Plog: Awkward/Terrifying Encounters No Girl Should Go Through Alone

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Hey~! Can't believe that it's Monday already. Been wanting to blog sooner but somehow one I seem to have a series of unfortunate events last week. Haha. Sounds so dramatic eh? It's not really. 

Some of the stuff that happened to me recently are somewhat hilarious and only a 'jess moment', that's what my friends like to call it la. It's so 'jess' that something like that could happen. 

So there is 3 incidents this pass month and I will try my best to be as detail as possible to remember what happen. 3 incidents that could either make you laugh, shiver or worry. As I am typing this now, I am some what disable? Currently on my left hand, only 4 fingers are available to use. Shall tell you about that later.

Lets just say that this post involves a car, policeman & terrifying gangs in cinema.

Hope none of you gone through these encounters

Before I begin, just wanna say to all those who ever slam the door to your finger, I know how you feel ): The PAIN is unending and I don't know how can you sleep without feeling the pain ):

Last Saturday after attending a wedding, it's either the sky was so beautiful or I was blur that I forgotten to move my hand from the car door and slam the door to my finger! The entire finger is blue now ): Just came back from an event at Bonia and everyone thought that it was blue nail polish -.- Seriously? Even the finger is all swollen up like a balloon. Ugh

Left: 2 hours after the slam incident
Right: 24 hours after the slam incident
It's day 3 now and trust me, the finger looks worst than ever ):

Time for the stories of the month
The Car, The Policeman and The Cinema Gangs

The Car
Recently at MyDin, after shopping for some cupboards, I was heading back to my car to drive it to my mom at the entrance where she was with the purchase cupboards. As I was walking to my car, I notice that there was a HUGE scratch mark along with a den at the right end of the car. I notice that the car parked on my right was no longer there.

In anger I was about to scream but I thought whats the point? So just like any car owner, I just went over to the scratch mark and sayang my car. I also wanted to know how deep was the scratches and hope that I could fix it. As I was bending down and rubbing the scratches at the car, I notice that the car was dirtier than how I remember my car was and suddenly I realize that the car's engine is ACTUALLY ON. I was like OMG, I looked up and notice the driver of the car staring at me with a puzzle face. Quickly I register what was happening and notice that I got the wrong car! MY CAR was 3 car away from his. I ran and didn't look back.

Entered my car and drove towards my mom. Heh. I got more car stories but gosh, it would just show how blur I can be. tsk.

The Policeman
Last week, my cousin and I went shopping at a boutique shopping in Setia Alam. The shop was above a mamak shop. After spending an hour or so trying on clothes, I heard people calling out police dah datang! I was shock because I remember that there was no parking ticket machine anywhere when I parked my car. I ran down in the boutique's clothes (which I BOUGHT afterwards) and notice that there were a bunch of police men & women ready to 'saman' anyone without a parking ticket.

I went to the first policeman I saw and told him (in Bahasa) 'That I am not from around here and had no clue that there was a parking ticket that can be bought'. He ask (in Bahasa) 'Oh where are you from?'. I didn't hesitate telling because I don't want a 'saman' and he was a policeman after all (oh how stupid of me), 'I'm from Subang and we don't use parking voucher there'. Policeman replied, 'Oh Subang, well, that mamak store sells the parking voucher, you can get it there.'

I went to the mamak store and got the voucher (It cost me RM6.40!). Bought it and went back to my car to scratch the right date and time. I notice the policeman coming back to me and coming closer to me, as I was scratching the parking voucher. I then notice that his other fellow policeman told him that they are leaving to see the other area to check on the cars, and he replied them, 'I will meet you all there. I wanna stay here for a moment'. RED FLAGS started to come out and I scratch the voucher as fast as I could as I felt it was weird for him not to leave.

As soon as I finish and left the ticket in my car, that policeman came up to me and asked for my number. I was SHOCKED and almost blurted out, 'WHAT THE HELL YOU WANT MY NUMBER FOR?'

He replied, 'Well, to check up on you and to just make sure on stuff'. I was still shocked and said no. But he kept insisting and after insisting for 6 times, I just gave up and gave him a fake number. He then he was pleased when he got it. He wrote it down on his hands and he then asked for my name. I gave him a fake name too and he rode off in his police bike.

I never knew policemen did this kind of shizz until I told my friends and they told me that they encounter it a lot too ): My trust in policeman is gone. And I will always keep my guard around them now ):

Shall blog about the cinema thing soon. Need to rush out now. Bye! <3

Updated - 18/5/2014
So the cinema story, I know what must you be thinking now, what could actually happen in a cinema? Well, last week, my guy friend and I watched Spiderman together and it was a night I won't forget. It was a terrifying time watching at the cinema. Maybe I am over dramatizing it but I bet at that moment the people around us at the hall were either annoyed or scared to voice it out.

Before the movie started, as always there were trailers showing. My friend and I were getting ourselves ready for the movie and we silent our phone. As we were watching the trailers, there were guys at the back making a LOT of noise. At certain scenes of the trailers which WAS NOT funny, they would laugh and laugh out loud. At first I thought they were high on weed. Because even when the movie started and when it was the action moments of Spiderman fighting the villain they laughed so much. I was so tempted to SHHH them but I notice that the laughes were coming from a group of guys at the back row and no one in the cinema actually dared to do it. So out of curiousity I turned back and true enough, they were in a group, they look like they are in their mid 20's. It was around 10pm or 11pm when we watched our movie. So it's either they are high or they were drunk and from hearing previous stories from a friend of mine working at a cinema, you should never mess with a drunk person. (Curious to know about the story my friend told me? Ask me when you see me. lol)

FYI the cinema hall was full, but no one spoke up. I guess we all wanted to just finish the movie and get home safely. Besides laughing, the guys even answered their phones and reply back yelling. So another sign not to do anything. All cinemas should have their workers present in a hall so that situations like this can be avoided lo. When the movie ended, the guys left and I made sure that we waited a while until they left. Sounds so dramatic right? But better safe than sorry. 

So yeah, that was my cinema story.

Experience anything similar to this? Comment and let me know.

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