaurant's wall. This is my second time signing at a restaurant.

It was an honour to have left my signature there <3 Thank you for the opportunity!

With the girls after our signing on the wall moment. haha
Was glad to meet familiar faces at the food review :) Always a good catch up session!

With the popular Isaac Tan! :D 
Finally got a chance to meet in person.

With the cutesy Jia Qi :)

With the bubbly LuLu :)

With dear Chloe! :D 
Was so happy she was there <3 We even had our catch up session after the event :)

The food ready for us to munch and review on

All of the Bloggers busy at work

Our photo session :)

For more details on what they serve, here is their Menu

Hope this post helps families with diverse cravings. haha.


Signature Cafearo By Yves
C-G-03A, Ground Floor, 1 Shamelin Shopping Mall
100, Jalan 4/91, Taman Shamelin Perkasa, 56100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-9286 6811

Selfie before the event :)

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Have a good Sunday night ahead!
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