Place: 5 THINGS to expect at Taman Connaugnht Pasar Malam (Cheras)

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A few weeks ago, Amelia and I went to the longest Pasar Malam (Night Market) in Malaysia! Well, its still the longest pasar malam to me la. Even though there are some people say that it isn't anymore. Anyways Taman Connaugnht will forever be known to me as the most crowded and longest pasar.

Just check out the amount of stores there is!

Even people are parking ridiculously along the highway just to get to the night market

Taman Connaugnht or as known as Cheras Pasar Malam is famous for the variety of street food found there and the clothes/accessories found there! And guess when does the market normally opens? EVERY WEDNESDAY! And today is a....Wednesday!

So to those who are bored and want to go to somewhere tonight. 
Step to your car and drive down to Cheras Pasar Malam now before the crowd invades the place! haha.

Continue reading to find out what are the latest food trends found in the night market! :)

Every time I go there, I feel like it's another new experience as they always change the food that they sell there. But of course their signature smelly tofu there will always stay. I am taking about previously there was a escargot trend at the night market but currently it moved on to oysters and plant pot ice cream.

Just look at the amount of store waiting for you to drop by

Both of us all ready and sweat free before we enter to the market
Somehow we always don't look into the camera. haha.

You can expect to find a variety of stuff at the night market. I didn't take lots of pictures but the ones that I took caught my attention and hope that it help those who are looking for cheap stuff! :D FYI this night market have few vegetables, fruits, raw meat or seafood stores. If you are looking for that sort of stuff, it's been to head over to SS2 Pasar Malam on Monday Nights or any other supermarket in the country la :) Shall list down some stuff you can DEFINITELY find at Cheras night market.

1. Pet stuff and even the animal itself!

Can you spot the live dogs in the cages?

When I first saw this at the night market, I was shocked that they also sell animals at their stalls. And do know that this isn't the only pet store at the night market. There ought to be 2-3 of them at the entire stretch of the place! Kinda pity the animals that are being sold there. The entire place is super hot and stuffy and some of the animals looked like it couldn't take the heat. They also sell pet food, grooming tools, beds, pet clothing and accessories. 

2. Baby Stuff
Aren't they all just adorable?

They have about a dozens of the baby stalls around. Some even had animal jumpsuits. I was about to buy the "Stitch", from lilo and stitch, jumpsuit for a friend's baby. It was just so adorable! They had dresses, tux, cute pajamas, "branded" baby shoes and even adorable bibs!

3. Clothing!
EVERYWHERE at the the pasar malam is filled with clothing. More specifically girl's fashion. From shorts, to dresses and even leggings. Anything that you are looking for would be there! There are some guys's fashion but it's about 5 stores out of the entire pasar malam? Where as there would be around 20++ stores that are dedicated to only girl's fashion!

But after coming back from Thailand, Bangkok, honestly the clothes found in Malaysia's pasar malam can NO WHERE COMPARE TO HOW AMAZING what is found in Thailand's night market is. The clothes found there is like a spread of lookbook worthy fashion apparel! All which we would see wore on by models or magazines. Keep an eye on my blog for an update on my Bangkok trip! <3

Amelia bought a pair of the cute bear stockings :P

Photo credit: Michelle :)
Here is how it looks like! Super cute right? :)

Besides clothing, there is a variety of accessories found there at the night market! Bags, necklaces, watches, bracelets, shoes, slippers and even hair accessories can be found there! Oh! you can also get books, magazines, novels, newspaper, make up and facial care products there too! :)

4. FOOD Supplies!
Usually at the night market you can expect to find a variety of food supplies for the kitchen! This would involve, fruits, raw meat, dry meat and other available small cracker snacks. Compare to the other night market that I been to, Cheras night market rarely sells uncooked food. They have more of street/ready food available. Anyways, most of the common food supplies found in the night market can also be found at hypermarkets/supermarkets :)

Dry food
Can you see the squid there?
This is usually unusual for foreigners, hence I took this picture. I remember I brought a group of my UK Exchange friends to the market and they were astonish at these. Because it was sort of unhygienic to them to place raw food so open without any covers.

THIS ought to be main attraction for me to come to Cheras night market. I love the food found here and almost every time I return, there would be some new trending food that pops up! haha. Let me introduce some to you! :)

I know it says garden on the sign board but honestly, it's a flower pot more than a garden. haha. At first this was just weird. Thought that they were selling some new healthy vegetable pot snack when I saw other people eating from it. It was when we reach the stores only did I realise that it's ice cream!

Anyone wanna try some?

The ice cream is place first

And then the chocolate crumbs on top!

Ice cream comes in 5 different flavors too!

The ice cream flower pot and I :D

Of course I didn't finish the green stuff, it's just weird with ice cream!

Oh I notice the other stores that sold the ice cream flower pot, place plastic tiny flowers on the top instead of the real green stuff! Honestly, you can actually keep the pot to plant real plants at home. But since we were walking a lot at the market, I just got rid of mine once I finished it. haha.

Malaysia 'Pan Cake' or as known as AH PAN
Not sure what the rest calls this but in my family we call this ah pan. Basically this is like a sandwich pancake with some special ingredients in the middle :) For this special store, the AH PAN/Pan Cake is green in colour. Usually its brown :)

They usually got a variety of selection on what you want your middle ingredient to be
The usual would be either peanuts or corn.

This is an amazing thing to have especially when the weather is hot and humid. It's super refreshing and easy to carry around to eat. Imagine a coconut filled with jelly coconut juice inside. Thinking about it just makes me drool. I didn't buy one that day because, I was just too full and wasn't craving for any coconut.

Photo credits: Open Rice

This cake store, remember the worker's uniform, IS FAMOUS at the night market. The type of cakes found here is unique and usually there is a crowd surround this store. My sister adores the "Milky Cranberry Angel Cake". While the store's best sellers are Tiramisu Cheese Cake, Chocolate Blackcurrant and Original Cheese Cake.

The bacon mushroom is new, never saw it before until that day. Usually the BBQ food, involves pork sausages, chicken sausages or fried meat balls.

Some stores actually called it KOREAN BACON+MUSHROOM. LOL. Not quite sure if it really originated from there or was it just a marketing gimmick. haha. Korean culture is really popular around here. So if someone where to say this is from Korea or is made in Korea, people would actually consider to buy them. It can vary from food to clothes or even facial products. All due to KPOP & KDRAMA's influence.

Before it's cooked

All ready to be eaten
It's a little spicy as you can see from the redness of the bacon. not sure if they grill it with kimchi or not. haha.

PASTRIES / KUIH - broad term which may include items that would be called cakes, cookies, dumplings, pudding, biscuit, or pastries in English and are usually made from rice or glutinous rice. Copy that from wikipedia, not quite sure how to describe it to you all. These are Malaysia's Pastries? haha. Like what the wikipedia mention, most are either made from flour or rice.

The only one that I know the name of

This was one of the most popular food around. There was about 3-4 stores selling the same oyster concept but most of their sauces varies. I love the Oyster store near the middle bridge of the night market. Not sure if they would be consistently be there but their CHEESE flavour oyster was so good that I even went for second rounds!

The Bolognese & Japanese Cheese are the only ones that I will recommend
because I tried it!
It was so amazing <3

The outcome
Amelia and I ordered the first batch together but after tasting it, we had to have more. hehe. We ended up ordering another batch. It was just too good and honestly I wasn't an oyster fan but I guess I got converted into one ;)

No joke, this is actually the name for this dish. When it's being cooked, the tofu would smell so bad. And sometimes, I can't stand the smell until it gives me a headache. When you eat it, you can't taste the awful smell. I guess it's something like durians, but tofu instead. This tofu is drench in chili sause, so make sure to get ready a bottle of water when you chow this down!

There are all kinds of drinks found at the night market! The one that caught my attention was the passion fruit drink. Sadly I forgotten to take a picture of it. There were actually some stores which were creative to place the fruit drinks in clay cartoon shape mugs. The usual drinks found there are fruit juices, sugar cane, coconut juice and herbal drinks :)

Photo credits: Open Rice
Passion Fruit Juice

Here is how they get sugar cane juice
In case some of you never seen this before :)

Various types of fruit juices
Not sure why is it under seaweed series products tho. lol

So that should be the 5 COMMON THINGS TO EXPECT at the Cheras Pasar Malam! :) To those that are planning to come to Malaysia for a visit, I highly recommend you to visit our night markets! We have a lot of other areas that have their various types of specialty found at the night market. But know that, our night market isn't one of the cleanest. So don't wear your favourite shoes but do come in comfortable slippers and clothing.

Due to the crazy crowd turn out that usually happen from 7pm-9pm, you will definitely sweat a LOT. I'm still not sure how some of the girls could actually wear make up there, as I was literally drench in my sweat because of the heat and the overwhelming amount of people ):

Bring CASH! And be open to try new things! :D

Teman (Company) of the night, Amelia

And I in my favourite '22' shirt dress
And guess what? I am turning 22 in two weeks time! :D


Cheras Pasar Malam

Jalan Cerdas, Taman Connaught, Cheras, 56000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

GPS Coordinates: N3 04.909 E101 44.216

Operating Hours: EVERY WEDNESDAY, 5PM-11PM

For those who don't know how to get there, search it on WAZE.

Happy adventure time you all!
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