Plog: Hospital Visit (Part 3)

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Hey y'all! It's been 2 weeks and a half since I update my hospital plog details. Honestly, it's kinda depressing updating this. Kinda constantly makes me feel like something is wrong with me. Yes I know something is wrong with me physically but I guess I am just in denial? Still feels like this is all a nightmare.

Confuse on what I am taking about? In a nutshell, I got a LUMP in my STOMACH. Read Part 1 & Part 2 of Hospital Visits for more details. Hehe. This feels like a drama series somehow. Haha.

Anyways, I went to the doctor at University Hospital on the 24th May 2014. This post will just recap what the doctor there told me and details on the REMOVAL of my lump appointment :/ Besides that, I will also answer some common asked by everyone and hope that I answer them correctly at the end of this post :)

Preview of the 8 Commonly Asked Questions:
1) What happen to you ah?
2) What is the lump?
3) How did you get the lump?
4) How and Why did you find the lump?
5) Does the lump hurt you?
6) Are you going to die because of lump?
7) Is the lump related to your stomach pain?
8) When are you getting the lump remove?

Curious? BTW there is a picture of my lump at the end of this post.
Continue Reading ba :)

24th May 2014 - Visit to UM Specialist Centre (UMSC)
So the appointment was at 7.30pm. This ought to be the first time I hear doctors at hospitals arrange for such a late appointment. This doctor is a professor, so I guess that could explain why he is so busy and working until late nights. Apparently he is the best doctor to go for Gastronomy problems. If I knew, I would have visited him from the start instead of going to Sime Darby. haha. Oh wells.

Just in case you are wondering where UM Specialist Centre is at, it is the private side of University Hospital. It's after Masha University and before University Malaya.  Make sure not to miss that narrow left turning. Or else you gotta make a long U-Turn back. haha.

7.30PM - The Wait
Waited for my number to appear on the the hospital TV. Honestly, I didn't know that UMSC would be so clean and hi-tech. haha. While waiting I notice that it's only my mom and I at the waiting hall. There were a few doctors available that night for patients, about 4-5 at the floor? All of them were professors. 

The wait

The place

They even got Massage Chairs at the corner!

7.48PM - In the Doctor's Room
We introduce ourselves and I explain my situation while the doctor looked through all of my documents from Sime Darby. I showed him my second scope video and he said that from the video, it doesn't look harmful but from the biopsy report, it shows otherwise. After reviewing the documents and video clips, he talked to me about my OPTIONS in dealing with the scope. He told me there was two options, either leave the lump in my stomach but continually going for scopes to view whether it is growing or REMOVE IT. Before we could answer, he told us the PROS & RISKS of both option. FYI the past two doctors I went two never went in so detail with me before my first two scope, they just passed me a paper of the risk of my scopes minutes before I gone for it -.- 

Be Prepare FOR some disgusting pictures of my lump from the first scope video

The 1-CM size LUMP in my stomach

FYI my stomach is apparently inflamed, hence the red dotes everywhere.

Want to hear the risk of removing the lump from my stomach? The lump is 1-cm btw. Well, my lump as I mention in the previous post, is at the second layer of my stomach, which is called submucosa. The worse thing that could possibly happen is the doctor cutting too deep into my stomach when removing the lump. If that happens, there would be a hole in my stomach and I will DIE. haha. So yeah. If he is fast enough to fix the hole, I will survive but live painfully forever. Sounds depressing eh? Well, thank goodness, he assured me that it was rare risk and that I have nothing to worry about. But honestly la, you can't blame me for still being scare right? :/

So I will be removing my LUMP on the 20th of May, which is in two weeks time. Reason being it delay is because, it's during my semester break and after my family holiday which was planned a year ago. So yeah. There will be some vacation pictures up next week, remember we planned it a year ago and ironically the bad stuff comes along. haha. Anyways, it is also A BLESSING IN DISGUISE. Am thankful that we found this lump while it's still pre-cancer, instead if finding out about it when I am 35 and it would have been too late.

Some stuff to know about this removal procedure:
1. It's an hour long SCOPE and I will be awake again )':
2. They promise to sedate me before the scope and I will force myself to sleep. heh.
3. My SCOPE is in the afternoon
4. I have to fast from 12AM before the scope and after the scope until the next day! )':
5. If my stomach don't seem to be healing after the removal of the lump, I will have to fast and be hospitalize for extra days.
6. I will be on medication after the scope for 2-3months? Kinda forgotten how long but I know its more than a month's worth of medication to take. Sniff.


Oh, I also asked the doctor, what caused my lump. I asked whether it was because I slept late or have irregular meal times. He said usually for lifestyle habits, it would take decades until it form to a lump. So he suggested that it could be GENETICS. There are a few people at my mom's side that got cancer, so it could be a possibility ):

Been taking some medication to reduce the inflammation on my stomach

It's a LOT OF MEDICATION. The worse part is I am usually forgetful and the fact that I gotta eat this before my meals is even harder to follow. UGH. Remember jess. Remember!

So yeah. That's it of my doctor visit at UMSC. Once again, thank you for all of the calls, texts, gifts and your loves! I appreciate them all. Sorry if I look grumpy at times, I am still trying to prepare myself. I know that it's just a removal process scope and I have nothing to worry about but it's just distracting me currently. I know no matter what, God will be there for me. Am less scare this week as compare to when I heard how serious my LUMP was. So Thank God for everything.


If some of you just scrolled all the way down for the Q&A
Here is the shorter version. #TL;DR.

1) What happen to you ah?
I got a lump in my stomach

2) What is the lump?
The doctors said that it is at the pre-cancer stage. It is 1 cm size.

3) How did you get the lump?
Doctors are not sure but they suggest that it could be due to genetics.

4) How and Why did you find the lump?
I didn't plan on finding the lump. I went for a scope to help understand why am I constantly having pain from my stomach. I thought it was stomach ulcer, instead, the doctors found a lump which is not related to the pain I have been enduring. You can say it is a blessing in disguise to avoid cancer.

5) Does the lump hurt you?
Nope. Just the thought of it in my stomach. haha

6) Are you going to die because of lump?
I think I will die from it in 5-10 years if it develops into cancer (According to doctors). But for now, I won't.

7) Is the lump related to your stomach pain?
Nope. Stomach Pain was due to gastric and gerd.

8) When are you getting the lump remove?
20th May 2014


This is everything that I know about my lump. If you got more questions, you can ask me but I doubt I can answer them. lol. 

Anyway you can help? Honestly, I don't need anything. But if you really want, I am currently joining a DIGI competition and it would mean the world to me if you could VOTE FOR ME :) This contest is a daily vote thing. I appreciate any amount of votes you can give :D Click here to support! <3

Thank you all!
To those that actually finish reading everything, you are amazing.
Hope that I didn't bore you all. haha.

Have a good week ahead!
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