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Couple of weeks ago, I got a chance to have a much needed pamper time at beeQnails thanks to the store and Shini :) I been to a few nail parlours before but never seem to have the best experiences there. If you do your nails regularly, you would understand how service and the facility of a nail palour does play A BIG ROLE in ensuring a good experience, besides just having pretty nails.

And guess what? BeeQnails actually provide two of the utmost important things to having a good nail pamper session. Can you guess what it is? It's none other than Entertainment and FOOD! haha. Continue reading to find out more what I mean :)

Here is the out come of my rocker nail design!
FYI the flower is there to hide the 'growing' nail (Lost my nail to a car door incident)

Dying to find out what else they provide and offer?! :D
Continue reading to find out more!


beeQnails pink house :)

If you are a regular driver around ss2, then locating this place shall be like riding a bicycle. Do know that they are among all of the houses facing the main road. From Murni Restaurant, just keep going straight, before you turn left to LDP, BeeQnails would be on your left. Do remember to keep your signal light on to turn left, cars at ss2 can be pretty scary. 

Turn left at this number signboard before heading to the LDP!

They have about 3-4 parking space for the place, do call them ahead before you come. That way you can ensure you got a better experience there and parking too! :)

The moment you step into the place, you would be surround by OPI products. That is because BeeQnails only carries OPI. Don't worry about not being able to find your right colour as they have a variety of range of OPI colours ready for you!

They even got the Mariah OPI set!


Usually if you are doing manicure and pedicure, the first thing to do is your feet first. So because I plan to do both, they brought me over to their pedicure area. The first thing they asked me was whether I had my lunch or not as I came around 2.50pm. Honestly, usually none of the beauty services care about my hunger level and BeeQNails were the only one who did! haha. 

They offered me Maggie cup, biscuits, sweets, milo, tea, water and etc! Talk about heaven right? The best part is that it's FREE TOO! Besides that, they also got a TV with a variety of movies and TVB Drama shows! haha. For the first time ever, I wasn't bored or hungry while doing my nails <3 Oh they also got a side table just for my bag and drink/food. I love how they put customer's comfort level first. It's these kind of little things that make me love a place lo.

Usually doing a basic manicure and pedicure would take about minimum 2 hours long. The last time I did my manicure and pedicure at another nail palour took 3 hours long and to make things worst was that I was starving the whole time. 

So before they started any treatment or colouring on my nails, they wash, massage and buffered my feet :)

Manicure: RM69 || Pedicure: RM89

The products used during the treatment

The treatment which consist of honey-sweet aromatic chamomile is famous for its antioxidant and soothing properties. After a wonderful treatment with the chamomile mint scrub, mask and massage lotion, my feet felt as good as new. Felt like I could run 10km and not feel tired. Could literally feel the cooling sensation from the minty products <3

The foot mask kinda makes my feet look like there is a cast on it. haha.
It was definitely one of the most comfortable time I ever had lo.
Totally felt like a tai tai during this foot pampering session <3

After receiving the treatment, next up was beautifying them beautiful toes :) 

Got my feet cleaned, cuticle remove and nails shaped 

I went for DS EXTRVAGANCE! Look damn Diva right?

My manicurist, Christie, helped me to choose the other colour, 
so that it really help my toes pop out.
Pretty right? Btw look at the nails and not my fat feet kay <3

Fish and I while waiting for our pedicure to dry :)

 I really love how cosy and spacious the place is. They even got a waiting corner for boyfriends or husbands to chill along with TVs to keep them company!
Plus I love the soft cream colour, just makes the entire placing looks very relaxing

 Don't know what designs to do on your nails? Well check out their instagram account! It's filled with a variety of designs from sweet pastel to rocker charms! FYI they also got some japanese nail magazine in the store for you to choose your designs from :)

Here are some of their designs, along with the charms that they have.

RM50 (Additional charges for designs/charms)
Just like the pedicure area, their manicure area is well equip with entertainment and areas for you to keep your belongings at :)

 Check out the Hong Kong movie that is being played!

Besides on worrying on the customers comfort and fun levels, BeeQNails also have a high standard of cleanliness. Before using their tools, they actually sanitize their tools and also provide sanitizer for the customers' hands. OCD customers would definitely love this factor! ;)

Never knew that OPI had hand sanitizer too.

 Chose this dark purple galaxy gel nail colour on me, along with the funky statement charms

I never did gel manicure or have charms placed on me before, so this experience was just so heavenly. Besides that, I never place my hands in so many equipment before. Kinda amazed with their super quick dry machines. Kinda felt like I was getting a sauna session of my hands and it dried completely within 4 minutes per set!

The white machine was one of the two machines I placed my hands in
Talk about being so futuristic~! My previous mani and pedi session used a fan -.-

After putting my hand in the machines, my hand did feel a little dry. 

Did a 'hand spa' next and it was to help exfoliate and revitalize our skin with the amazing Skin Renewal Scrub, Effervescent Soak, Rejuvenating Hand Serum and Finishing Butter. My hands felt super moisture after the spa :)

Make my fat old fingers look younger!

Of course Rome wasn't build in a day, so to have more noticeable results, you gotta have consistent treatment. But check out my pretty nails!

Totally couldn't stop staring and touching my fingers for weeks!

Had a wonderful pamper time with Fish and BeeQNails.

HUGE THANK YOU, to my incredible friendly manicurist, Christie <3

To all students, BeeQNails got a promotion just for us! <3
Also don't forget to #hashtag beeQnails on instagram for RM5 off!

Now we all can get beautiful nails at a wonderful price <3


89, Jalan SS2/75, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: 03-7866 0935 / 016-5555 935

Operating hours: 
Monday - Friday: 11am - 10pm (Last appointment 7pm)
 Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday: 11am - 6pm (Last appointment 4pm)

Have a beautiful weekend ahead!
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