Event: Stadium Astro #OlaBola World Cup Party (One City Mall, Subang Jaya)

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Event: Stadium Astro #OlaBola World Cup Party (One City Mall, Subang Jaya)

Hey all! Last Saturday, I got the pleasure of going to Stadium Astro #OlaBola World Cup Party at One City Mall. It was definitely an amazing time as the place was crowded with bloggers and we all got to learn about Astro's new apps all line up for the world cup season! We also got a chance to participate in games and you wouldn't believe who won the games. hehe. I am getting a little ahead of myself again.

Can you guess which country I am supporting? <3
FYI they haven't lose a game yet. hehe.

Here is me trying out one of Astro's new app! :)

Honestly I LOVE LOVE LOVE one of the new app created by Astro, it is currently my fifa bible. Anything I need to know in a click of a button is there. Sounds too good to be true right? As a girl, sometimes it's difficult to keep up with all of these stuff and truthfully it confuses me no matter how much I try to understand it. hehe.

The four apps that were introduced to us at the event

But with the help of these apps, I don't look so silly anymore. Or that is how I personally feel la. haha. At least I got some knowledge on who is on whose teamwho scored the winning goal or which team is playing tonight. Information like these la. Plus girls, it shows the guys you know your game. To some guys it just might be a turn on ;) So what cha waiting for?

Continue reading to find out more about the apps and event!
I even left download links for you all in the blogpost <3
I shall talk about the 4 apps first then move on to the event that took place :)

Download: Android | IOS

I basically raved about this app in my previous post. Not sure if you all can still remember or not. I am currently using this and it's amazing! Not only does it provide me with channels and shows that I want to watch but I CAN ALSO WATCH FIFA on it! I know it's always better watching with friends at the restaurants but when it's 4AM and you look like crap, watching at your bed with your phone/tablet/laptop is already heaven <3

Shows, Movies & Live Games all in a click of the screen. haha.

Download: Andriod | IOS

Remember I raved about one app that is my FIFA BIBLE?! Well, it is this app! GIRLS go download this app now! Since forever I was always the last to find out anything related to football but now, hehe, I have been the one who tell others what they miss at the last game lo. I know it sounds so what but it was a glorious moment for me to show off what I know. haha. 

They show playbacks from 6 different cameras!

Even got statistic scores of the teams while you watch the game live

FYI guys! This app is super detail and have all of the statistic of every player in the fifa world cup. They can even compare players and teams! It will show you who has more field game time or which player scored goals at the games. Super cool right?

Here are the statistics

Besides that they have news and even the timetable for the entire world cup!

Sounds amazing right? I been using it everyday since I downloaded it on Saturday. haha.

Download: Andriod | IOS

This next app is rather cool and I bet all the football gamers would LOVE THIS. Think of this app like Fantasy Premier League but for World Cup. The game play of the Football Predictor is simple. There are 3 ways to score points within the Football Predictor: Pre-match predictions, In-match LIVE predictions & Mini game. For all of the points you win, you accumulate them and stand a chance to win some AMAZING PRIZES! Talk about win win right!?

Here is how the game would look like

And if your predictions won, HURRAY!

Download: Andriod | IOS

This last app is good for those who want their news only. It has all of the news of whats been happening while we been sleeping. Besides that you can also chat with people around the world about a match you just watched. Sorta like a World Cup Fan Club? haha.

Fresh news of the world cup

Timetable of the next game and where to watch it live

The around the world chatroom
So that's it about the apps. Now I am gonna move onto the event that Astro had. First time attending an event where I wore so casually and comfortably! Everyone had to show up in their jerseys. Some cheated and came in their exercise attire but oh wells, we all had an amazing time together! :D

OOTD for the event!

Everyone is all dressed for the theme and waiting to head to the event location!!

Happy faces before the event starts
Alvynna, Amelia and I
Love how the background is so chic, when actually it's just Subway's wall. lol

The event's location is held at the top floor of One City Mall

The kids there were so cute. Some even PLANK on it. 
Literally just LIED DOWNWARDS. Brave kids -.-

Alvy and I embracing our fears. HEHE.
Seriously love the glass rooftop concept lo

Event's location, HongDae-Mun
I always pass by it when I am there but finally I got a chance to try it thanks to the event.

How the inside looks like
It can actually turn into a mini club lo. haha.

Teman of the day, Amelia <3

Posed for a "ritual" picture at the photobooth of the event

And even with the Mascot of FIFA WORLD CUP 2014, Armadillo 

Pose with one of the apps booth at the event.
They had 6 IPADS there ready for everyone!

KY Speaks pose for me at one of the game stations of the event

Event was hosted by none other than football crazy people, Reuben Jun

Was really happy to see Jun there, been hearing and listening to all of her football stories on Hitz when I was interning. It was just incredible meeting her and talking to her. So down to earth and friendly! She even commented on how similar our haircolour is. haha.

The event started with a round of introduction of all the apps!
Check out how animated reuben looks. haha.

Next up they did a simulation with some of the top bloggers at the event!

Tian Chad, Kampung Boy, KY Speaks and Isaac Tan were some of the few called out to test out the ASTRO OLA BALL FOOTBALL PREDICTOR APP. After the simulation, it was dinner time!

Kimchi, seaweed soup, octopus, glass noodles & etc
Practically korea heaven was served to us la! <3

Everyone had a relaxing dinner time

The weather was just perfect for an outdoor meal time

And the view was just perfect!

I just had to take a picture with the amazing background :)

And our dinner! :D
FYI there is 3 of us. In case you are wondering why there is 3 plates. haha

After dinner the event resumed.

Jun & Reuben decided to do some get to know bloggers time.
Guess who they chose?

She was bombarded with questions from which team she loves and whether she has a boyfriend. hahaha. It was just hilarious watching the entire thing. After the get to know session, we split into our groups to for games. The groups were various countries that are in the world cup!

We are Team ITALY!

There was a total of 4 stations and it was so exciting playing the games. Sorta felt like we were in some football camp. haha. We were the first team to play the predictor simulation game app

1. Astro Ola Bola FOOTBALL PREDICTOR Station

Playing it live with others watching you was so Kan Chiong lo

Like seriously!! Every predict we made was by luck and we got one of the highest score due to us predicting 2 goals. haha. Thank god for the two guys in our team! They were damn football geniuses. Knew which to press and when there is a goal chance. 

Victory picture
We beat the other team btw. nyeh nyeh.


This one was a little tricky

They gave us a list of things to show on all 6 ipads as fast as we can. So it required a lot of team work and we eventually got one of the fastest time completed as well! <3

Another Kan Chiong Moment. 
Felt like I aged extra 30 more years after playing the games.

Another group picture because we can. LOL.

3. Digital Face Paint Station
We all had to use our phones to go on to Olabola.my to create our facepainted picture with the country that we are supporting for the world cup! Sounds cool right? Go create yours as wells!

We had some problems doing this due to bad signal and slow internet.

Regardless when the camera aims at us, both of us are the only silly ones posing.

So in the end, this is the out come of it!
Some how I look funny, I think it's because of the middle symbol on the flag but oh wells! :D

4. Ola Bola Kick Off Station
Actually I don't know what is this station called. haha. We basically kicked balls into the goal post la. And I was the only one in the group that missed the goal -.- The goal post was like 8 steps away from where I had to kick. Like wth. haha. 

Only picture at the station.

And that was it! We were the first team to finish all of the stations!
Check out the rest still trying to finish the games.

In the end, jeng jeng jeng, OUR TEAM, ITALY entered into a DRAW with Portugal! So it was crunch time. We had to play another round of the simulation game. But we ended the game in a draw as well. LOL. So the hosts decided to ask the the teams questions on fifa history. I seriously thank god for the guys in the team because of them and their brains, WE WON!

The moment we were waiting for

Champs of the night!

Sorta knew something good was gonna happen at the event!
FYI this is my first time winning anything at a game or event. haha.

With my tiny miniature world cup trophy
Was damn happy last night and slept with a smile :)

That was the entire event and I hope that you got a better understanding of the apps and what happen at the event! :)

Here are the links for everything you need! :)

1. Astro On-The-Go (Download: Android | IOS)
2. Astro Go 2014 FIFA World Cup (Download: Andriod | IOS )
3. Stadium Astro (Download: Andriod | IOS )
4. Astro Ola Bola Football Predictor (Download: Andriod | IOS )

Official Website: Olabola.my

Usually at events, we would always bump into one another and the bottom part of the post are pictures with the wonderful people at the event :) It would be a waste not to upload them. So here it is :)

With Kelly at the Fifa App Booth

With Carrie and Amelia. Go Italy!

Also got to meet up and talk to CITY GAL! <3

And with KampungBoy too!
Have been reading their blog since I can remember <3 Love all of their food and travel posts. Makes me feel like I am there with them!

Another picture with amelia! <3

With my first ever fifa world cup jersey that I bought on my own effort.

And of course with the hosts of the event :)

With Reiko
She looks like she can do a photoshoot in her attire lo. 
Haihs, life of a model, always look good in anything. haha

AND I saved the best for last!!!

A photo with timonthy and fighter <3 
I loved the last picture lo even tho fighter is like, "wth are you two laughing about?" haha

And big thanks to our photographer of the event, charlie :)

So that was the end of the event. Sorry for not being able to constantly update my blog. I do have A LOT OF THINGS for you all but this moment is a little busy for me. Do wait and expect more! I will POST them after my assignment due this week! <3

For more details on ONE CITY MALL, CLICK HERE :)

Have a good week ahead!
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