Place: BeeQNails (SS2, Petaling Jaya)

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Couple of weeks ago, I got a chance to have a much needed pamper time at beeQnails thanks to the store and Shini :) I been to a few nail parlours before but never seem to have the best experiences there. If you do your nails regularly, you would understand how service and the facility of a nail palour does play A BIG ROLE in ensuring a good experience, besides just having pretty nails.

And guess what? BeeQnails actually provide two of the utmost important things to having a good nail pamper session. Can you guess what it is? It's none other than Entertainment and FOOD! haha. Continue reading to find out more what I mean :)

Here is the out come of my rocker nail design!
FYI the flower is there to hide the 'growing' nail (Lost my nail to a car door incident)

Dying to find out what else they provide and offer?! :D
Continue reading to find out more!

PLOG: Without Pain, How Could We Know Joy?

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There is two more weeks left to my exams and about 4 more days to my 22nd birthday....

Just some random thoughts I want to share..
Read if you must but you don't have too :)

Place: 5 THINGS to expect at Taman Connaugnht Pasar Malam (Cheras)

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A few weeks ago, Amelia and I went to the longest Pasar Malam (Night Market) in Malaysia! Well, its still the longest pasar malam to me la. Even though there are some people say that it isn't anymore. Anyways Taman Connaugnht will forever be known to me as the most crowded and longest pasar.

Just check out the amount of stores there is!

Even people are parking ridiculously along the highway just to get to the night market

Taman Connaugnht or as known as Cheras Pasar Malam is famous for the variety of street food found there and the clothes/accessories found there! And guess when does the market normally opens? EVERY WEDNESDAY! And today is a....Wednesday!

So to those who are bored and want to go to somewhere tonight. 
Step to your car and drive down to Cheras Pasar Malam now before the crowd invades the place! haha.

Continue reading to find out what are the latest food trends found in the night market! :)

PLOG: 4th & Final Scope

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Good morning everyone! It'sbeen a while since there was a hospital update right? Am actually typing this from my phone now, as I am on my way to the hospital for my 4th and final scope.

I bet you all are curious on what's the current update. Most asked me personally or asked my family, I just want to say that I am thankful for all of you. You know, being sick and knowing that there are others out there worry for your wellbeing is sort of touching? I was encouraged listening and reading messages of all those who told me to get well soon. So thank you. If you do have anyone of your friends that are sick, a short message like, "hope you get well soon", can really brighten up a person's day no matter how terrible they may be feeling :)

This is gonna be a short update, shall do a detail post of the removal of the lump when i am free. Not even sure if you all want to read that or not. Haha, just know that I hope none of you have to go thru what I went thru. It was pure hell. I had to have at least 2 daily dosage of pain killers injected into me to help ease my pain after the removal of the lump. Shall explain more on another post.

So anyways, it's been a month since I took up the lump from my stomach. In a nutshell, they found out that it is NOT CANCER! ♥ Just an abnormal growth, which part of my pancreas moved go my stomach? I still don't really get it but that is what the doctor told mella. All that was important was that I don't have CANCER! ♥♥♥

Like I said above, I am currently on my way to the hospital for my 4th and final scope. It's gonna be a 5 minute scope and since it's the university hospital doctor, I hope everything will go smoothly ♥ Been fasting from food and water from last night and all I could think of is dim sum and water now )":

That's it of my update. Oh! Big thanks to everyone who voted for me at the DIGI WWWOW award. I really really really am thankful from the bottom of my heart. Though I didn't win, I got the 13th place. Still good enough la, knowing that I remain on the top since I started.

7.30am Face
If you give me water and food now, I will love you forever. Haha.

Hope that all of you have a beautiful day ahead. ♥

PLOG: Are we really free?

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This is gonna be a rant post.

Up to you if you want to read it but if you are a purist, stay away.

I believe that all of us are unique individuals who deserve a chance to make choices in life. Not just the things we do or are about to do in the future but also our thoughts, values and believe. Ever feel like some things you don't agree with in life but others insist that it is right and they won't stop shoving what they believe it down your throat until you agree with them?

They are honestly the worst people you can ever encounter. PURIST. I just learned that word a couple of minutes ago. What is a PURIST? 

Purist - a person who has very strong ideas about what is correct or acceptable and who usually opposes changes to traditional methods and practices.

Hey! Don't get me wrong, there is no problem being passionate about the things you love and believe it. But is it necessary to make others believe the same way as you? Sure you can tell them once or twice about how much you love it. But to judge others when they clearly do not agree with you or even told you to stop, is a whole different story.  What gives one the right to judge what others believe in or choose to value? Choices should be made free. Everyone should be able to make that choice.

I respect that you have a certain thought and importance to something, I don't parade telling you how wrong you are or how you should follow my way.

It's suffocating to live this way. Constantly being reminded of what I value or choose to believe in is wrong. Honestly if you don't listen to my plea of asking you to stop, why should I listen anymore that you have to say?

Respect to just leave me alone to my decision is all I am asking.
We have all kinds of wars in the past just to get freedom and stop being oppressed from someone that we don't agree with. What difference does it make if in the end of the day, if we are just to be robots who think the same as what has been enforce to us? What's the point of calling ourselves "free" when we actually aren't?


"I guess as we get older, it seems that we learn to decide and choose who and what we want to value more or less."

All I am asking is the freedom to do so. It's sad that even what I want to believe in, is being controlled by some other people. I guess in the end, we are no different than living in a communist country. Everything has its rules and no one can think otherwise ):

Event: Stadium Astro #OlaBola World Cup Party (One City Mall, Subang Jaya)

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Event: Stadium Astro #OlaBola World Cup Party (One City Mall, Subang Jaya)

Hey all! Last Saturday, I got the pleasure of going to Stadium Astro #OlaBola World Cup Party at One City Mall. It was definitely an amazing time as the place was crowded with bloggers and we all got to learn about Astro's new apps all line up for the world cup season! We also got a chance to participate in games and you wouldn't believe who won the games. hehe. I am getting a little ahead of myself again.

Can you guess which country I am supporting? <3
FYI they haven't lose a game yet. hehe.

Here is me trying out one of Astro's new app! :)

Honestly I LOVE LOVE LOVE one of the new app created by Astro, it is currently my fifa bible. Anything I need to know in a click of a button is there. Sounds too good to be true right? As a girl, sometimes it's difficult to keep up with all of these stuff and truthfully it confuses me no matter how much I try to understand it. hehe.

The four apps that were introduced to us at the event

But with the help of these apps, I don't look so silly anymore. Or that is how I personally feel la. haha. At least I got some knowledge on who is on whose teamwho scored the winning goal or which team is playing tonight. Information like these la. Plus girls, it shows the guys you know your game. To some guys it just might be a turn on ;) So what cha waiting for?

Continue reading to find out more about the apps and event!
I even left download links for you all in the blogpost <3

Shop: Supermodel Secrets (SS15, Subang Jaya)

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Can't believe that it's Thursday already! Oh how time flies :) You know sometimes being a girl can be difficult. I ain't taking about the monthly girly things that we have to go through or the boy troubles we normally face. haha. But more like keeping the right image? Not sure if you all ever feel pressure about looking our best whenever we go out, but I do la.

If you ask my hairstylist, 
he will say that my hair is one of the hardest hair he ever had to deal with. LOL

Especially for important events, like a date? Prom? Events? Weddings? Bet you all are like yeah. Finding the dress was hard enough but what about making sure that our make up looks alright or how we should do our hair. Small stuff like that always make a difference la.

Sometimes choosing the right shade or thinking of what to apply can give us a headache
If only we were all Michelle Phan. haha

Sounds like I am gonna start writing a personal story now right? Well, I just want to share with all of your my "hack" in perfecting our daily look la. Not to say that I am perfect now but without Supermodel's Secret, I don't know how I would have survive. They are a online business that carries a variety of stuff from stick on bras to flavorful lipbalms ;) Supermodel Secret was actually there for my high school prom and my recent university prom <3 How? Continue reading to know lo :)

This aint't a sponsored post
Just had VERY good encounters with them and 
their products were my life saver :)

Actually in this post I am just showing you all how their outlet looks like! Besides being an online business, they finally got their store! It's been available for months now la :D heehe.
Continue reading to know more

Event: ASTRO On-The-Go Campus Roadshow

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Being a student while working part time can be exhausting and frustrating at times, especially during the process of completing out assignments, preparing for presentation or needed to work longer hours at work. There are times, when I want to watch a show or catch a live sports match (so far it would only be the Thomas Cup - Badminton Match la) but find myself out due to dinner or some outings. Besides that, some those that are staying in campus don't have a TV right? And sometimes it just sucks to go to the nearest mamak to watch matches when it can be very noisy or smelly. AM I RIGHT? -.-

Bet some of you would be nodding your head now

Curious about what I am talking about?
FYI there are details on how to FREE STUFF!
Continue reading for more details!

Travel: Mamee Malacca Factory Visit (Malacca)

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Hey y'all! :D If you all have been following me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you all would have known that last last Saturday, I had a wonderful opportunity to visit Mamee Malacca Factory, all thanks to Nuffnang and Amelia :) YES! You saw that right. A bunch of bloggers and I got a chance to go to Malacca to see how Mamee products were being made.

Here is their Mamee Outlet at Jonker Street
There are lots of fun activities ready there for friends and family!

Anyone hungry? ;)

Adventure Time @ Jonker Street

Not sure about you but Mamee products are like childhood memories for me. I grew up eating Mamee Monsters and I bet I ain't the only one. hehe.

Curious to know how the stuff at Mamee are being created?
Want to do something creative and fun with your friends and family?
Continue reading for more information! :D

Food: Oh Scooter Cafe (USJ 21, Subang Jaya)

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3 weeks ago, before my removal of my lump (I know its an overdue post) haha, a few of us went to try out the oh so famous Scooter Cafe at USJ 21 :)

They are known for their cotton candy coffee concept

And of course, the theme of the shop, which is scooter! :)
In case of some of you don't know where that is, Oh, Scooter Cafe is located opposite of Main Place Mall and at the same row of the dim sum store.

Thinking of trying out a new cafe?
Want to see a new concept with your drink?
Continue reading for more information :D
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